Venus in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Venus in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Venus in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope: Venus is the planet of wealth, happiness, love and luxury in the of Aries Ascendant natives. Venus is Karak of love, friendship, fragrance, art, creativity, luxury, materialistic  comfort, vehicle, cinema, modelling, photography and all kind of affection and partnership in life. For Aries Ascendant native becomes lord of 2nd house of accumulated wealth, family, food, speech,culture and 7th house of love, marriage, passion,  partnership and daily work along with income.

Venus in Houses For Aries Ascendant

Venus is one of the most important planet and auspicious planet of Aries Ascendant but can act as marak under exceptional condition. Overall,  a fruitful and favourable planet for Aries Ascendant person. Venus is generally the most  auspicious planet after Jupiter. Venus is karak for marriage and spouse and also signifies, romance, passion , talent and hobby in life with its placement in one’s horoscope. Venus signifies the beauty of  cosmetics and garments as well.

Effect and Result of Venus in each houses from 1 to 12 in Aries lagna are as follows:-  Prediction for Venus in different house for Aries Ascendant is given below.

Please Note:-  The below prediction given is as per general rule and prediction but  susceptible for change due to different combination, aspect, conjunction, constellation(Nakshatra), dignity, degree, D9 chart, and the impact of Rahu-Ketu.

Venus in 1st house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus in 1st house for Aries Ascendant as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give you excellent married life with very loving, supportive desirable spouse. You will earn substantial wealth after marriage also through the help of marriage partner, family legacy or from the support of spouse’s family.

Venus in 1st house in Aries sign makes one very vivacious very articulative, artistic, creative, imaginative but gives foolish attitude and restlessness in terms of love and money.  Spouse will be very loving, caring, supportive, devoted, and will have dynamic personality. Native’s health will be very fine as well.

Native will get wealth and success after marriage or after 27 years of age. Although, native may suffer several in the matter of love & relationship before finally meeting their right match. Expenses will be high but income will be good as well and native will be blessed with all the comforts in life.

Venus in 2nd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus in 2nd house for Aries Ascendant as 2nd lord and 7th lord will make native very wealthy and successful in you age. Native will get help from own family as well as spouse’s family. Native may join family business or may involve in any kind of self-employment.  Native will have much prosperity with all the affluence and luxury in life.

Venus in 2nd house for Aries lagna can make you a very famous actor, singer or sports star. Native will live with high class life style  and may enjoy popularity like celebrity once in life. Venus in 2nd house will make you pleasing personality with lot of softness in voice. Business of hotels, motels, food, garments, cosmetics will make you very wealthy in life. 

Native will also have good married life but sometimes it may lead to separation if Venus is afflicted. Although, native will enjoy much physical pleasure in life and may marry with a chaste person. Overall, native will lead very comfortable and happy life.

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Venus in 3rd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus in 3rd house for Aries Ascendant as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give you very happy married life but late success in life. Spouse will be very dedicated and loyal towards you. Venus in 3rd house will give you opportunity to flourish in the field of media, social media, mass communication, journalism, advertising agency, marketing field etc.

Native can also become a sports star as well. Native can also work in the field of IT. Native can also become a mimicry artist or sound technician or voice over artist. Native can also turn out to be successful writer and editor. Although, native may achieve success after some initial failures from the age of 30. Native may face dejection in love affairs or may fall in clandestine affair more than once in life time.

Native can become highly educated, qualified and muck skilled after the age of 30. Health will also be fine but avoid rash driving on several occasions as chance of vehicular accident is there.

Venus in 4th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus in 4th house as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give lot of wealth in young age. Native will gain much property and affluence from their family and relatives.  Venus in 4th house in  Cancer sign for Aries Ascendant will have lot of popularity and status in life due to aristocratic background or political background.

Venus in 4th house for Aries lagna will have lot option and opportunity in their career and business life. Income from multiple sources may come your way from young age. Buisness will be well established or you may also work under government.Income from job will be high and married life will be happy with full comfort and satisfaction.Venus in 4th house gives good health for Aries Ascendant people.

Venus in 5th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Venus in 5th house as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give you love marriage with all kind of pleasure and happiness from romance and married life. You may marry your soul mate or childhood love. This placement of Venus for Aries lagna can make you a very popular and successful artist, singer, actor, writer, anchor, editor etc. 

This placement of Venus gives much comfort ,wealth, luxury and happiness. Venus in 5th house as 2nd lord and 7th lord gives success and lot of luck in life. There will support from everyone around the native.

Venus here give opportunity glamour and cine world.Modelling can also be very good option for career as well as interior designer. Venus here gives lot of confidence and easy going life from young age or after marriage. Native may obtain wealth from marriage or after marriage as well.

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Venus in 6th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Venus in 6th house as 2nd and 7th lord will give losses and struggle in life. There can be financial problem and lack of stability in life till 32 years of age. You may loose in litigation or any kind of court case. Venus in 6th house as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give setbacks in life, accidents . trouble from brothers and enemies with no family support and backing.

