Rahu and Education/ Exams Influences In Astrology With Remedy

Rahu And Education Exams Influences In Astrology With Remedy

Rahu and Education/ Exams Influences In Astrology With Remedy, as per your Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli: Astrology, a fascinating and age-old science, holds that the positions and movements of celestial bodies can profoundly impact our lives, shaping our personalities, decisions, and even our educational choices. Among these celestial influences, Rahu, the north lunar node, occupies a significant place.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is often associated with ambition, desires, and worldly pursuits. It is believed that Rahu’s placement in an individual’s birth chart can influence their preferences and inclinations when it comes to education and career paths. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing realm of Rahu’s influence on the choice of subjects or streams in education.

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Understanding Rahu’s Astrological Significance:

Rahu is considered a shadow planet in astrology, and it is often depicted as a head without a body, signifying a never-ending quest. It represents our material desires, obsessions, and cravings. Rahu’s energy is intense and relentless, urging us to explore uncharted territories and seek recognition in the external world.

Rahu gives knowledge of Big-Machines, making Big-bombs like atomic & nuclear-bombs etc., and abstract mathematician. Rahu indicates crime of all types.

What Maharshi Parashara Says about Ketu and Education:

Maharshi Parashara, a revered ancient sage and the author of the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, one of the foundational texts of Vedic astrology, provides insights into the influence of Rahu on education through his astrological teachings. In this text, he discusses the impact of various planets, including Rahu, on different aspects of life, including education. Here are some key points from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra related to Rahu and education:

  1. Rahu’s Association with Education: Parashara mentions that Rahu is considered a natural malefic planet, and its influence on the 4th and 5th houses in a birth chart can affect one’s education. The 4th house represents primary education, and the 5th house represents higher education and intellect.
  2. Disturbance in Education: Rahu’s presence or influence in these houses can sometimes create disturbances or unconventional experiences in the educational journey. It may lead to a desire for unorthodox subjects or unconventional methods of learning.
  3. Obsession with Knowledge: Rahu’s influence can also make an individual overly ambitious or obsessed with acquiring knowledge. This may lead to a relentless pursuit of education, sometimes to the detriment of other life aspects.
  4. Innovative Thinking and Influences on Education: On the positive side, Rahu’s influence can stimulate innovative and out-of-the-box thinking, which can be beneficial for certain fields of study that require creativity and originality.
  5. Tendency to Break with Tradition: Rahu is associated with breaking with tradition, and individuals with strong Rahu influences may be drawn to fields of study or research that challenge conventional wisdom or explore new frontiers.
  6. Karmic Influences: As with all planets in Vedic astrology, Rahu’s influence is also viewed from a karmic perspective. It may indicate karmic lessons related to education that an individual needs to learn or address in their current lifetime.

What Maharshi Jamini Talks About Rahu and Education:

Maharshi Jaimini was another ancient sage in the field of Vedic astrology who contributed to the Jaimini Sutras, a significant astrological text. While Jaimini’s work primarily focuses on the use of special aspects called “Karaka Drishti” and various timing techniques, his teachings indirectly address the influence of Rahu on education. Here are some general points that can be inferred from Jaimini’s principles regarding Rahu and education:

Translated Quotes from Jaimini Sutras:

  • If Rahu is in “Swamsa” it produces – bowman, or thief. He will earn by – dacoity or by cheating, or he will have the knowledge how to handle very poisonous & dangerous chemicals & medicines etc., or  can be expert in metals or manufacturing activities.
  • “Maharishi Jaimini” says, Rahu indicates research studies of any kind & mathematics. Rahu gives knowledge of big machines & their manufacture or trade. The knowledge of Business related to big bombs like atomic & nuclear bombs etc., are also signified by Rahu. 
  • It also indicates study related to Import business, leather goods, secret societies, mining, wealth and minerals extracted, from below the – ground. It also indicates “poisonous substances” including drugs, etc.

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Now Let’s Dive into further details of Jaimini Astrology and Education

In Jaimini astrology, the influence of Rahu on education is primarily seen through the placement of Rahu in specific signs and houses of the birth chart. Here are some key points from Jaimini’s teachings regarding Rahu’s impact on education:

