Sun in 9th  house Love, Career, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Finance & More

9 वें घर/ नवम भाव में सूर्य का फल – प्रेम, करियर, विवाह, विदेश यात्रा, वित्त, शिक्षा

Sun in 9th house Love, Career, Health, Family, Education, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Finance:- Surya Graha In ninth house of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: The position of Sun in 9th house in a horoscope of an individual indicates native will possess a strong with the possibility of settling in a foreign land or many long-distance travels in life. If the native is a female, then she may meet a person from foreign land during a journey and later may get hitched or married to him, especially when Sun happens to be her  Darakaraka.

Native may also become a spiritual or religious leader due to inclination towards religion and spirituality and native will do charity and many virtuous deeds in life. Native may also become head of the publishing agency or press club. Sun in 9th house also gives you a chance to become head of a religious place.

Surya in 9th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Effect of Sun or Surya in this house can differ from person because of Different sign placement in 9th house, Sun’s dignity, degree, strength, lordship, Sun in different  Nakshatra(constellation), affliction, conjunction, malefic or benefic aspect on Sun, combination, Astakvarga points, etc.

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Sun in this house makes the native an authoritative personality with a much-disciplined lifestyle and in regular daily routine activity. Sun in this house makes native action-oriented but the person will be wise and thoughtful before taking any initiative. Sun in this house makes you healthy and wealthy with much command, affluence, and respect in society. Sun in this house gives benefits from the legacy of forefathers. The native will become successful in life and their luck will start shining at the age of 27.

Sun in 9th house in Horoscope and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

Sun in this house does not give success and fulfillment in love affairs. Sun in this house gives a tendency to doubt the loyalty and devotion of their love partner. This is the main reason their love affairs do not get converted into meaningful devoted long-lasting affair.

The native will have more than 1 affair in life before marriage but love affairs will lead to failure, anxiety, and much depression in the life of native. Love life will not give satisfaction for the native but native will not cheat in their relationship. Native may also have love affair with foreigners if 5th lord is in 9th Sun or Sun is Your 5th Lord.

Sun in 9th  house Horoscope/ Kundli and Marriage

Sun in this house gives the possibility of Arranged Marriage. Arranged Marriage will be more suitable for you than love Marriage. Although overall married life will be fine but there will some disturbance and confrontation or ego tussle between you and your spouse.  Spouse will be of brilliant and flamboyant personality.

Children will be bright and you may have 2 Sons in your life. Spouse will be pro-active and fulfill your needs. Spouse will be supportive and co-operative in most of your endeavors. The native will be devoted to their spouse and children.

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Sun/ Surya in 9th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Foreign Travel

Sun in this house also gives success, acclaim, recognition, popularity, and respect in a foreign country. There will be a strong inclination for learning foreign or multiple languages and cultures. The native will have money and will be fond of foreign travel especially to exotic locations or places where Nature oozes its bliss.

Sun in 9th house may give a chance to travel in foreign countries for the purpose of education or career from 22 years of age. Sun in 9th house may also give travel due to Marriage or Just after Marriage. Sun in 9th house also gives love for travel due to their inclination towards adventure. Sun in 9th house sometimes gives permanent earning and permanent foreign settlement in life.

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Sun in 9th house of Horoscope and Career In Astrology

Sun in this house gives success in the field of Administration, Justice, and Medicine. Native may go for a career in Judiciary-the field of Law and Justice.   Sun in this house can also make native a good administrator and native acquire high position as I.A.S OFFICER, I.P.S OFFICER OR P.C.S.  Sun in 9th house also gives success in the field of medicine and surgery.

Sun in 9th house makes a native surgeon or physician as well. The native will be hard working and may earn fame in life through their entrepreneurship. Sun in 9th house also gives talent in arts, music, poems, and writing as well as literature and novel writing.

Sun in 9th  House in Horoscope and Your Finance

The native will belong from a rich family and will himself or herself will earn a lot of money from the government and also from other sources. Native can also have their side business or temporary career apart from their regular career.

The native will earn from multiple sources and money will get multiplied if native implies honesty in their business, career, and in any other endeavors. Earning from Honest sources will double your bank balance. The native will see money and prosperity right from childhood until their last breath. The native will leave much money and wealth after their death for future generations.

Substantial wealth may also come from Government sources with the help of the government in life for a few natives. Sun in 9th house gives good assets, property and wealth be self-worth and self-earning.

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Sun in 9th House in Birth Chart – Your Education

The native will be highly educated and may obtain scholarships. The native may complete their higher education in abroad. The native will get a chance to study abroad or may join the online courses of foreign universities.

The native will be meritorious with solid academic performance and can easily pass any competitive exam. Sun in 9th house also gives awards to native in school education. The native will be a student of high intellect and sharp memory. The native will e graduate with high marks or percentage.

Sun or Surya in 9th house in D1 chartYour Health

Overall health will be fine, but there can be nerve issues or issues of bone in the middle years. Native may go through surgery at a young age due to bone fracture or dislocation. Sun in 9th house can also high blood pressure, anxiety issues, or skin infection.

But overall Sun in 9th house gives a good immune system and RBC count to fight with any disease. Native may suffer from influenza and viral fever frequently but native will have quick recovering power from any injury or illness. Sun in 9th house gives heart trouble in old age as well.

Sun in 9th house of Horoscope – Your Family Life

Father’s economic and social status will be high. Father can become popular in politics, or maybe in administrative service. Father can be a good businessman as well. Father will live long with overall good health and wealth.

The native will see prosperity at home after their birth. The native will enjoy all kinds of luxury and comfort. Sun in this house gives a peaceful harmonious atmosphere at home. Sun in this house gives wealthy relatives and cousins as well. Native’s sibling will also do well in their life. Father’s occupation in service may be under government. Although, Sun in this house does not give happy relations with Sibling.

Special effects of Sun in 9th house in Natal chart/ Astrology

Sun in this house people cordial relationships with relatives and with a business partner. Moreover, Native may even get help from spouse, business partner, in-laws in the time of emergency and need. Individuals having this placement of Sun are usually eager to find spiritual path or spiritual connection and adopt a particular philosophy in life, but they also want and urges proof for its authenticity before putting total faith into it.

There will be zeal and quest in native’s mind to find the truth about mysteries of life, life, death, existence, and much affiliation and fondness for long travel. These natives are quite respectful towards religious leaders, Gurus, and sages with the belief in the concept of the existence of God or powerful energy around us all the time. The native may lose their father at their young age but native will share a pleasing close bond with relatives and children.

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