Rahu in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Rahu in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Rahu in All 12 Houses For Aries/ Mesh Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – In Vedic Astrology: Rahu is a shadow planet which is also known as North Node of Moon. Rahu does not have particular ownership of any sign so there is no lordship for Rahu However, Rahu does possess power and authority with full strength whenever it is placed in sign of Taurus, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius.

Please Note:-  The below prediction given is as per general rule and prediction but susceptible to change due to different combination, aspect, conjunction, constellation(Nakshatra), dignity, degree, D9 chart, and the impact of Rahu-Ketu.

North Node in Houses For Mesh Lagna

Rahu acts as a catalyst and gives sudden results whether auspicious or inauspicious in life. Rahu is responsible for instant success and also for instant downfall in life. Rahu gives supreme success and fame in the field of arts and politics but it can give bad reputation and downfall in life as well.

Rahu exaltation and debilitation cannot be counted as it is a shadow planet. It gives result according to planet it is conjunct, the house where it is placed and also the result of owner of that particular house as well as the significator of that house.

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For Aries Ascendant, Rahu acts as Neutral planet as it has neutral relationship with Aries Lord Mars. Here, below are the predictions about Rahu in different houses for Aries Ascendant.

Rahu in 1st house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Rahu in 1st house for Aries Lagna, gives natural talent in the field of social, work, artistic work as well as in the field of media and management. Rahu in 1st bhav gives careless attitude and blunt arrogance as well which can be the downfall for the native.

Native may suffer in the hands of the opposite sex or may get involved in illegal scandal or sexual scandal which will earn bad name for the native. Native may get good recognition and good financial status in life especially if involved in politics, media, or in any kind of artistic field.

Rahu in this Aries Sign in 1st bhav position gives irresistible and impatient nature as well as a lot of courage in life. Native can be very casual in love relationship and may not commit to anyone at all in life.

Native may also have clandestine or casual affairs and sex in life after marriage. Native will be wealthy but spendthrift and extravagant. Native may have some bad addiction in life.

Rahu in 2nd house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant In Kundli

Native will be impetuous and foolish in behavior and decision-making many times in their life. Rahu in 2nd house gives richness and poverty both in life at some point in time.

Rahu in 2nd house makes native prone to give hate and communal speech and he or she may have some hidden motive and agenda in many of their endeavors. there natives will be smart, secretive, cunning, and many times selfish in life. Rahu in 2nd house gives ups and downs in career with some popularity in life.

Rahu in Taurus sign in 2nd bhav gives good communication skills as well as an impulsive attitude. Native will be skilled in manipulating others for their own benefit. Rahu in 2nd house gives spots in skin or rashes and allergic infection on skin.

Native will suffer from nerve and skin issues in life. Love life and married will not be happy and satisfactory in life. Native will be skilled in sports and creative work and may get success in business after hard work and struggle.

Rahu in 3rd house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant In Astrology

Native will succeed in politics, etc. Native may gain fame from sports and athletics. Native can become a popular anchor, journalist, dancer, actor, choreographer, director, etc. Rahu in 3rd house acts as a savior for native. Native will get lot of opportunity and good fortune throughout life due to Rahu in 3rd bhav.

Rahu in 3rd house gives popularity recognition through artistic career, sports career or success in politics. Native will have an amazing communication skills and a lot of convincing power. Native will also earn profit from their business or career after the age of 42.

Rahu in 3rd house in Gemini sign makes native clear-headed, practical, and goal-oriented in life. Native will be courageous and energetic in every deed of their life. Native will be very happy and prosperous in life from middle age.

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Rahu in 4th house for Aries Ascendant In Horoscope

Rahu in 4th house in Cancer sign will make native very emotional and sensitive in life. Native will fall in love many times but will be at receiving end of heartbreak and cheating every single time.

Native will not have much happy childhood or very harmonious domestic life. Native will get wealth, property and luxury in life after the age of 40. Native may suffer from heart problems and blood pressure issue in life.

Native will have ups and downs in married life. Rahu in this particular position makes native spiritual and overbearing in nature. Native will take lot of responsibilities in life.

Native will struggle hard to get success in career and to acquire financial stability in life. Childhood and young age will be full of struggle but native will get happiness, luck, money in middle and last part of the life. spouse will be helpful and supportive but dominating in nature.

Rahu in 5th house for Aries Ascendant In Kundli In Astrology

Rahu in 5th house in Leo sign gives a lot of success in life with popularity at very young age in life. Rahu in 5th house gives success wealth and fame through artistic and creative field. Native can become star Actor or Anchor.

Native can also become famous writer, poet, painter, director signer, etc. Native can also achieve success in sports field as well. Rahu in 5th bhav in Leo sign will give lot of fortune, opportunities and advantages in life at very young age.

Rahu in 5th bhav gives problems in love life but success in married life. Rahu here will also support love marriage but after a lot of problems and struggle. Native will be luck in buisness and will get success in life due to good fortune in young age.

Native will be talented and expert in their profession. Native will do social work and native will be charitable as well. This position of Rahu gives early success in life with support pf family, friends, relatives.

Rahu in 6th house for Aries Ascendant/ Lagna In Birth Chart

Rahu in 6th house in Virgo sign will be very beneficial for career life of native. Native will receive favours from government and will get success in competitive filed, competitive examination as well as in the field of politics. Rahu in this position gives employment through government.