  1. Rahu’s Sign Placement and Education in Astrology: In Jaimini astrology, Rahu’s placement in different signs can reveal certain tendencies related to education. For instance, if Rahu is placed in a sign associated with innovation and technology, it may indicate an interest in subjects related to science, technology, or modern advancements.
    • Innovation and Technology: Rahu in air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may indicate an affinity for innovative fields and modern technology. Individuals with this placement may be drawn to subjects related to science, information technology, or cutting-edge advancements.
    • Creative and Artistic Pursuits: Rahu in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can stimulate creativity and imagination. Those with this placement may have an interest in artistic and creative fields such as fine arts, music, literature, or performing arts.
    • Practical and Earthy Subjects: Rahu in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) may manifest as a preference for practical and grounded subjects. Individuals might lean towards fields such as business, finance, economics, or agriculture.
    • Action-Oriented and Dynamic: Rahu in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) often indicates a dynamic and action-oriented approach to education. These individuals may excel in subjects that require leadership, motivation, and assertiveness, such as sports, entrepreneurship, or leadership studies.
  1. Rahu’s House Placement and influence on Education: The house where Rahu is located can provide insights into the area of life where an individual may experience intense desires and ambitions. If Rahu is positioned or closely connected to in the 5th house, there may be a strong desire for creative and speculative knowledge, which can influence educational choices.
  2. Rahu’s Aspect and influence on Education: Jaimini astrology also considers the aspect of Rahu on other planets or houses in the birth chart. This aspect can influence an individual’s learning style and preferences. For example, if Rahu aspects the 9th house (associated with higher education), it may indicate a strong interest in pursuing advanced degrees or spiritual studies.
  3. Rahu’s Relationship with Other Planets: Jaimini astrology emphasizes the relationship between Rahu and other planets in the birth chart. Conjunctions or aspects involving Rahu and benefic planets may indicate a more harmonious approach to education, while malefic aspects could suggest challenges or conflicts in educational pursuits.
  4. Timing of Rahu’s Influence on Education: Jaimini astrology also examines the timing of significant events in one’s life, including educational milestones. Rahu’s Dasa (planetary period) can be a crucial period for educational and career developments. It’s during Rahu Dasa that individuals may experience shifts in their educational choices and pursuits.
    • Major Life Shifts: Rahu Dasa periods are known for bringing about major life shifts and transformations. These shifts can extend to one’s educational choices, prompting individuals to reconsider their fields of study or embark on new educational paths.
    • Intense Desires and Ambitions: Rahu’s influence during its Dasa can intensify desires and ambitions. This heightened drive can lead individuals to pursue education in areas that align with their newfound passions and goals.
    • Exploration of New Interests: During Rahu Dasa, individuals may develop a keen interest in subjects or fields they had not previously considered. This exploration can lead to changes in educational direction as they delve into novel areas of study.
    • Seeking Recognition: Rahu’s influence often involves a strong desire for recognition and success. Individuals in Rahu Dasa may be motivated to choose educational paths that promise recognition and the fulfillment of their ambitions.
    • Challenges and Opportunities: Rahu Dasa periods can present both challenges and opportunities in education. While individuals may face obstacles, they may also encounter unique opportunities and experiences that shape their educational journey.
    • Impact on Career due to Educational Choices: Educational choices made during Rahu Dasa can significantly impact one’s future career. The knowledge and skills acquired during this period may set the stage for the individual’s professional pursuits.
  1. Karakas and Chara Karakas Influence on Education/ Studies and Exams: Jaimini astrology utilizes Karakas (significators) to understand various aspects of life. In the context of education, specific Karakas may represent different facets of one’s educational journey. The Chara Karakas, which are movable significators, can also offer insights into educational interests and preferences.
    • Atmakaraka Significance: The Atmakaraka, which is the planet with the highest degree in the birth chart, often signifies the soul’s desires and experiences. If Rahu is closely associated with the Atmakaraka, it can indicate a strong influence of Rahu’s energy on the individual’s educational choices.
    • Amatyakaraka and Education: Amatyakaraka represents the planet responsible for one’s career and decision-making. If Rahu has a significant connection with the Amatyakaraka, it may suggest that Rahu’s influence extends to career-related educational decisions.
    • Gnati Karaka and Siblings: Gnati Karaka pertains to siblings and communication. If Rahu is closely linked with the Gnati Karaka, it may indicate that educational choices are influenced by the influence of siblings or peers who have an impact on the individual’s decisions.
    • Bhratru Karaka and Learning: Bhratru Karaka is associated with learning, communication, and intellectual pursuits. If Rahu has a prominent connection with the Bhratru Karaka, it can signify an intense desire for unconventional or non-traditional forms of learning.
    • Chara Karakas and Timing: Chara Karakas, also known as movable significators, are planets that signify specific life experiences during particular periods. Rahu’s influence on Chara Karakas during specific periods can indicate timing related to educational pursuits.
    • Transits and Chara Karakas: The transits of Rahu in relation to the Chara Karakas can pinpoint periods when Rahu’s influence on educational choices may be particularly pronounced. These transits can coincide with key decisions or shifts in the educational journey.
    • Dasa Periods and Karakas: The Dasa periods of planets associated with Karakas, especially Rahu, can be instrumental in shaping educational decisions. Rahu Dasa, in particular, may align with significant educational milestones and choices.

