Mars in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

mars in 12 house of horoscope for aries ascedant or lafna

Mars in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – In Vedic Astrology: Mars is the Ascendant lord or Lagna lord for Aries Rising sign People. Mars is the utmost important planet for Aries Sign. Mars also acts as 8th lord also which is the house of difficulties and transformation in life. But since Mars is also 1st lord for Aries Ascendant people its acts as a very favorable and auspicious planet for Aries natives. Mars gives sudden and quick results in life for these people.

Please Note:-  The below prediction given is as per general rule and prediction but susceptible to change due to different combination, aspect, conjunction, constellation(Nakshatra), dignity, degree, D9 chart, and the impact of Rahu-Ketu.

Mars in Houses For Aries Ascendant

Mars also governs career, personality, secretive things, sexual activity for Aries Ascendant natives. Mars if well place in horoscope gives much energy, success at a quick pace in life. Well, Placed Mars gives a lot of success in life after 28 years of age. Mars in angular and trine house fro Aries sign person gives very auspicious result and success in many endeavors.

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Mars for Aries Rising also gets you in some confrontation, aggression, accident is somehow influenced by malefic planets but somehow it adds dynamism and magnetic attraction to Aries Ascendant natives in their life. Mars is the Karaka of success in the field of competition, sports, debate, etc for Aries natives.

Effect and Result of Mars in different houses for Aries Ascendant natives given below:-

Mars in 1st house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Mars in 1st house in ascendant gives courage, determination, will power to achieve every dream and desire of native with passion and goal-oriented mindset. Native will have their thought and objective will be clear right from childhood. He or she will set their priorities straight in life.

Many people will behave their focus on achieving materialistic prosperity along with a high position in their career. Native will devote most of his or her time for their career, sports, and in the area of earning money from very young age.

Many people will fulfill their dreams and desires at the age of 27-28.Native may attain much success, popularity, respect, and wealth from 28 years of age. Native will possess dynamic personality and honest approach in life.

Mars in 2nd house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant In Kundli

Mars in 2nd house for Aries sign people will give business acumen and much intelligence to them. Mars in 2nd house gives prosperity in business especially in family business or in the business of in-laws. Native will get monetary help from family and in-laws. Few natives may also join business of in-laws.

Occupation related to government, public welfare will most suit for native. Native might achieve success in a competitive field and attain high post in Government job.

Mars in  2nd house in Taurus sign for Aries Ascendant might give eye trouble and skin trouble in life. There will pleasurable moments in love and romance which will not be long-lasting. Native will suffer from heartbreak in relationships.

There will some trouble in relationship with father and there an also be delay in marriage. Overall, married life will be decent with gain of wealth and prosperity after marriage. Success in career from the age of 27 is assured.

Mars in 3rd house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant In Astrology

Mars as 1st lord and 8th lord in 3rd house in Gemini sign for Aries ascendant person will give excellent result regarding career, marriage, and income. Native desires will get fulfilled and dreams will be achieved after 30 years of age. Native may struggle and face hardship in early years.

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Native may suffer painful separation and break up in love and romance. Although, spouse of native will be very sober and very devoted towards native. Native will experience happiness regarding spouse and children after marriage. Native may attain fame through media or career in mass media, social media influencer, etc.

Mars in 3rd house may give success in showbiz industry through fashion, acting, comedy, etc. Mars in 3rd house for Aries people also gives high social contacts with politicians.

Mars in 3rd house gives success and fame through sports as well. Native may become a popular athlete or sports star in life.

Mars in 4th house in Aries Ascendant In Horoscope

Mars in Cancer sign 4th house for Aries Ascendant gives much pleasure and comfort in life. Native will have wealth, property, luxury in life but native’s mother will have health issues. there will be lot of expenses in the life of natives.Although, native will live a high-class lifestyle.

Native will be very attached to their mother. Native will experience pain and suffering in Love  & Romance but somehow may get married to choice of their partner with happy, wealthy, prosperous and successful married life.

Mars in 4th house as 8th lord and 1st lord might give some financial trouble in business or fall from position in occupation through government.

But after a short period of time native will achieve all lost in life along with respect because of their courage, determination, and dedication. Domestic life will be good with support of spouse, siblings, and relatives.

Mars in 5th house for Aries Ascendant In Birth Chart

Mars in 5th house as 1st lord and 8th lord in Leo sign will give tremendous success in career from 25 years of age through government or through artistic pursuit. Native may attain mass popularity in life.

Native will get all kinds of love and sexual pleasure in life through love and romance. Native will have love marriage. Mars gives success in the field of cine- world, media, showbiz business, sports, artistic creativity, education field, field of Marketing, etc.

Native will get full love and co-operation from spouse and family with bright children. Mars in 5th house will make native very curious and creative which lead native to attain success in any occupation in life. Some natives may also become self-employed in life.

