Moon in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Moon in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Moon in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope from 1 to 12 Houses:- For Aries Ascendant Moon acts as 4th lord of property, comfort, happiness, family life, luxury, vehicle and prosperity. Impact of Moon in this particular Ascendant or Lagna is immense as it rule one of the most important house in horoscope which 4th house.

Moon in Houses For Aries Ascendant

The lordship or rulership of Moon on 4th house can denote overall life patterns, wealth, happiness, grief, primary education, property etc. Moon in many conditions yields favourable result for Aries Lagna native.

Moon is itself a Karaka of emotions, mind, intellect, happiness, sadness, comfort, peace etc. Moon is very sensitive plane and gives result quickly in life and also changes result very quickly in life.If well placed in the horoscope than can give success and fruitful result quickly with happiness and fulfillment of desires. Below are the give prediction and result for Moon in different houses for Aries Lagna or Ascendant.

Please Note:-  The below prediction given is as per general rule and prediction but  susceptible for change due to different combination, aspect, conjunction, constellation(Nakshatra), dignity, degree, D9 chart, and the impact of Rahu-Ketu.

Moon in 1st House for Aries ascendant or Lagna

Moon in 1st house for Aries Lagna or Aries Ascendant as 4th lord will bring happiness and stability in family life and married life. Native will have gains and support from parents and native will enjoy prosperity in life right from birth. Native will attain success and good amount of money from the age of 24. Native will get high class success in his or her career.

Native will attain victory in court cases or law of Justice. Native will posses multiple vehicle and multiple properties after the age of 40.  Native may also attain education or success in foreign land. Career through Self-employment, politics, media, entertainment, cine world or sports world will bring success in life which is  certain for most of the native whose Moon is in 1st house in Aries sign.

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Success through litigation and destruction enemies will happen if Moon is in good dignity, degree and free from any kind of affliction. Bright children and happiness in love and relationship will make native fortunate in life. Native may end up having love marriage. Although, Native will have long lasting happy marriage. There will be some issues of health to native as well as life partner.

Moon in 2nd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Moon in 2nd house for this lagna as 4th lord will give immense wealth and prosperity in life through own family as well as from in-laws. Native will attain high position in life after marriage. Native if involve in business will be successful especially family business or business of in-laws. Moon in this house will provide all kinds of luxury , comfort and pleasure from young age. Native will be very close to mother and native will attain  is happiness and wish fullfillment with the help of mother and relatives.

Although, these native may suffer from chromic ailments ad may get addicted to alcohol. Native will be charming and will be flirty towards opposite sex but will not be loyal. Although, married life of the native will be happy and prosperous. Native will also get success in Agricultural , farming, cattle, milk, and real estate business. He or she may show off and become casanova at times. Native will see all kinds of luxury, richness. Native will attain affluence, high status and lot of money in life. Family will belong from aristocratic family.

Moon in 3rd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Moon in 3rd house as 4th lord for Aries Lagna  will bring love and support from siblings, cousins, friends, and colleague. Native will be very articulate in their work and dealings. Native will have high class communication skills, and native might attain fame through artistic, creative pursuit. Native can also become an icon or sports star with this placement. Native will attain success outside his or her birth land or in foreign country. Native will get luck and fortune after 24 years of age and  may attain high education in big city or in different country.

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Native will prosper after marriage with good earning and may land up in good position in government job as well. Native may attain success as Radio jockey, News anchor , Sports anchor, blogger, writer as well. Native will get pleasure and much wealth through travel sector and hotel sector. Native will have gains and profit through travelling. Married life will be normal and happy with intelligent and successful children. Native will live away from parents in young age.

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Moon in 4th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Moon is in 4ht house as 4th lord in Aries lagna will bring all the success  and prosperity in life after some struggle in young age  and the planet Moon should not  be associated and afflicted with Malefic planets. Moon in this particular position will fulfill all the dreams, wishes and desires of the native. Native will have more than 1 house and multiple vehicles after the age of 30. Native will attain all kinds of property, wealth through inheritance and family wealth easily. Native will gain from agricultural land and food products.

Native will have big properties and have aristocratic background and will enjoy  affluent family status in young age.  Native will receive comfort and pleasure from family and life partner. Native will also get success in love affairs and might end up converting it into marriage. Moon in this bhav gives mental peace and satisfaction in life. Native might become self employed in later part of life. Although native will attain success, growth in their career or occupation from 25 years of age. Married life will be blissful and long lasting if 7th house and 7th lord is not afflicted.

Moon in 5th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Moon in this 5th house as 4th lord will bring Kendra- Trikona Raj Yoga. Native might born in wealthy family as well as will earn own wealth and success and  fame through hard work after 25 years of age. Native may attain fame through entertainment world and sports world. Naive can become popular writer, novelist, author, poet,actor, singer, Sports Star. Native will also gain from investments and speculation. Native will have multiple source of income. Love life will give happiness and pleasure. Native may end up marrying their soul mate. Married life will be happy and blissful.

Moon with this placement will give rise in middle years of life. Native might become very popular due to good and energetic deeds. Native will travel to exotic locations and may become social media influencer and celebrity as well.  Native will do well in modelling career as well and native will not have any kind of shortage of money, pleasure and comfort in life. Native will become fortunate from 27 years of age.

Moonm in 6th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Native with this placement of Moon  for Aries lagna might end up getting government job but health of spouse and family members will be cause of concerns. There will be some disturbance in marital life. Family life or domestic life will not be fully happy and some accidents may also happen in family. Although, for career there will be slow but stable growth in life native income and growth starts from middle years of life. Life become prosperous after the age of 40. Marital life have misunderstandings and also health issues.

