Career – Job – Business Line In Palmistry

career job or business line in palmistry

Career Prediction In Palmistry / Job  Business Line In Palmistry: When we talk about careers, we actually talk about many things, like Money, fame, higher positions and so on. If you want to know about your career through Vedic Astrology you need to have correct birth data – birthdate, place and time. If any part of the data is incorrect so the prediction won’t match. Is your birth data correct? If yes, go ahead with Vedic Astrological theories, if no, especially if the birth time is not correct you doubt, so no need to worry, there is a procedure in Vedic Astrology to rectify your birth time that process is called “Birth Time Rectification” or BTR.

Career – Job – Business Line In Palmistry

But, BTR only can solve your birth time problem and if the time difference is not more than 1 hour. But, beyond that? If your full birth data is wrong or you doubt? Then what to do? Here we need to take the help of palmistry. A few days back a 40-year-old lady contacted me from Australia and was asking for a consultation, but the only problem she said, that she was not sure about her year of birth, I suggested her to take a palmistry consultation. In conclusion, if you do not have correct birth data or if you want to double sure about what your destiny is saying, then I will welcome you to the world of Palmistry.

Today we will focus on how to know career through palmistry.

I will only mention those points, that I found to be true in my practice life. Always remember theories are worthless if that doesn’t match with practical events.

 Which Hand To Read In Palmistry

Which Hand To Read In Palmistry

For Male & Female Both:

Now this question is a little bit controversial. Because many people believe that in the case of men right hand should be seen and in case of women the left hand. But, I have seen practically, that whether it is man or woman doesn’t matter, left and right both hands are equally important for both of them. If I say more clearly so it would be like – left hand represents what already has been carried forward from your past life and you have got from your ancestors (the qualities you had been given at birth), But on the other hand, the right hand should be taken as the active hand as if you are the master of your own destiny, the shape you are giving to your life (dominant hand what becomes of those qualities you had been given at birth). If I say it In short and more easily  – For right-handed people, those who are earning their own living should use their right hand and dependents should use their left hand for prediction. For left-handed people just the reverse. In most of cases, you will always judge both hands to get more detail and clear picture. The left hand or passive hand tells us the root cause of every incident of our life, whereas right-hand shows the present situation and which shape our life is going to take in the near future.

Fingers & How To Know Career Through Palmistry:

Index Finger In Palmistry Or Jupiter Mount In Palmistry & Career

Index Finger In Palmistry Or  Jupiter Mount In Palmistry & Career: This finger is known as the Jupiter’s finger. Just below the area of this finger is called the “mount of Jupiter”. In Vedic Palmistry we call it “Brihaspati Parvat”. It deals with a person’s recognition in society and how he acts with others. The socialization also partly depends on the Mercury mount, but the Jupiter mount is the dominant factor as far as the recognition in the society is concern. This mount controls your sense of idealism, the strength of power management and makes you respected among others.

Jupiter’s finger represents the guidance of any kind, & how ambitious a person would be. It shows the direction of our life, you can say the purpose & destination of our life – in which direction it is taking us to!

If this finger is very short it shows the lack of confidence, social status & a directionless life. They do not know where they are going. In one word they are auto directed people with very low self-esteem.

A good bouncing and well-developed Jupiter mount mean – the person has high self-esteem, can be a good motivator and advisor of any kind. A long Jupiter finger denotes an inherent leadership quality. If Jupiter’s finger height is bigger than the ring finger, that considers as a long Jupiter finger, if both fingers are the same in height so that is also a very good sign. The finger gives the power to this mount. Is your finger shorter than the ring finger? Feeling bad?

No worries at all, because a small or big cross on the Jupiter mount can give you the same result as a longer finger gives. But, is the Jupiter section too strong on the palm? so the person will be very egoistic and will always try to control others. Too much of anything is bad.


Cross on the mount of Jupiter in palmistry: It indicates that they are very good at teaching and guiding others, this is a very good sign for the teaching profession. But, it is not necessary that who has this sign everybody will become a teacher. But yes they will be in some kind of profession where giving advice is the main part. Jupiter mount also represents – software consultants, career consultants, Astrologers, Tax consultants, etc.