How does Rahu’s influence modify your Subject Choice?

In the realm of education, Rahu’s influence can manifest in various ways, impacting the subjects or streams that individuals are naturally drawn to. Let’s explore some of the key ways in which Rahu can influence educational choices:

  1. Ambition and Aspiration:
  • Rahu’s influence can make individuals highly ambitious and driven by a desire to achieve recognition and success.
  • They may be inclined to choose subjects or streams that are perceived as prestigious or that promise financial rewards and social status.
  1. Interest in Technology and Innovation:
  • Rahu’s association with technology and innovation can lead individuals to gravitate towards subjects related to science, engineering, computer programming, and information technology.
  • They may be drawn to cutting-edge fields where they can make a mark through pioneering work.
  1. Fascination with Foreign Cultures:
  • Rahu’s affinity for the unfamiliar and foreign can lead to an interest in subjects like international relations, foreign languages, cultural studies, or global business.
  • Individuals may feel a strong urge to explore the world and gain exposure to diverse cultures.
  1. Creativity and the Arts:
  • Rahu’s influence can also spark creativity and a desire for self-expression.
  • Individuals may be drawn to subjects such as filmmaking, photography, fashion design, or any creative field that allows them to stand out and be noticed.
  1. Research and Mysticism:
  • Rahu’s quest for the unknown can drive individuals to explore subjects related to mysticism, occult sciences, psychology, or in-depth research.
  • They may have a keen interest in unravelling mysteries and understanding the depths of human consciousness.
  1. Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures:
  • Rahu’s ambitious nature can lead some individuals to pursue entrepreneurship, business management, or finance.
  • They may have a desire to create their path to success and financial independence.
  1. Social Impact and Activism:
  • Rahu’s desire for recognition can manifest as a passion for social causes, activism, and subjects related to social justice, politics, or public policy.
  • These individuals may aspire to make a meaningful impact on society.
  1. Versatility and Multidisciplinary:
  • Rahu’s influence can make individuals versatile and open to exploring multiple subjects or fields simultaneously.
  • They may have a wide range of interests and talents, making it challenging to narrow down their educational choices.
  1. Pursuit of Unconventional Paths:
  • Rahu’s unconventional energy can lead individuals to choose subjects or streams that deviate from traditional norms.
  • They may be willing to take risks and follow less-travelled educational paths.
  1. Desire for Public Recognition: – Rahu’s craving for attention and recognition can motivate individuals to choose subjects that lead to careers in the public eye, such as acting, journalism, or politics. – They may seek validation and acknowledgment from a larger audience.

Subject Selection For Students Indicated by Rahu:

Here are some specific subject names in the context of Rahu’s influence on education in astrology:

  1. Technology and Computer Science: Individuals influenced by Rahu may be inclined towards subjects related to technology, computer science, programming, and software engineering.
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Rahu’s ambition and drive can lead to an interest in subjects related to innovation, entrepreneurship, business management, and startups.
  3. Creative Arts: Some with Rahu’s influence may excel in creative fields such as fine arts, graphic design, fashion design, photography, and multimedia production.
  4. Psychology and Behavioural Sciences: The curiosity associated with Rahu may draw individuals towards psychology, counselling, behavioural sciences, and psychotherapy.
  5. Mysticism and Occult Sciences: Subjects like astrology, tarot reading, numerology, and mysticism may pique the interest of those influenced by Rahu’s intrigue for the mystical.
  6. Environmental Studies: Rahu’s desire for recognition may lead to an interest in environmental studies, sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and conservation.
  7. Media and Communications: Mass media, journalism, public relations, and communication studies can align with Rahu’s need for attention and recognition.
  8. International Relations and Diplomacy: Rahu’s fascination with the foreign and unconventional can drive individuals towards subjects like international relations, diplomacy, and global studies.
  9. Social Sciences: Rahu’s quest for understanding human behaviour may manifest in subjects like sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies.
  10. Finance and Investment: Fields related to finance, investment banking, stock trading, and financial analysis may attract individuals with Rahu’s ambition.
  11. Alternative Medicine and Healing: Rahu’s interest in the unconventional can extend to alternative medicine, holistic healing, and energy therapies.
  12. Political Science: The desire for recognition in the political arena may lead to the study of political science, governance, and public policy.
  13. Public Speaking and Performance Arts: Those with Rahu’s influence may excel in public speaking, acting, theatre, or any performance art that allows them to shine in front of an audience.
  14. Space and Astronomy: Subjects like astronomy, space science, and astrophysics may appeal to individuals intrigued by the mysteries of the universe.
  15. Human Rights and Social Justice: Rahu’s drive for recognition may lead to an interest in subjects related to human rights, social justice, advocacy, and community development.
  16. Digital Marketing and Advertising: With Rahu’s affinity for technology, individuals may excel in digital marketing, advertising, and online branding strategies.

