Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies


Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies: For some months I have been continuously getting some common questions through e-mail. Some of them are on the Marital issue, some of them are on Business or Career issue, and one is so common that made me write this article. Questions are increasing day by day on “Debt”. Those questions are of various types, but the focus area is “Debt“. It is not possible to mentions all e-mail over here, but just to make you understand that what type of questions I am getting, below are some of them:   

1.  Name: Ms. D. S. (kept the name secret due to her personal reason)

I am under too much huge financial debt and bankrupt with too many people chasing me for money which I am unable to repay as have currently no work at all….pls advise when and how will I be able to repay each one and be at peace. Thanks and kind regards.

From – Bareilly, UP, India. 

2. Name: Jagpreet Singh   

When will I be successful in my business and be able to repay all my loans?  

From – New Delhi, India   

Many are there. The situation could be different for each person, but the issue is very genuine and more than enough to make anybody puzzle. Now the question is – Is it possible to find out indications from somebody’s horoscope that – whether he/she will be in debt or not in future ? The answer is “yes”. Today I am going to discuss on that matter only, and also will be analyzing how to find out the indications of coming out of these Kind of odd situations or repaying the loan. At last the remedies. This article will not only help those who are already in debt but those also who are going to be in debt.

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Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies In Astrology

(debt in Vedic astrology)


Planets Responsible For Debt:  

In a case of debt Mars is alone enough to put you in tension. Rahu will make the situation more critical and ultimately Saturn will make the situation more miserable and frustrating. Let’s judge each of them separately:   

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Mars & debt in horoscope:

Mars is the main culprit you can say in these type of cases. Mars indicates – Bravery, passion & confidence within you. If this planet is somehow connected with dusthana houses (6th, 8th 12th) so it gives overconfidence, the native loses the ability to differentiate between bravery and foolishness and lastly loose control over his/her own emotion and become emotional fool sometimes and takes wrong step immediately without thinking twice. For all these – sometimes in life, they fall into some odd situations and repent for their own wrong deed later. In a horoscope, if Mars is the only planet who is indicating towards “debt” so, above negative sides of the native would be responsible for that.  

Saturn & debt in horoscope:

Saturn is the planet for misery, frustrations. This is the planet who keeps a problem alive in one’s life for a long period of time. If Saturn somehow is connected with the “debt” giving yoga or  combination, so it will keep the native in debt for a long period of time and will bring frustration and misery in a result.   

Rahu & debt in astrology:

This planet is the most mysterious planet in Astrology. It creates illusion and attachment. Rahu also gives positive results – that depends on the position and association of Rahu in horo the cope.  Here I am talking only about “debt”. So it must be in negative position. A positive Rahu will never put you in debt at all. To know more about Rahu read my another article – effects of rahu in astrology – a mysterious planet. If a Negative Rahu is connected with “debt” giving combination in birth chart, so it will make many problems related to debt. Like – legal harassment, harassment from people associated with illegal activities etc. In one word Rahu will make the situation more complex. Even it can make somebody bankrupt also, if the 8th house is involved.   

Houses Responsible For Debt:

The main “debt” giving house is 6th house, but 11th the and 12th house also play important role in this matter. This goes in this way – 6th house represents debt, 11th house is your earning capability and 12th house deals with your expenditure. So, you can easily understand that – these three houses are interconnected with each other to put you in “debt”. How:  

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Find Debt Indications In Your Horoscope:

1. If Mars is in 6th house and afflicted by any malefic planet or Mars itself is the owner of any malefic house so it will definitely put you in debt. Saturn and Rahu connection with this kind of yoga will make the situation more miserable and complex as I have mentioned above.

2. If the first house lord is in the 6th house and afflicted Mars is also associated with that so that will put you in debt. Sometimes aspects of 6th house lord also bring debt.

3. Afflicted Mars in the 6th house and 8th house association with that can make one bankrupt.

4. If somehow the 11th house is also involved with this yoga so income of the native will be affected and “repay” will be more difficult.

5. 12th house association will compel the native to spend more awkwardly and will make the native more puzzle. These kind of yogas can lead to bankrupts too.   

Combinations In Horoscope To Save You From Debt:

1. The situation could be under control if strong Jupiter or Venus is connected with above mentioned yogas. In connections – aspects and conjunctions will be counted only, but remember, If Jupiter and Rahu both are there in the same Sign/Rashi, so the Jupiter won’t be able give to that much good result. Aspect of a strong Lagna lord is also very auspicious in these type of cases.