Native can become a doctor, engineer, pilot in government sector. Native can pass competitive exams and may become IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS etc.

Rahu in 6th bhav in Virgo sign gives good health, immunity, and energy in life. Native can also become a popular person in sports and athletics r in wrestling world. Rahu in 6th house gives intolerant attitude towards difference of opinion.

Native will try to rule and dominate others whether in work place or home. Domestic life will have some ups and downs but overall married life will be ok.

Rahu in 7th house for Aries/ Mesh Lagna In Horoscope

Rahu in 7th house in Libra sign can lead an individual to very high post in defense field, in aviation sector, in Hotel Management filed etc. This placement of Rahu gives multiple love affairs in life even after marriage. This placement of Rahu is suited for living relationship but not for marriage.

Married life will not be happy and native will struggle in the matters of commitment. Rahu here gives success in enterprising business, independent business, transport business, and even in partnership business.

Rahu in this position gives talent and skill in management and marketing field. Native will be successful in advertising agency as well. Some individuals may establish themselves and settle down in foreign land after the age of 40.

Rahu with this placement can make some individuals multi-talented or proficient in multi-tasking simultaneously.  Rahu in this bhav gives success in blogging and traveling business or any kind of self-employment as well through social media.

Rahu in 8th house for Aries Ascendant/ Lagna In Astrology

Rahu in 8th house in Scorpio sign will make native mysterious, cunning, secretive, manipulative, sometimes shallow, peace-loving, sometimes cool, and sometimes angry. Rahu in this position gives a lot of problems and struggle in life especially in the matters of finance and career.

Native will not have a stable career nor have stable finances at least till 48 years of age. Native may master themselves in art of Astrology, Tarot reading occult practices, etc. Native will be fond of spiritual and occult practices ass well as interest and knowledge in Astrology, tarot reading, etc

Rahu in 8th bhav will give financial instability and struggle till 48 years of age but native can become very wealthy and respected in old age. Rahu in this position gives a lot of hidden practices or sometimes scandals, malpractices, clandestine affairs, etc. Native will religious but will not be blind about religion.

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Rahu in 9th house for Aries Ascendant/ Lagna In Astrology

Rahu in 9th house in Sagittarius sign will give employment in the aviation industry, automobile industry, aeronautical sector, defense sector, air force, etc.  Rahu here will give mixed results regarding finance and fortune. There will be constant ups and downs related to fortune and finance.

There can be domestic problems and problems with relatives. Career will get stability from the age of 30.  Native will not be religious and will have different points of view compared to father, Guru, teachers, and scholars.

Rahu in 9th house in Sagittarius sign will problems in relationship with father. Although love life and married life will be fine and spouse will be very caring and supportive towards native. Native will be diligent and skilled in their profession. Native will also be very proficient in any kind of independent business.

Rahu in 10th house for Aries Ascendant In Kundli 

Rahu in 10th house in Capricorn sign will give success at early age in life. Native will have good income and good lifestyle. Native will earn from traveling and hotel business. Native can also become poet or nature wanderer.  Native will very be matured and very ambitious about his or her own career.

Native will be focussed and at times will be self-centered. Love life will be blissful but there can be some issues and temporal separation in married life. Career will get stable after 26 years of age. There will be prosperity regarding finance from 30 years of age.

Although spouse will be supportive and warm in nature there will be some marital discomfort in life. Native will attain political success or favor from government after the age of 40. Rahu in this position helps native settle abroad as well or away from birth place. There can be domestic issues in life and loss of property as well.

Rahu in 11th house for Aries Lagna In Astrology

Rahu in 11th house in Aquarius can be one of the best placement of Rahu. Rahu in 11th bhav makes native very fortunate and he or she will receive favors from father and government as well. Native will get political success and financial abundance from the age of 35-36.

Rahu in 11th position will give highly aristocratic influential contact as well as favors from them. Rahu in this position gives auspicious results regarding friendship, love marriage. Rahu with this placement gives much profit and gains from business even in partnership business.

Native will have blissful relationship with spouse or partner with happy domestic life. Native will attain success from the age of 33. Rahu in this position will give authoritative position in life. Native can become minister and win big elections in life. Native will bring abundance and prosperity in their family life and children will become successful as well. Married life will be harmonious.

Rahu in 12th house for Aries Ascendant/ Lagna Birth Chart

Rahu in 12th house in Pisces sign will make native highly creative and well-known artist. Native can become an actor, painter,  singer, poet, dancer, songwriter, etc.  Native will become successful after settling down in foreign land or will earn popularity in foreign land.

Native will have short and long travel frequently in life. Native will earn good reputation and success far away from birthplace. Native will very loyal lover but there will be heartbreaks in his or her life. Eventually, native will end up marrying their ideal match or soul mate.

Rahu in this 12th bhav will give special talent and attributes in their profession especially in creative field. Native will earn much wealth from their occupation and through investment, speculation, mutual funds, forex trading, etc. Some native might do charity and social work throughout life.

Few may also become spiritual Guru due to their wisdom. Some people can also become head of religious or educational institution in life. Native can also become teacher and professor in reputed school and college.

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