Satabhisha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Character

Satabhisha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Character

Satabhisha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/ Profession, Health, Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Prediction In AstrologySatabhisha nakshatra is the 24th nakshatra falls in Aquarius sign. This nakshatra is ruled by Saturn and Rahu. Thus, people from these nakshatra suffers a lot in their childhood and young but achieve high status in their middle years of life. Some people acquire power and wealth even in old age. You will see many ups and downs in life. Although, you will always be optimistic and will learn from your mistake.

Satabhisha Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

You will improve your personality and will see growth, success, and prosperity in life slowly and gradually. You believe in solitude and contemplation in life. Inclination towards spirituality will give you peace of mind and stress-free life. There will be slow and gradual progress in your career and finances. Your success will start after 38 years of age and some people may become wealthy and popular after the age of 42.

These Satabhisha natives can be miser and do not like to donate or help others financially. These people are very attached and obsessed with their money and properties. However, you may lend money to others at high-interest rates. Some people will also earn from renting their multiple properties. You may gain multiple properties and lands in life after the age of 42.

Your income will rise after the age of 38. In times of crisis, you may become defensive and cowardly at times. There will be lack of courage and aspirations in your life t young age. You will have difficulties to do bold decisions or initiating any business. You may lack courage to take important steps or leap of faith at a young age.

To Be Noted:- (Satabhisha Constellation-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I’ll discuss the effects and results of Satabhisha constellation as Moon and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall impact and results of this nakshatra will mostly be based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or Birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I’ll also discuss the impact and effects of different planets in this nakshatra.

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Satabhisha Nakshatra Significance Overview

These people will have multiple vehicles and they may change their residence many times in life. Some people will succeed in foreign, especially in the jobs or work where a lot of traveling and transfers are required. Some people may attain a high position in government job after the age of 40. Success in the field of politics after the age of 42 is possible.

Your domestic environment will be troublesome in your childhood and young age. Although, peace, happiness, and prosperity will prevail after marriage. You may gain aristocratic status in life after the age of 42.

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Astronomy, astrology, business management, transport business, coal, business, oil business, trading business will give you ample wealth. Success through speculative activities is thereafter the age of 40. You will gain from stick and shares market. Those in banking and teaching field will also do well in life.

Satabhisha Constellation Characteristics/ Personality Traits

You can become a short-tempered and eccentric person in life. Although, you will become casual, practical, generous, and methodical after the age of 35. Your married life may not be smooth sometimes but it will be long-lasting. You may not get much affection from your father but will get ample love and care from your mothers and spouse.

You may suffer from litigation issues with your siblings, cousins, or relatives. Your relationship with your siblings and relatives may get strained at one point of time in life. You may get affected by your competitors and, many secret enemies in life. Interest and success in engineering and accounting field at young age is possible.

Satabhisha Nakshatra- Your Love Life and Marriage

Your love life will be dry and monotonous without much excitement. Your love affairs will always be short-lived. Although, you may get physical pleasures from many romantic partners. Some people may have many clandestine affairs and one-night stands. However, You will get cheated in your committed relationships and love affairs.  Although, your married life will be happy, joyful, and harmonious.

Your bond with your spouse will grow further in advanced years of life. You may get blessed with many children. You may shift abroad with your spouse after marriage. Your spouse may prove to be lucky for you as your fortune and prosperity will arise after marriage. Although, some people may become widows at an early age. However, chance of second and long-lasting marriage will be there.

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Satabhisha Nakshatra – Career/ Profession/ Business-Male/ Female

You may get long-lasting success in sports or politics in life after the age of 30 You may suffer from grief and downfall in your career from the age of 24 to 30. Your work life may become very hectic and monotonous many times in life.

Although, you will come out as a winner in the situation of pressure and challenges. There will be not much income, increment, and promotion in your life till the age of 35. However, fortune will smile on you and you will be quick growth and progress in your career after the age of 35.

Your tolerance level will be low and cannot tolerate anybody showing authority around you. Your status may go through ups and downs in life due to your fluctuating professional life. Success through self-employment and business after the age of 35 is assured.

Satabhisha Nakshatra – Strength and Weakness in Astrology

Your major drawback in life is that you may get lusty for opposite sex quite frequently. You may get addicted to physical pleasures, drinking, smoking, and other indulgent and extravagant activities. Although, you will be a self-made person after going through a lot of failures and struggles in life. Sometimes your self-destructive, stubborn eccentric nature can give you a big loss in life.

However, your optimistic, prudential nature and constant struggle may make you mentally and emotionally strong and give you well-deserved success in life. You may not get much help from your friends, relatives, and colleagues in your time of need.

Satabhisha Nakshatra and its effects on Health in Horoscope

Some people of this nakshatra may suffer from chest pain, heart issues, and lung trouble after the age of 48. Few may also have to deal with cancer and tumor. You may suffer from sudden accidents at a young age. Stay away from aggressive attitudes and violent situations.

Some people may also suffer from urinary troubles in life. Cough, cold and frequent infections may trouble you sometimes. Some people may also suffer from skin diseases and hormonal problems. Thus, Satabhisha nakshatra natives may suffer on the account of health in their life.

Satabhisha Nakshatra Padas – 1st Pada-2nd Pada-3rd Pada-4thPada

  • 1st Pada:- The first pada of this nakshatra falls in between  6 degree 40  minutes to  10 degree in Aquarius sign. Your Moon in Navamsha chart will fall in Sagittarius sign if your Moon nakshatra is Moola of this pada in your Rasi or Da1 chart. Your Lagna in Navamsha will fall in Sagittarius sign if your Ascendant sign (Lagna sign) is in Moola nakshatra of this pada in your Rasi or d1 chart.
  • 2nd Pada:- The second pada of this nakshatra falls in between 10 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes in Aquarius sign. The 2nd pada of this constellation yields Capricorn Navamsha.
  • 3rd Pada:-The third pada of this Satabhisha nakshatra falls in between 13 degree 20 minutes to 16 degree 40 minutes in Aquarius sign in your Rasi or D1 chart. The 3rd pada of this constellation bestows Aquarius Navamsha.
  • 4th Pada:-The fourth pada of this nakshatra falls in between 16 degree 40 minutes to 20 degress in Aquarius sign. This 4th pada of  Satabhisha yields Pisces Navamsha.
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Satabhisha Nakshatra- Marriage/ Business Partner Compatibility

Ashwini nakshatra, Ardra nakshatra, Pushya nakshatra, Punarvasu nakshatra, Hasta Nakshatra, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra people are highly incompatible and can turn out to be very inimical to Satabhisha natives.

These nakshatra people are very harmful and can bring bad luck to Satabhisha natives. Satabhisha natives should avoid getting married or forming business partnerships or any close relationship with people of above nakshatras.

Vishakha nakshatra, Magha nakshatra, Ashlesha Nakshatra, Chitra nakshatra, Purva Ashadha, Uttara Ashadha,  Swati nakshatra, Anuradha nakshatra, and Dhanishta nakshatra people are highly compatible and can prove to be fortunate for marriage union or business partnership with Satabhisha natives.

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