2. If the ninth lord in the horoscope is very strong, so the native will somehow come out of these types of odd situations.

3. Finally the strong 11th house will save the native by raising his income level. 

Remedies For Debt:
(astrological remedies to get rid of debts)

1. One very simple remedy I can tell you that is – to read “Hanuman Challisa”. Read everyday at least once daily. If you can read twice that would be more good. Start reading “Hanuman Challisa” from Tuesday of any weak of “Krishna Paksha”. To get very quick result keep “Brahmacharya Bratam”. This is very a effective procedure and has been tested on many people successfully. One thing you have to keep in mind while reading that – your full concentration should be on reading not elsewhere. 

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2. This procedure is of little bit advance level. This “sadhana” is called “Chakra Sadhana”. Find out the main responsible planet for debt and then activate that “Chakra” which is represented by that planet. If you want to choose this procedure, you can tell me, I will definitely help you by giving information. Always remember – “Chakra Sadhna” should be done under supervision of an experienced person, otherwise it may be harmful for you. Some people think that – only concentration on “Chakra” or “Energy centers” are enough to activate those. This is partly true. Mental concentration is just one part of the whole procedure but only concentration will not give you desired result. Because the fact is – How much mental power it needs to be activated that much power your mind won’t get as long as it is not passing through some other “Krya Yogas” or procedures. 

3. Lastly I will recommend Gemstones. Remember, by wearing gemstones you give strength to the particular planet. So, do not wear gemstones of those planets who are responsible for putting you in debt, according to your horoscope. Wear the gemstone of that planet what can save you from these kind of situations. Try to find out those related planets from your horoscope.

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11 thoughts on “Debt In Horoscope – An Analysis & Remedies

  1. Raajive says:

    I am Raajive Bhatia from Delhi. My D.O.B. is 22/02/1960 Time 12.30p.m (Day time) Place New Delhi.

    my whole life has been zig zag sometimes 2 steps ahead then 4 steps back, the 4 steps ahead 2 steps back.
    Have earned lot of money but money i could never save.
    for last ten years i am going down n down in all sphears of life.
    lots of Debts , tentions 24×7, no happiness, no relation,

    if you can advise
    Please tell me your advise fees also.


  2. Srikant Sharma says:

    Respected Shankar Jee, My DOB 30 Sep 1973 after noon 2:10 in chhapra Bihar. I am presently residing in kolkata. Pandit jee i am heavily loaded with debt of various source. My expense is going much higher than my income as a result loosing mental peace. I can explain this to anyone. When trying to say about this to friend and family including my wife, no one trust me.

    Please guide me path.

  3. Silpa nath says:

    Hello Shankarjee, i am silpa nath , my dob is 24/10/1990 time 10:30 am place golaghat ,assam. Sir i am in debt and its increasing day by day so i would request you to recommend me a gemstone or any remedy to get rid of it soon.

  4. vijay sukhwal says:

    Dear Shanker ji
    My DOB is 25/02/1973/10:15 P.M. Udaipur. I am in business but now I have huge debt and my business is also not running good or in worse situation.I am losing everything.

  5. RAJIV says:

    My date of birth is 24 Oct 1984 and getting indulges indents in this month birth place is Delhi.

    Kindly let me know if the situation will be in control what remedies needs to be done

  6. Swadip Ramchiary says:

    Sir i am Swadip Ramchiary and facing huge debt and trouble with wife. DOB:5/8/1984. Time: 12:34:am. Place: khatalpara.Assam. not getting good job and loss in share market. Please give solution. Thank you.

  7. Shridhar Rawal says:

    Hello Dr Sankar , my date of birth is 24-11-1982 8.19 a.m and place of birth is Ahmedabad ,Gujarat . I live in Melbourne, Australia . I have a lot of unsolicited debt at the moment . And situation is not getting any better . Which gem stones would you recommend for my situation particularly. It would be great if you can suggest something effective Thanks and regards. Sridhar.

  8. Nikhil says:

    Dear sankarji my DOB 23/10/1976 time 6.35 am place of birth Delhi I am presently residing in South Africa for the past 16 years , I am in the metal recycling industry and am incurring huge debt and am not making any profits . I have managed to establish a huge business but am in huge debt and presently it has become very difficult for me . Please assist and advise what is the problem and how can I resolve and pay my debts and increase my business .

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