Native will improve their lifestyle with their own will and hard work but with very slow pace. There will be no backing from peers and superiors at work place and sometimes native may fall prey to office politics as well.Although, native will eventually overcome all the obstacles with sheer persistence along with mental strength. Native will possess strong determination to cross all barriers of life.

Venus here gives success in government job as well as private job in long run with late success but much losses through business and any other unfair means to earn money.

Venus in 7th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Venus in 7th house give all round success in life after marriage. Fortune will favor native and native may start family business or business with spouse. Native will have big gains fro  business or any kind of self-employment.

Native may travel to foreign land as well. Venus in 7th house gives wealth through marriage and support from in-laws as well. There will prosperity and happiness al around in the life of native after marriage with much luck.

Native should et married after 24 years of age. Spouse will be attractive, sharp, intelligent, clever, supportive, loyal, trustworthy, honest and dedicated towards the native and family. Venus in 7th house gives  much diplomatic ability towards native which may give large gains to native in their life as well through career.

Native may shine in  artistic and communication field. Media, photography, designing,acting will be the areas where native may establish themselves. Buisness which will suit native will be related to cosmetics, medicine, paintings, marbles, furniture, food industry etc.

Venus in 8th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Venus in 8th house may give jealous type of tendency to native. Native will be jealous of other success although, native will have sharp mind and vivacious personality. Venus here gives lot of troubles and setbacks in life in childhood and young age but gives lot affluence and pleasure in old age.

Native may become doctor, scientist after long hard struggle. Success in the field occult, yoga, meditation, spirituality is assured. Native may also become an engineer or an architect. Native may sustain prolong illness but eventually either recover or will be dominant over the illness with much gain of  immunity power.

Native may achieve something spectacular in medical science or may become successful doctor & surgeon.Venus here gives late success with much delay, struggles and failure but native will never face hardship regarding wealth matters.

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Venus in 9th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Venus in 9th house  will give lot of foreign tour and sometimes settlement of business and family in foreign land for Aries Ascendant people. Venus in 9th house will give lot of benefits in life through family government, marriage and luck.Native fortune will rise after 34 years of age. native may attain name, fame, popularity in foreign land.

There will be lot promotion, increment and fruitful and pleasurable travel through job/service. Naive may obtain higher education foreign land may settle their own business there.

There  will be growth and prosperity in life after marriage. Venus here gives lot of benefit from father and mother as well. Family and spouse will be very supportive in every endeavours of native.

Spouse will of sweet and simple nature and married life will be happy.  Venus inn 9th house also gives support from people in foreign land as well. Native will inclined towards yoga and spirituality in old age but there will be health concern from middle years of life.


Venus in 10th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus in 10th house  for Aries lagna as 2nd and 7th lord give high proficient ability in career, good intellect and high education. Native will obtain very high position with affluence and power in their career. There will be materialistic success from 24 years of age. 

Native will be fully established in their career or occupation from young age because of their meritorious deeds and hard work. Native will be very efficient in all of their endeavours.

Venus here gives lot of creative ability and much success in life.Native will not be dependant on others for their success. Optimistic and prudential nature of native will give him or her long lasting success. Business will flourish quickly even in partnership business. Venus here gives very matured noble and understanding spouse. Married life will be satisfactory but native may get involve in affair outside marriage for temporary time period.

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Venus in 11th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Venus here in 11th house in Aquarius sign as 2nd lord and 7th lord will give all-round success in life with much wealth and materialistic comfort in job as well as business without much effort in life. Native will gain from their influential contact, friendship, large networking and marketing ability. Native will be hones and trustworthy in their dealings.

There will be ups and downs in life and wealth at young age but native will attain success from 32 years of age with lot of stability and power in life. Native will be affluent and charismatic personality with much social hold and popularity after the age of 40.Venus in 11th house for Aries lagna people will give income from multiple sources.

There will be lot of gains from family and friends. Native will gain fame and money from masses through their occupation. Native may get married twice in life and there will be some friction  and mistrust in their married life. Native will earn much money after the age of 40 and will become quite wealthy.

Venus in 12th house for Aries Ascendant or lagna

Native may born inn wealthy and affluent family. Native will also become an influential person after the age of 40. Native’s longevity of life can be threatened by some accident. Although native will have very comfortable life till the age of 48 but native success will always be dependent on others. Native will also be dependent on their family or spouse. 

Native will have lot creative and artistic ability but their success may come late in life. Women influence will be much in their life. Some clandestine affair  or scandal might bring bad name for native but native will have very easy peaceful and comfortable married life. Some disease may trouble native but overall native will enjoy all the materialistic and worldly pleasure in their life till the age of 48.

After the age of 48, native might become more matured, wise, saint and will talk with experience and wisdom. Native will enjoy property and multiple vehicles in life and also much fruitful foreign travels. Native might also settle in foreign land as well. Overall, Native will lead happy life especially in young age.

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