Mars & Education In Astrology

Mars & Education In Astrology

Education Horoscope Prediction

Education Horoscope: Mars represents engineering related fields of studies. Mars in nature a “kshatriya” & a fiery planet. It gives logical & analytical power, due to this quality it has the ability to convert a big complex-problem into many simple and smaller parts to find out the exact solution. As it is a fiery planet & “kshatriya” also indicates studies related to defence, fire and other feats of valour etc. Mars also rules the land & metal, & hence gives, the knowledge related to metallurgy, building construction, mineral, etc. 

Mars also indicates knowledge of Astrology if it joins with Jupiter or Guru, this is called “Guru-Mangala Yoga” in Vedic astrology, this is very auspicious Yoga in Vedic astrology which can give highest knowledge on astrology, because both the planets  represent – intuition & logical reasoning.

Jaimini Sutras Says:

1. If Mars is in “Swamsa”, so it can give expertise arms & warfare and matters related to fire.

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2. If Mars is in 1st or 5th house so it can make a “logician”. 

3.Maharshi Parasara says, Mars in 1st or 5th house gives the knowledge of legal & jurisprudence.


Education Horoscope In Astrology

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