Pisces Personality Traits In Astrology

Pisces Horoscope In Astrology

Element is Water 

Gender is Female 

Ruler is Jupiter 

Pisces Personality Traits/ characteristics: Pisces is a watery sign, they have an intuitive & psychological ability more than any zodiac sign in astrology. A downfall of Pisces is their sensitivity & their inability to reject any other person. They don’t like rejection of any kind & they always try to treat others, the way – they like to be treated, so they cannot say “NO” to a person, for the fear of hurting their emotions & feelings. They love to help other persons in their tougher times of life or when they are in any problem, because, by making others feel-good & happy in turn, makes themselves feel-good & happy. They always want those people in their own life who can
stir their emotions & feelings, because these type of people help them to practice emotional-stability.

The inner-conflict of Pisces people are extremes-of-temperament & conflicting-emotions. They always try to pinpoint themselves, in the practical world, but on the other hand their spiritual world just clouds their vision, they try to avoid any kind of conflicting situation instead of, confronting it. The Eternal struggle of Pisces is to be the master to use their own powers & their imagination in a productive & positive way & trying to achieve
emotional stability.

The personality of Pisces people are very hard to understand, it is very much mysterious & elusive. Pisces are always moulded by their surrounding impacts; they consolidate their experiences & surroundings, into themselves. They have kind of extreme compassion & they feel the pain of others. If something wrong is happening in the world, that affects them a lot deeply, they just take that to their heart & feel extreme feelings, regarding the matter. When they’re happy, they’re extremely happy, a kind of happiness that overwhelmed them but when they’re sad, they become extremely depressed. 

Pisces people are more reserved, in their approaches in love and romance in comparison to Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces are the 12th house & the last sign/Rashi of natural zodiac. The 12th house always shows your inner self, hidden-talents, dream-world, expatriate, isolation, the other dimensions & special physic connection. As this sign is controlled by Jupiter, Pisces are just more about the spiritual-sphere, than the romantic one.  Pisces people have their own world and they live in that world most-of the-time. 

They don’t love to be bothered at all, because, it disturbs them in their cosmic-connection with thyself. They come-off, as someone who is very much reserved in love & romance, but they’re actually not, they simply need space for themselves most of the time. In order to function properly for Pisces people , they need to, spend more time all alone. 

Pisces people have the ability to be a good astrologer, reiki-healers, spiritual-healers, physics-reader,  pranic-healers, or any kind of spiritual- guru or a yoga master. Pisces people do not love to, being in the realistic or practical world. 

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