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moon & education in astrology

Moon & Education In astrology

Education Prediction Through Astrology

Moon represents food, dairy products, and the study will be related to that. Food products studies such as bakery, catering, hotel-management etc. Cloths related fields are also govern by Moon. 

Moon is the the significator for min, thus it denotes subjects related to psychology, psychoanalysis or any kind of subjects which is related to mind.

Moon is watery planet and thus indicates knowledge, related with water, like liquor, laundry, ship, pearl, ship and other sea related products, it also represents the studies related to agriculture.

Moon also represents Mass or Public and thus any public related studies attract
them a lot. It is also “karaka” of Mind, therefore indicates Humour(Cartoonist)
and Poetry. Moon represents motherly behavior and hence is very much caring. All this type of fields where caring is must are indicated by it, such as house-keeping, nurse, baby-sitting etc. which is related to caring is governed by Moon.

Moon also indicates Social-Service & Bureaucracy.  

Jaimini Sutras Says: 

If Moon is placed in 1st or 5th house, it can give knowledge related to “Yoga” & “Philosophy” or it can make someone a good singer and author.

Education Horoscope In Astrology

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