Even a cross can indicate that a person can go to a higher degree, like an MBA, etc. Now, which stream should be good for him, it is simply depending upon other factors of the palm, but here I can mention that Jupiter represents the “Finance” sector (education). In this case, Mercury should be in a little bit in the supportive mode.

Double or more crosses strengthen the above-mentioned results.

The triangle on mount of Jupiter in palmistry: It indicates that the person is a little bit diplomatic and also very good at managing a large number of people. I have seen this sign on the palm of managers of reputed organizations, CEOs, etc. It could be any kind of post, but when a question of managing a large number of people will come, then this mount should be prominent with a clear up facing triangle. A down-facing triangle will also take you to the higher post but you won’t be able to stay there for a long period of time. It will make you infamous in the result. Here down facing means, the movement of triangle lines is towards lifeline or headline.

A strong Jupiter mount means the person should always go to those fields where the leadership quality is required.

If the index finger is longer than the ring finger (Sun) so it also shows the leadership or people managing quality.

People with crooked Jupiter finger will be devoid of all good qualities mentioned above but will still be full of ego.

Jupiter represents Status. A stronger Jupiter mount always shows that a person will try to lead a life of high status, you may think money brings status, so he must be money-minded, but here the situation is a little bit different, these type of people can lend money also just to show his/her status. You can say it is somewhat a show-off mentality. Venus gives money mindedness. Venus dominant people are very much concerned about their bank balance than all these types of showing off habits.

Mount of Jupiter In Palmistry Represents Priest, religious institutions, teachers, professors, research work of any kind, advisors, business in insurance or insurance agent, etc.

Mount Of Sun In Palmistry Or Ring Finger In Palmistry & Career - AstroSanhita

Mount Of Sun In Palmistry

Career – Job Or Business Line In Palmistry

Ring Finger In Palmistry & Career: Ring finger is known as the finger of Sun or Apollo and the place below the finger is called “mount of Sun” or “Surya Partvat”. As far as profession is concern this mount represents creative fields. Artists, actors-actress, a career in fashion designing industry, interior decoration or any designing sector, could be website designing also, etc.. are some examples of them. In the case of a career in the film industry, Venus mount will play an important role. If any line is coming from any part of the palm and ending at sun’s mount or moving towards Sun mount that line will be called SunLine, this line is also called the line of fame & success.

A strong Sun mount and line represents the sense of beauty and art. It represents a career in music, writing and all sort of creative arts.

A long, straight and slightly fleshy ring finger denotes the same I mentioned above. Here long means longer than the index finger and equals the middle finger. More the finger longer more sense of creativity would be there in the person. If the finger is the same in height of Saturn’s finger (middle) – it considers being best as far as a career in the creative world is a concern.

Longer ring finger means the person should go to that career where he/she will get a full chance to create something new or will be able to apply his/her strong and rich creative sense. They should also be open to society to represent their talent in a wider sense.

If the Sunline meets fate line – at that particular age the person will start gaining popularity.

Moon mount is the representation of “Mass” – popularity among general people. If Sun line is starting from Moon mount or any strong sister line is joining Sunline with Moon mount so the person will be able to make career in politics, public figure as singer, actor, etc. with this if also Sun’s finger is longer than Jupiter’s finger so the person should go to acting field.

Just above the moon mount and below the Mercury mount (in between the headline and heart line) place is called the mount of Passive Mars. If the Sunline starts from here or any sister line joins with it so he will go to a very high post in the police, military or any department of defense, especially armed force, bomb squad, etc. Here one thing should keep in mind that in the case of the “Air-Force” combination of Saturn and Jupiter will come into the picture, and Moon will bring the possibility in the Navy.

Triangle in SunLine brings international contacts in one’s life. More triangle more international contacts & fame. Especially, if these triangles are connected with Headline or Heartline as well. The headline crossing point represents age around 35 to 36 and the Heartline crossing point represents 54 to 55 of age.

Sun Mount In Palmistry Represents Artists of any kind, singing, and dancing, high position in any organization or rise high in business.

