1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 10th House Love, Marriage, Career Growth

1st-Ascendant-Lagna Lord In 10th House Love, Marriage, Career Growth

1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 10th House Love, Marriage, Career/ Profession, Growth, Authority, position, Success, Fame, Finance, in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart as per Astrology: 1st lord in 10th house makes native timid from authority and he or she becomes punctual in life. Native will be liberal but sometimes conservative as well. There will be a lot of happiness and success in the life of native. Person may enjoy early success in life through academics, sports, etc.

In this article I am going to discuss:

  1. Love Life
  2. Marriage Career
  3. Profession, Growth
  4. Authority, position
  5. Success
  6. Fame
  7. Finance
  8. Destiny/ Important Years In Life
  9. and much more


Ascendant Lord In Karma/ Dasham Bhava

You will have high-set goals and dreams in life. One will lead a very fortunate life and their desires and ambition will get fulfilled. Person will be aspiring for others. he or she will influence others in life. Native will enjoy good status in life.

General:-  Person will get quick success in career especially if Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus is in 10th house. Few people will get success after hard work when Jupiter or Saturn would be posited in 10th house. Native will be lucky in terms of growth and success in career. There will be early financial growth and prosperity in life. Some people will be strict and disciplined in life. There can be some aloofness, dullness through routine work. one may become unhappy due to boring regular life. There will be many personal, professional, and pleasurable travels in life.

To Be Noted:- The effects and results might alter a bit due to change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord along with its activation years. There are 12 Ascendant and 7 different planets for Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendant. (Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

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1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 10th House and Personality

Native will be happy go lucky in nature. He or she will be delight in friends’ circle. Few people may become boring and dull due to their workaholic nature. Some people will be extremely hardworking in life. person will be very outgoing and sometimes very introverted in nature.

You will be a very objective and goal-oriented person and passionate about your dreams and desires. You will destroy lakhs of afflictions, problems, and struggles in the pathway of your success. Person will be dedicated to their work & profession. Native’s decision will get influenced by father in a positive way. Father’s influence will be there on native.

1st Lord in 10th House Growth/ Authority/ Position/ Success

One may have more than one occupation in life. You will reach top position in your company or in your profession through hard work and support from peers, authorities, and government officials. You will acquire a high position in life after the age of 31. Your occupation and work will earn you respect, awards, rewards, and many other perks in life.

There will be good growth and success in career from the age of 25 to 35. Native will get quick promotion and quick success in work life. There will be much growth and a constant increase in pay scale in quick succession. Person will rise to position of authority and power very quickly in young age before turning 40.

1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 10th House Career/ Profession

Person may attain quick and early success in life in the fields of arts, creativity, and sports. One may become a popular sports star or artist. 1st lord in 10th house will give success in the field of acting, singing, dancing, direction, music, etc. Some may also become popular cricketers, wrestlers, footballers, shooters, runners, rugby players, basketball players, tennis players, chess players, etc. There will be success in the field of education and teaching as well. One may become a famous teacher or professor. Good success through self-employment and Independent work is indicated.

Native can also become a big administrative officer or diplomat through cracking IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. This is a good combination for getting success and big fame in the field of politics as well. Some people may win big elections back to back and may become Central Minister, Chief Minister, or even Prime Minister.

One will be an excellent diplomat and businessman as well. Some people can become business tycoons in their life. Few individuals will get success in foreign land in embassy work or in some kind of administrative work.

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1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 10th House – Fame/ Popularity

Ascendant lord in 10th house gives fame in the field of acting, painting, writing, poetry, etc. It can also make a person a famous sports star. Native may attain fame through their writing,  social media work, and as an influencer especially if Venus or Mercury has connection with 1st lord or 10th house. Few may become motivational speakers as well. 

Some people may also become big Industrialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. 1st lord in 10th house gives huge fame through politics and political success.

One may also become famous through sports or entertainment field.  Venus or Sun or 5th lord connection with 10th house gives fame through creativity, sports, and entertainment field. You may attain fame in politics through Saturn or Rahu if connected with 10th house or 1st lord.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 10th House and Your Love Life

Love life of the native will be interesting with much passion and sadness or break up as well. Native will lose their first love or childhood love. Although, he or she will be successful in their love affairs with happiness at young age. Few will be not much believers in love & romance due to their work addiction or high aspiration for career.

Romantic life of many people will be joyful, full of passion, and very eventful affair. Few people will have unfulfilled and unsatisfied love life and they would prefer to settle happily through arranged marriage.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 10th House and Marriage/ Married Life

Few people will have successful love marriage at young age. Some Individuals might get married to their colleague or boss. You may have some love affair at your workplace. Married life will be happy with bliss. Children will be bright and very attached to you. Spouse will also be multi-talented and successful in their own life.

You may get financial support from spouse side as well. There will be all-around conjugal bliss in married life. Although, one may not be able to spend much time with their spouse and children due to their work priorities.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 10th House and Your Finance

You will get financial assistance from parents and relatives till the age of 30. He or she may succeed and get financially strong from the age of 32. you will gain from investments, real estate as well as from speculation, gaming, etc. There will be windfall and economical boost with good bank balance from the age of 33. You may gain from more than one occupation or profession. There will be no scarcity of money and comfort in life. The native will enjoy all the luxuries and materialistic comfort in life. One will earn a lot from your occupation for long time.

Special effects of 1st lord in 10th house In Horoscope

If 1st lord Sun is in 10th house then it gives success in government job or high position in politics. Moon as 1st lord in 10th house gives fame and success through writing and entertainment field.

Your aspiration will be high and you will have to show struggle and patience to achieve it. Mars as 1st lord gives problems through brothers but win from legal justice system. One may become a police officer or army officer as well or work under government and lawmakers.

When Mercury is 1st lord then it gives good writing and editing skills, orator quality, and popularity in social media. 1st lord Venus gives artistic talent and success in creative field but gets success after the age of 30.

Business-related to textiles also flourishes well. Jupiter as 1st lord gives success in the teaching field, as an advisor, consultant, and as motivational speaker. if Saturn is your 1st lord then it gives success in politics and public service work. Person will be dedicated and disciplined in life.

1st Lord in 10th House and Destiny/ Important Years In Life

The important and peak time of your career will be from 25 to 48. There will be some important lucky years in your life where fortune will favor you will be as follows- 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 35, 39, 40, 42. 45 , 50, 55 etc.The peak years of your life will be from 30 to 50.

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