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Mars in 6th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 6th house in Virgo sign for Aries Ascendant people gives success in the field of education, government service, medical profession, etc through passing competitive examination for most of the native.

Native will attain success through government job, medical professions, teaching professions, etc. Native also become a very popular and respected lawyer in the country.

Mars as 8th lord and 1st lord in 6th house will give all sorts of benefits from authority but native will face hardship and struggle in childhood and also in young for some time.

Native health will have some ups and down because of accidents and careless attitudes. Although, native will possess good strength and stamina in life. Native’s willpower and persistent attitude will help native achieve success in life.

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Native may also head of institution or head of administration. Native may become IAS, IPS, PCS, IFS officer. Native may also get employed in police or defense service.

Mars in 7th house for Aries Ascendant In Astrology

Mars in the 7th  house as 1st lord and 8th lord will give happy married life along with some initial trouble and hiccups in marriage and married life. Mars in Libra sign in 7th house will give success after marriage. Native will get success in their occupation and business.

Native may also become a diplomat or work in an embassy in  foreign land. Spouse will have a good role in shaping native’s career and destine. Spouse may also earn well and come from wealthy background. Spouse will assist native financially.

Native may achieve progress from 29th year of age. Native may also become self-employed and success through politics, writing, teaching, publishing is also there. Native may also do well in the travel and hotel business.

Mars in 7th for Aries Ascendant might give separation from family due to education and career. There can be some domestic issues in life after marriage which will get sorted slowly with some span of time.

Mars in 8th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 8th house as 1st lord and 8th lord will give native some dejection, failure, sadness in life in young age. Native will have to go major transformation cycle to overcome all the odds, difficulties, and hindrances in life. Mars in 8th house in the Scorpio sign might some trouble through violence or aggression.

Native may work in defense and the army. Native will get success in the field of Astrology, tarot reading, healing, and occult field of magic.

Native might become merchant navy officer as well. There will be financial struggles and hardships for native in young age. Native’s married life will not be happy and partner will not be faithful but native may achieve recognition, success through their career after 40 years of age.

Mars in 9th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 9th house as 8th lord and 1st lord indicates happiness and monetary benefits from father. Native may attain education and occupation in foreign land. 

Native will get success far away from their birthplace. Native’s job may involve traveling as well. Native may become a preacher, social media influencer, travel blogger, writer, novelist, poet, publisher as well. Native may become a proficient manager or engineer with a high income in life.

Mars in 9th house for Aries Ascendant will give straightforward attitude and honesty in dealing and relationship. Native will get very loving and caring spouse.

Native will have happiness from love and friendship. Native may also adopt foreign culture in foreign land and might permanently settle in foreign land.

Mars in 10th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 10th house in Capricorn sign as 1st lord and 8th lord will give excellent result in career and finance. Native will establish their own identity with their hard work and intelligence from their occupation.

Native will be dignified personality with high self-respect and sense of awareness to work for society betterment. Native will have success in competitive examination and might attain a high position in government service and may attain the high authoritative post of Government designation in ministry field or in the field of defense.

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Native will achieve success in politics as well. Native may become a popular artist, actor, or Athlete. Mars in 10th will give some fall in life in career in old age but native will remain wealthy and influential personality throughout the life with mass attraction quality. He or she will be very successful in public sphere.

Mars in 11th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 11th house in Aquarius sign as 1st lord and 8th lord will give a large group of friends, high aristocratic social contacts, large network circle, and gains from all of them. Native might have some connection with politicians and celebrities and he or she might do wonders in the field of media or management.

Mars in 11th house huge success in business even in partnership business. Native’s spouse may help native in their career as well. Spouse will be very supportive and caring. Native will have happiness from love and marriage. Gains from friends is assured.

Mars in 11th house also gives success in the field of real estate, property business, import-export etc. Native may have some extramarital affair as well but it will not have an impact on marriage.

Native may become anchor in sports world or may become tv actor as well. Native may also work in crime branch, cyber branch in police. Few people may work as secret agent or detective as well.

Mars in 12th house for Aries Ascendant Or Lagna

Mars in 12th house in Pisces sign as 1st lord and 8th lord might make native priest, yoga teacher, religious scholar, orator, preacher, etc. Native will have dignified happy life.

Native will get happiness from travel and wandering. Native nay becomes highly educated and knowledgeable. Native may attain success in foreign land. Native might also get settled in foreign land.

Native will have wealth and luxury at young age. Native will get sexual pleasure from clandestine love affairs and secret relationships. Married life will be stable but will see many ups and downs. Some native might face separation or divorce as well. Native will have eloquent speech and convincing power.

Native will have magnetic aura all around and might become spiritual guru. Native will be favorite of the opposite sex at young age. Native will get success in the field of art, philosophy, writing, Astrology, Astronomy, Medical field, photography, and the field of research.

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