Middle Finger In Palmistry

 Career – Job Or Business Line In Palmistry


Mount Of Saturn In Palmistry  Palmistry Fate Line Career: Now let’s discuss the middle finger, this finger is called the finger of Saturn. To understand this finger’s importance in palmistry, we need to know the basic characteristic of Saturn.

Saturn is a planet of hard-work, discipline, this is the planet of responsibilities, honesty, practicality, etc. So if this finger is really dominating in any palm (here domination means if the finger is extremely longer than other two Sun’s and Jupiter’s finger – if the length goes beyond approximate a quarter inch than the two) so all Saturnine significations will be applied – especially what I have mentioned just now. But, unlike other fingers, if this is extremely long so the person will go through a lot of hardships throughout his/her whole life. Too much of anything is not good.  He/she will have a lot of health issues too.

Always remember Saturn is the significator of 8th house in astrology, so which part of your life Saturn will dominate will take through suffering. Sometimes suffering comes in the form of learning some lessons. Actually it always wants to show you the practical part of life and shows you the lack where you should work on to improve. That’s the reason they get it very hard to achieve any kind of success in life. If the Fate line is good then these types of people get success but after long hardships. Saturn rules the old age or later age in life. So Saturn dominated people always start getting success after 35 – 38, and it improves as he/she gets older.

To know what type of work a person can be expert at, you need to know their hard-working characteristics.

If a person’s middle finger is leaned towards hand (opposite to palm) so the person will be superstitious and always wait for somebody to make his work done. Their decisions always fluctuate. These kinds of people should not be at a responsible work profile if they are, so it will be a mess.

If the middle finger is lean towards the ring finger, it makes the person very energetic. If the Sunline is ok, so they become very famous in their field of work, because they know how to start a job and how to finish it. If Jupiter’s finger is also strong so they will have the ability to lead a large number of people. This combination gives quality to become a successful entrepreneur.

Now let’s concentrate on the fingertips.

fingers astrosanhita palmistry-compressed

A canonical fingertip denotes that the person has very active imagination & reasoning quality and will be suited for those professions where these qualities are required.

Whereas a Spatula fingertip indicates lower level stuff or a clerk only, because they do not have their own conception to apply, they only know to carry out the order given by higher authorities. They do not have the quality to understand the difference between good and bad. They are reluctant to use their brain on anything without what they are really passionate about.

If anybody’s middle fingertip is pointed, so they are very prone to affect by some unknown source. They always stay in a fearful mental stage. If something happens they are the first to react. They are also very sensitive to supernatural powers.

The oval shape finger will give a prudent characteristic, they do any work with a lot of care and very much aware of the future outcome. These types of people are very religious too. They will be well suited for where financial responsibilities are there, like an accountant if Jupiter is also supporting so – the head of the accounts department, etc.

The result I have mentioned above may vary due to the impact of the “shape of fingers” on an individual. To know about that you can read another article – Fingers In Palmistry – In Shape.

Long Saturn Finger: If the Saturn finger is longer than the normal than Sun’s (ring) and Jupiter’s (index) finger and both of them (ring & index finger) are in the same length – squire, vertical lines or triangle are there in Saturn’s mount – on the other hand, fate line is also reaching the Saturn’s mount, so you should understand that your career path is controlled by Saturn.

Saturn is the planet of stability & responsibility more than status. It doesn’t like variety in work (as long as mercury is not impacting). You should not go to those working fields where the working pattern changes on daily or short term basis.

Saturn makes a person very straight forward in their approach, what they say, they say in the upfront. It makes them very honest too. If it is a job they should be always suited for administrative jobs, HR jobs. Sometimes they become very much perfectionist and also misunderstood by people around them. They should not take any public relationship job at all if Mercury & Moon is not supporting to do so.

In the case of business, these kinds of people should go to land business, agriculture-related business, iron-related business, etc. where long term, patience, and stability are required.

Saturn also represents a good judge of a court.

Fate line Palmistry & Career:

Fate line Palmistry & Career - astrosanhita

Read this article to know about the fate line in palmistry and its characteristics. Here I will only discuss the career part of the fate line.

