Sagittarius Personality Traits In Astrology

Sagittarius Horoscope In Astrology

Sagittarius Horoscope

Element is Fire 

Gender is Male 

Ruler is Jupiter 

Sagittarius characteristics and personality traits: Independence is the main principle of Sagittarius; they always long for adventure & excitement & welcome all type of change with broadmindedness in life. 

Sagittarius is also called the-sign-philosopher. They like to explore every corner of the unknown part of life thoroughly in their forever eternal search for wisdom & will go also as far as the road will go. Freedom is very much important to Sagittarius people, that they actually make any kind of decision just based on the how far freedom they have actually got in a certain matter to complete, for this reason, sometimes a very good opportunity also they let them go. Sagittarius people are a very well-adjusted person with, no emotional- problems. Sometimes, others may be hurt by their, lack-of-commitment but they do not care. 

The ruler of this sign is Jupiter which represents religion; philosophy; expansion of wisdom; education & higher knowledge. Sagittarius represents the rational & traditional ideology of Jupiter. These people love to follow the religious path, but Sagittarius people
are more practical than being in the dreamy world of, philosophical knowledge. Their wisdom originates from logical thinking.

Sagittarius sign personality: Sagittarius people love to study, they always try to complete their masters’ degree, PhD & become a professor or teacher. Sagittarius people are also a free spirit & give the same to their partner, & also expect the same, in return. Talk about intellectual & logical things are more important than love making to Sagittarius people. That’s why maximum time they only like to get someone as a partner with low sexual drive, rather they prefer high educational & intellectual drive. Best profession for Sagittarius people would be, to become a teacher; researcher; writer;  priest; astrologers;  philosophers; archaeologist
& any kind of profession related to teaching.

Sagittarians people have a simultaneous need, for activity. Meeting with new people, going out in the outer world, & travel is all that is important to their, sense-of-well-being. Sagittarius people are not emotional but they’re very easily hurt by just a careless & selfish action of others. 

When at any point of life anything gets tough; these people just run away. They do not love to be caught up, in routine – for too long period, & they just need to escape.

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