Sun In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

तीसरे/ ३ भाव/ घर में सूर्य प्रेम, करियर, विवाह, वित्त/ सम्पत्ति - कुंडली - वैदिक ज्योतिष

Sun In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: Sun in 3rd House In Kundli/ Birth Chart: Sun in 3rd house is one of the best houses for Sun in a horoscope of a native. It bestows success in every single pursuit which native starts from his or her own wish and wisdom or is assigned to indulge or undertake. It yields success in the political field or political contacts and aspirations and ambitions. Those who aspire to enter into the public service sector at high authoritative management or administrative level or simply as an employee at a medium and low level.

Whether the native is active in politics or not, Sun gives political clout and love for study in political science and these individuals make good contacts and connections with politicians or politically motivated powerful people having a solid background.

The individual grant help and supports his or her siblings and cousins but doesn’t normally get any love or support or even respect from their end.  Instead of the individual foolishly gets exploited and made a scapegoat of their siblings or cousins wrongdoing and sometimes also blamed by his or her own mother for nothing.

The Result of SUN in 3rd house in horoscope varies from person to person because of different signs in the 3rd house for different people having the same planet sun in 3rd house. As, lordship varies from Aries sign in 3rd house to Pisces sign in 3rd house and with respect to the constellation, dignity, and strength of each sign.

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Sun In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

GENERAL EFFECT Of Sun In 3rd House

Sun in 3rd house of the horoscope, implies to boost one’s inclination to chatter and makes individual talkative a lot, sometimes cause discomfort in gatherings or meeting officially even socially. These people are fond of traveling especially short travels for the purpose of their work and even for leisure and pleasure.

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Their educational priority and endeavors or interests are more communicative, goal-oriented, artistic, dramatic rather than intellectual, which means they have more inclination towards drama and performing arts than being skilled in intellectual subjects like mathematics and science or history geography. These natives have a very sharp yet naive and upright mind, amalgamated with high pride and sense of ambition to rule over others.

They are very active, charged hard-working and goal-oriented people and  Sun in 3rd house also signifies the tendency to be solid and self-reliant and self-dependent, very daring, and very confident person despite the odds delays, and obstacles. Moreover, it gives a voracious hunger and desperation with eagerness to succeed in life at a quick pace at a very young age.

Sun in 3rd house is highly productive and auspicious generally. The natives will be healthy, wealthy, and naive and will possess wiseness and wisdom. He or she will be very sober, natural, truthful will be famous, sometimes a bit harsh but have kind heart, will be modest, and will live king like life.

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Sun In 3rd House and Love Relationships

The native who has Sun in his or her 3rd house is helpful, faithful and devoted and sacrificing to their love partner as long as their name and prestige are not negatively impacted or another partner adversely involved in illegal affairs and infidelity, otherwise, they will have no issue or problem dumping and ditching the person instantly.

They might get cheated in a relationship or sometimes can cheat their love partner to depend upon the overall placement of the horoscope. Their love life remains exciting and voracious attraction towards their partner with spicy romance and he or she help their partner to uplift and rise in life.

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Sun In The Third House and Marriage In Vedic Astrology

Native having Sun in third house will become brave and charitable after marriage. Native will possess vehicles, amenities of luxuries because of rise in luck factor after marriage and peace of mind will be good and this position is also considered good for progeny and children matters.

In a female horoscope, Sun in 3rd house causes high sexual drive but only for a marital partner and this placement sometimes bless natives with twin babies or two marriages without divorce or separation from the first partner.

Overall whatever the sign is which  Sun occupies, it certainly gives very favorable and positive results in 3rd house, particularly to male natives. These individuals are helpful and obeying to members of the family as long as their name and prestige are not adversely affected.

Sun In The 3rd House – Career, and Finance In Vedic Astrology

Native with Sun in the third house enjoys a lot of kudos, plaudits, and favors from government and authorities,  Sun also helps them to get a job and be employed in Government/administrative services and enjoy a lot of privileges by serving public and government ruler or authority.

They will become glorious and popular once in their lifetime and they possess the guts and much courage to deal with the issues and obstacles that arise in their life. Some of these natives may join defense lines or army services, and they turn out to be very efficient and disciplined in their duty and in their mode of work.

They are smart and skillful and possess the ability of plotting and plan. They prove to be good commanders and very clever in implementation plans, and they can work as a spy also and turn out to be very responsible and successful in handling administrative endeavors and matters. Skillful in negotiations committee and conference discussions and dealings.


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The native male or female have their Sun in third house, which signifies that you give a lot of importance to wisdom and knowledge and you believe in sharing it with others in an ideal way in an ideal environment.

However, you strongly carve and crave the desire to learn different things from different people, thus travel becomes a crucial part of your life and they have severe trust issue problems. They do not trust anyone trusting and only trust their eye and sometimes reject any new idea.

These natives need to work on their intellectual pride and impatience. These native very often become overconfident and rigid and likes to believe that they are always right, they can remain confused at times and creates misunderstandings in office or in official work with other people. These natives tend to have an inimical relationship with their close blood relatives also with their employees and staff sometimes even with their servants.

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