There will problem in mental and sexual satisfaction in  life. Although native may have good gains from family and relatives. Native will overcome their enemy although some losses through court case, frauds and enemies are possible. Thee will grief in love affairs. Failures in relationship. Native will get high position through government contracts or administrative service. Native will have emotional turbulence in life but will enjoy success through competition. Native will be important person at their work place and there will be rise in affluence, status and respect after 42 years of age along with rise in fortune.

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Moon in 7th house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Moon in this 7th house as 4th lord for Aries Lagna will utmost happiness and success in marital life with long lasting marriage if 7th house and moon is not weak and afflicted. Moon here gives pleasure and happiness through love relationship and marital partner. Native’s partner will fulfill all the wishes of the native including bed pleasure and will help native economically as well. Native will have high class earning especially through own business or through partnership business.  Moon in this particular bhav gets you partner from aristocratic background with high status and affluence.

Native can also earn from contract and legal partnership. Native may become popular lawyer or advocate. Native might become a famous astrologer, publisher or book writer as well. Native will attain honors through government or in foreign land. Native will become wealthy in middle years of life with all the comforts and luxury. Native will be very dear, popular and charming in their social circle especially to opposite sex.

Moon in 8th house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Moon in 8th house as 4th lord for Aries Lagna will face difficulties and diseases in childhood and to an extent in young age. He or she may suffer from choric ailments but native will have money , property from inheritance legacy or as a gift. Native will be eminent astrologer and may become spiritual guru as well. Native will interested in mystic world or  mystic and science and might become healer as well. Native might become very religious and spiritual from young age and might posses some power and abilities as well.

He or she will be vey intuitive which will bring rewards and gains for the native. Married life will be normal but there will some kind of disinterest and hollowness  towards marital pleasure and happiness for the native. Native will be bereft of luxury and pleasure but native can achieve good wealth and position, respect  in life through their occupation and career. Work related to traveling or work in foreign countries might give happiness , success and popularity for the native.

Moon in 9th house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant 

Moon in 9th house as 4th lord for Aries Lagna is the most fortunate Combination in Horoscope if Moon is in strength in kundli. Moon in this place gives rise in fortune. Moon here gives much happiness, fame and pleasure in foreign land as well as wealth from father.Native attains high education in life with meritorious deeds.

Native will be inclined towards religion and spirituality. Native will start earning substantial money from the age of 28. Native will have high degree with much qualifications. Native will be multi-talented and will earn from multipole sources. Native may achieve fame and celebrity like status in foreign land. Although native may have to face struggle in childhood.

Health of the native will be fine in young age. Native might end up having love marriage. Married life of the native will be awesome and blissful with equally brilliant children. Native may get treated like prince or princess in their family, society and village. Native will get much wealth after turning 34.  Native may have home and property in foreign land as well. Native might become actor or star as well. Native will also get popularity as musician or singer. Native’s love life will be example for others either be in good or bad way.

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Moon in 10th house  for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

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Moon in 10th  house as 4th lord for Aries lagna is one of the better placement of Moon in any horoscope. If moon is not afflicted or weak than you will be diligent, very competent in your occupation. Native will climb the ladder of success in very quick time especially in the sector of media, digital marketing, advertising, acting, music, painting, writing, singing, music and other artistic and creative pursuit.

Moon in this house as 4th lord will bring all the happiness, pleasure in life with very smooth and easy going life with all sorts of comfort, affluence good status and prosperity.

Native will marry his or her soulmate. Married life with delightful with bright children. Native’s father may also become wealthy and native will get support of father in important endeavours and decisions of life. Native will b very close to mother but native will get separated from parents due to career or study. Milk related or sweet related business will give native lots of wealth and profit in life. cotton related business will also give big gains in life.

Moon in 11th house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Moon as 4th lord for Aries Lagna or Ascendant in 11th house will give you struggle, hardship in your 1st part of life. There will be delays and obstacles in important matters and endeavours in life. Native may face scarcity of money and resources in 1st part of life. Although, Native will have support from friends, partner, relative,cousins, broth etc but native will struggle to maintain status,class and constant flow of money in life till the age of 32.

Native’s fortune will rise from the age of 38. Native’s second part of life will full of splendour, enjoyment, pleasure, wealth and property. There can be quarrels in married life.

Native might get addicted to liquor an sex.Infidelity or disloyalty can be found in relationship or married life. Native will have lusty mindset towards opposite sex. Native will achieve much success from the age of 39. Native’s earning and overall income will rise and native will attain wealth from multiple sources. Native will get success through business and commerce. Native may own big shop or mall in later part of life. Overall, 1st part of the life will be troublesome but 2nd part of life will be full of happiness.

Moon in 12th house for Aries Lagna or Ascendant

Moon in 12th house as 4th lord for Aries lagna will bring problems in married and losses through travelling and government issues. Native will have big expenses, sometimes bigger than income but native can thrive well in foreign land. Although, chances of imprisonment for short time period is possible. Native can become doctor, a psychiatrist or physician. Native may also become a healer, astrologer or Tarot reader. Native will be shrewd in nature and try to earn profit in life through any means good or bad.

Native’s married life will be problematic and sometimes unsatisfactory. Native will see success in life after delay and much failure and struggle. Native may work in big institutions or organisations. Native will attain success through on hard work and sometimes through self employment and may earn decent wealth in later part of life. Native will have success through foreigners as well. Mother might not live long for some native and thee will be no support for family members.

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