Mercury In 2nd House Of Horoscope Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Mercury In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Mercury In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Mercury In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic AstrologyMercury in 2nd House In Kundli/ Birth Chart: Mercury is a very speedy and variable planet of intellect, speech, education, perception, negotiation, diplomatic ability, and communication. it rules over our daily affairs of life. Mercury, when well posited in the horoscope with good dignity, indicates gains from short travels and journeys. It gives or grants intuitive power, writing and editing ability and makes native skilled in mathematics and occult science. 

Mercury is an impotent sexless and flexible planet. It changes and adopts the character of the sign it is placed and also the planet it is placed with. The 2nd house placement of Mercury in a horoscope gives wit, comic timing, humor and intelligence and a lot of knowledge to the native male or female. Those having auspicious or functional benefic Mercury in 2nd  house (‘Dhan Bhav‘) use their intellect to accumulate wealth.

These natives tend to be an articulate assertive and eloquent speaker because 2nd house is the house of speech and Mercury is also prime significator of communication and mercury without any affliction bestows intellect and tact in assertion, dialogue and communicative ability or speech of the native. Such a person tends to be good with money management and dealings and use their finances cautiously and wisely and effectively. Their thoughts and goals are usually directed towards financial aspects of life or liquid money every time, so money matters are constantly revolving on their minds. They can become good orator and Mathematicians if Mercury is not under malefic aspect in 2nd house.

Whenever Mercury gets combust or malefic in the 2nd house of a person horoscope or D1 chart, it gives illicit relationships, stealing and thieves like abilities, habitual of lying with mischievous tact and sinful derogatory thought process. It also gives scars or rashes on skin and skin allergic disease.

The Result of Mercury in second house in astrology vary from person to person because of different sign in the 2nd house of different people having the same planet mercury in 2nd house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign in 2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house in a native chart. Some planetary combinations or any special yoga or combination good or bad can also alter the result of mercury in 2nd house.

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GENERAL EFFECT Of Mercury In 2nd House

The native with Mercury in the 2nd house of their natal chart are good at expressing their ideas verbally and also with writing prowess and communication. They usually get employment in the travel agency, broker, freelancing, writing or get occupation as a speaker, translator, lecturer, teacher, finance manager, diplomat, etc. Such a person has strong values and family ties but when Mercury is retrograde, the person becomes too rigid about their values and defends them. Their perspective of the world becomes too materialistic and they become narrow-minded and care for just own-self and well-being of his own.

Due to mercury in the 2nd house of a horoscope, there is a lot of chances of yielding prosperity and growth in the business, he or she will have a pleasant personality with tender gentle heart, will run a living of simple lifestyle as they tend to save a lot of money and controls their expenditure and rise their wealth or savings and behave like miser sometimes.

Mercury in 2nd house in birth chart aspects 8th house results native uses their intelligence and logic in occult science as well and can become very good astrologers and mystic or occult or Astro consultant too. They dig very deep into subjects like astrology, philosophy, etc. They will be very intelligent in their dealing especially related to financial or money matters. Therefore they can do well as banker managers, broker or deal agent, advisors or consultant, etc. The position of Mercury in Dhan Bhav or second house is quite productive positive and auspicious for business acumen for businessmen, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc.

He will have good relations with Government Officials and employers and will credit benefits from them. With his effort and dedicated hard work or labor, he or she may climb the upward management level of social and professional ladder of success or may gain an important authoritative position in life.

Mercury In 2nd House and Love Relationships

Weak or debilitated or combust Mercury in Dhan Bhav or second house IN horoscope will take a longer period of time to form a trustful bond in their love affairs or romantic encounters after many failures and initial setbacks. They should be careful with legal contracts and partnership with his or her love partner as separation or break up can happen if they choose to or hitched their love or marriage partner or make their love partner into business or any kind of professional partnership or any work-related issue.

But favorable and auspicious Mercury when free from affliction and good in dignity can make male or female native happy and successful in love matters even if they aren’t that interested in romance or love bliss still they will get love, peace, loyal and trustworthy relationship and bonding from their romantic partner These natives may fell in multiple relationships or love affair simultaneously.

Mercury In 2nd House In Horoscope and Marriage

Those natives whose Mercury is in Dhan Bhav or second house can turn their bond or love affair into a legal relationship or convert and hitched it into marriage as they happen to be a fortunate and successful individual in love or marriage sector or these areas of life. Mercury in 2nd house blesses the native with a chaste, virtuous and cultured spouse with wealth and of independent nature. But, here longevity and health of the spouse will always remain a point of concern and tension for the native having his or her mercury in the 2nd house of D1 chart.

Mercury In Second House CAREER and FINANCE

The person having Mercury in the second house of his or her horoscope earn his livelihood utilizing his or her intelligence. He will compose poem or can become a lyricist writer and will be cultured and mannered and ethical in his or her speech. Their rapid mind can always find a solution to what to do and how to earn money. Such natives always have many kinds of side jobs or part-time jobs with good income. Apart from their regular job where they will use their intellect such as coaching, tuition, work from home, running a website, etc. They can become great accountants. However, if Mercury is afflicted then there are possibilities to use these powers in a mischievous way such as how to use the system for their benefit, economic fraud or thefts.

Mercury in Dhan Bhav or second house gives a lot of money through the stock market and investment or speculations and native uses their intellect and intuitive mind to gain profit by buying and selling. If Mercury is somehow connected to the 5th house or 5th lord then he or she will be excellent in any kind of speculative profession. This placement of Mercury makes native great writer too.

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If there is a connection between Rahu and Mercury in second house or 12th lord with Mercury, then native may learn many foreign languages or multiple languages. Their livelihood would be in a foreign land with foreign affairs in their work.

Due to the malefic aspect or conjunction of enemy planets in 2nd house with Mercury, is not good or positive for the health or longevity of his father. The tendency of getting angry in small matter will become habitual and they will become argumentative and his or her mind will be always in suspicion or jealousy of others people success and their mind remain in confused state lot of times in their deeds or endeavor. Native will lie with a straight face if Mercury is in 2nd house is malefic or afflicted.

Gambling, speculations, stock market investment may put him or her into loss if Mercury under the conjunction or aspect of malefic planets or if it is afflicted and not good in dignity. He or she may suffer from piles or boils related to health complications, constipation and other stomach related issues and complications due to the presence of Mercury in the 2nd house.

The presence of Mercury in the 2nd house in kundli can produce trouble in the life of native’s sister, maternal aunt, and in-laws of the native. Mercury in 2nd house blesses you with diplomatic ability and tact to get gains from any legal or property issue or any money related dealings. Mercury in 2nd house grant native ability to be a good diplomat, broker, agent or employer in marketing agencies and buy or sale-related jobs or profession. 

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