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sun & Education astrology

Sun & Education In Astrology

Education Astrology Prediction:

Education Astrology & Sun: Sun represents Knowledge of Gita & Vedanta. This planet let you Incline towards “political science” & its related subjects. 

The Sun represents knowledge of supremacy & therefore can give you the highest degree of knowledge, because it is the source of all knowledges.

Sun is the “Karaka” of Vitality and thus it will give you the knowledge related or linked to this thing, it may be Medicine etc. 

Sun is like a leader, it controls all planets by its own power thus all planets move around the Sun, thus Sun gives diplomacy and leadership quality and related studies. 

Sun governs gold among metals and thus it can give the knowledge of gold jewelry. Sun also represents “fire”, and it can be relate to fire-of-tapas,  thus it can give interest in the field of meditation and related studies. 

As sun Governs Rhythm, it can give the knowledge of Music & Instrument and related studies.

 Jaimini Sutras Says:

1.Sun in his own amsa(swaamsa) makes a person as government or political worker minded and very good at any kind of social service.

2. If the Sun is placed in the 1st house or 5th house, it can give knowledge of Vedanta, Vada & Bhagawat Gita. 

3. Maharshi Parasara says that, Sun in 5th house gives, knowledge of Vedanta and music.


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