Fate line on right hand: If fate or destiny line only appears on the right palm that means the person will achieve success in life on his own credibility, they are also called self-made people. They make their own way and achieve their target or goal. With this, if Saturn mount or finger is also strong so the person will achieve all those after a lot of hard work.

Fate line on the left hand: If that is only present in the left hand, so the person, may get a lot of opportunities easily, but he/she will not be interested at all to apply those practices. Here other parameters of a hand should be judged. The native may have a fully different objective in life to achieve, what doesn’t match with our day to day life, or he/she can be a lazy or auto directed person.

Career Development in the later age: when the fate line touches the headline, that point represents 34 to 35 years of age. From headline to heart line this middle point represents 36 to 55 and when it crosses the heart line that age is above 54 to 55, in case of career, especially in jobs, it is the age of retirement. From this age division, we easily can find out whether our retirement will be a peaceful experience or not.

If the fate line starts middle palm portion of the palm so the person starts his career (improvement sometimes) in later ages, here from 30 years of age. If it ends at the headline and again starts from another side of the headline (split – here it is not a straight fate line), it means the person will change his career path after 35 years of age. Now what type of career path it could be that will depend on some other factors of hand. The same applies to the heart line too.

If the fate line starts from headline so you need to understand that it has given birth to a blessed businessman. Then the fate line will work as a business line. Generally, the business line can start from anywhere in the palm but its destination should be towards Mercury mount. Somebody also calls it a health line. But in my experience, I have seen that the health line and business line is different. Though the destination of both lines is the same if you calculate ages properly so you will find that two lines are giving totally different results at the same age. I will discuss this line later in detail. Let’s concentrate on today’s subject. These types of fate lines do give results after the age of 35. The person may have a strong desire to become a good businessman, but as long as his/her 35 age is not coming to the dream would not become true at all. This If Jupiter mount is also very strong and active, a healthy Headline is heading towards Mars (passive – under Mercury), it denotes an excellent education record, which will help the native to become a business tycoon (Positivity of Mercury & Sun should be there).

If the fate line starts from Moon mount it denotes any career connected to mass. Actually, the moon represents mass. With this, if Jupiter’s finger is longer than Sun’s finger with a healthy mount and also the little finger has reached or crossed the first phalange of ring finger so the person will prosper in politics.

I have seen on some astrologers, advocates, public figures palm this type of connection is present. If there is any impact of the Moon on the fate line so the person will earn through public related jobs or business. But in the case of astrologers. Palmist or any occult-related profession Saturn mount and finger should prominent (especially vertical lines).

Active Mars & Passive Mars - astrosanhita

Any upwards branch from fate line indicates dual income. Especially if the fate line starts from life line, For example, some people do jobs and business at the same time and later they may leave the job or may continue with the job. Whether the person will continue with the job or not depends on other factors of the palm but the upwards line definitely indicates towards dual income. If the fate line is starting from any other part of the palm (not from the head and lifeline) so that indicates a promotion in a job or sudden rise in income somehow. If many up facing lines are there on active Mars mount (under Jupiter mount and inside lifeline) towards Jupiter, and Jupiter mount is also healthy, so at that age, sudden gain of wealth is indicated.

Saturn Mount In Palmistry Represents Astrologers, any occult-related fields, business related to real estate, coal mines, iron, any kind of contractors (especially building), agencies (NGO), oil-related business, etc.

Mercury Finger In Palmistry & Career:

mount of mercury - astrosanhita


Little finger in Palmistry represents Mercury’s characteristics. This finger is also called “The finger of commerce or business”. A combination of good Jupiter’s finger and Mercury’s finger can give a person powerful contacts. However, If the Mercury’s finger is crooked so the person can abuse or misuse his/her powerful connections. A long little finger represents a witty characteristic, whereas a short little finger can make a person less confident with a lack of decision-making power. The native suffers from indecisiveness. This finger should be long and straight to get the good result out of it.

A pointed tip little finger represents a tactful, and diplomatic person. It gives very good communication power. If the tip is squared in shape so it denotes expertise in teaching fields and business too, if Jupiter is also well developed so, the business will be related to teaching. It can be any institution related business etc.

This finger actually deals with communication. The longer the finger the person would be that much good communicator. Here the quality of communication is the main factor. Generally, I have seen many reputed and successful lawyers, politicians, public speakers, motivators, etc. they have a long and straight little finger. Always take the first phalange of the ring finger to measure the height of this finger, below the first phalange, it considered to be short and above will be considered as long.

If this finger is long, the headline is straight – heading towards passive Mars – and heart line has gone in between Saturn and Jupiter’s mount – they always should go to business. Should be remembered – Saturn represents practicality and Jupiter denotes idealism. In business, Saturn’s effect is needed more than Jupiter’s.

vertical lines on mercury mount2

If many vertical lines are present on Mercury mount just at the ending of the third phalange this indication represents “Healing power” in a person and if fate line is also starting from Moon mount so they will like to work for others like to stay with mass, it can indicate Doctors. If you want to be a doctor and you do not have these signs so do not think that you cannot become a doctor. This is just one combination among many others that represents the profession in the medical field. But, vertical lines in Mercury mount, this is really very good indication if you are a doctor. It means that you have an inherent quality to heal people. These types of people can solve many critical cases.

These type of lines also indicate a special psychic power what can be used by the native to heal people. I have seen these types of lines on many reiki healing professional’s hands.

If mercury mount is healthy or well developed and maximum lines are starting from or connected to Moon mount or towards Moon mount. For example fate line, headline, etc. (heart line also connects through its own branch), so the person should go to the writing field. He/she can really be a good writer. The moon mount also should be good.

Mount Of Mercury In Palmistry Represents Mathematicians or mathematics teacher, Charter accountant or costing, stockbroker, printing or publishing business, News media, auditing professionals, etc.

Career Prediction In Palmistry / Career Line In Palmistry

Career Prediction In Palmistry - astrosanhita

Some other factors to know Talents and career in palmistry

1.If Venus mount (the area between the thumb and lifeline) is well developed so it represents sports and nature-loving people. So, if any palm is really dominated by Venus – he/she should go to career-related to these fields. Sometimes well-developed Venus also represents a career in the creative fields like glamour world, film industry, etc. but in those cases, Sun and Moon should be strong. Venus also denotes a career in a financial organization like banks etc.

2. A Mars dominant palm represents career related to defense, like – military, police and other defense-related sectors.

3. If the headline is heading towards Mercury mount so the person will be calculative and business-oriented. More towards the Moon means more towards creativity.

Career - Job Or Business Line In Palmistry

4. Squire, triangles in the mount will increase the strength of that mount.

5. If an upward line is starting from lifeline and ends at Jupiter mount, it indicates a career in writing. With this, if the middle finger is also long so the career in the jurisdiction is indicated, like a lawyer, judge, etc. If this line ends at a squire or cross so the person will go to teaching or any advisory field.

6. If any line starts with a lifeline and goes to Passive Mars so it indicates career related to – land business, the business of medicines or chemist and druggist, etc.

Many other indications are also there to see career through palmistry, but I have to end this article here. In my future articles I will discuss more this in detail, do not forget to share your knowledge in the comment box below.

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  1. M C Pathak says:

    Namskar Dr Shankar. I am Pathak & my DOB /TOB / POB is 10.09.1969 / 5.17pm / New Delhi. Got a square Hand with over developed Jupiter Mount with a square on it and an extension from life line is moving till end of mount; though jupiter finger is shorter than ring finger. Two lines (luck line) start from Moon mount towards saturn. Both merges in diminishing sun line with a iceland at heart line. Have Good mount of moon & mars. I have been on foreign job for 13 years (2004 june to July 2017), after birth of my twins & after a long job struggle between 2000 Apr till 2002. Married on Apr 2003 & immediate struggle for some time. I am wearing a Gomedh stone since one & half year, though i did not find any great benefit after wearing it, other than getting a job in Delhi on 1st Nov 2017. These are my details.

    Now question :
    At present, in India, after Apr 2019 i once again facing job issue suddenly & it continuing. Considering my good sales & Mkt exposure to abroad, i am planning to again try job outside & there are some of opening found, but still only enqyiry happens and matter not moving further.
    Can I get a good foreign job soon & if so what should I do ? Please suggest.

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