These subject areas align with the diverse interests and ambitions that Rahu’s influence can bring to an individual’s educational choices. It’s important to note that an individual’s complete birth chart, including the positions of other planets, will provide a more comprehensive understanding of their educational inclinations. Consulting with an astrologer can offer personalized insights into the specific subjects that may resonate most strongly with one’s unique astrological profile.

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Rahu’s Influence on Education Based on its Placement in 12 Houses

Rahu’s influence on education and its results can vary significantly depending on its placement in the 12 houses of the birth chart. Here’s a brief overview of how Rahu’s placement in each house can impact an individual’s educational journey and outcomes:

  1. Rahu in the 1st House and effects on Education:
    • Impact on Personality: Rahu in the 1st house can make the individual ambitious and driven, which can positively influence educational pursuits.
    • Interest in Self-Expression: These individuals may excel in fields that allow them to express their unique identity, such as creative arts or public speaking.
  2. Rahu in the 2nd House and effects on Education:
    • Interest in Finance: Rahu in the 2nd house may lead to an interest in finance, economics, accounting, or investment-related subjects.
    • Desire for Wealth: These individuals may seek education that leads to financial success and wealth accumulation.
  3. Rahu in the 3rd House and effects on Education:
    • Communication Skills: Individuals with Rahu in the 3rd house may excel in communication-related fields such as journalism, writing, or public relations.
    • Curiosity and Learning: They have a curious mind and a desire to learn about various subjects.
  4. Rahu in the 4th House and effects on Education:
    • Interest in History and Culture: Rahu in the 4th house may lead to an interest in subjects related to history, culture, and heritage.
    • Inclination Towards Real Estate: Some may pursue education related to real estate, land, or property management.
  5. Rahu in the 5th House and effects on Education:
    • Creative Pursuits: These individuals may excel in creative fields like arts, music, or theater.
    • Speculative Interests: Rahu’s influence can lead to an interest in speculative subjects like stock trading or entrepreneurship.
  6. Rahu in the 6th House and effects on Education:
    • Health and Wellness: They may be drawn to fields related to healthcare, medicine, or alternative healing practices.
    • Interest in Problem-Solving: These individuals may excel in subjects that involve analytical thinking and problem-solving.
  7. Rahu in the 7th House and effects on Education:
    • Interest in Law: Rahu in the 7th house can lead to an interest in law, legal studies, or advocacy.
    • Focus on Relationships: They may study subjects related to human relationships, counseling, or psychology.
  8. Rahu in the 8th House and effects on Education:
    • Mystical and Occult Interests: These individuals may be drawn to subjects like astrology, psychology, or occult sciences.
    • Desire for Transformation: Rahu’s influence can lead to an interest in subjects that explore transformation and hidden aspects of life.
  9. Rahu in the 9th House and effects on Education:
    • Higher Education: Rahu in the 9th house may encourage pursuing higher education, philosophy, spirituality, or foreign studies.
    • Global Perspective: They may seek education that broadens their global perspective.
  10. Rahu in the 10th House and effects on Education:
    • Ambition for Career: Individuals with Rahu in the 10th house are often ambitious in their career pursuits, which can positively impact their education.
    • Leadership Skills: They may excel in subjects that lead to leadership roles or public recognition.
  11. Rahu in the 11th House and effects on Education:
    • Innovation and Technology: These individuals may have a strong interest in technology, innovation, or social reform.
    • Desire for Networking: Education may revolve around building networks and connections for future success.
  12. Rahu in the 12th House and effects on Education:
    • Interest in Isolation: Rahu in the 12th house may lead to an interest in isolated or spiritual environments, which can influence the choice of education.
    • Hidden Talents: They may excel in subjects that tap into hidden talents or involve seclusion.

It’s important to remember that Rahu’s influence can manifest in both positive and challenging ways, and the overall educational outcome depends on various factors, including the individual’s choices, efforts, and the influence of other planets in the birth chart. Consulting with a qualified astrologer can provide deeper insights into how Rahu’s placement specifically affects an individual’s education and career path.

Rahu’s Influence on the Timing of Educational Choices:

It’s worth noting that Rahu’s influence is not limited to the choice of subjects alone. It can also impact the timing of educational decisions. Individuals experiencing major Rahu transits or Dasa (planetary period) may find themselves at crucial crossroads in their education, making significant shifts in their chosen fields of study or career paths.

For example, during a favorable Rahu transit, one might suddenly feel a strong calling toward a new subject or field, prompting a change in their educational direction. On the other hand, during challenging Rahu transits, individuals may face unexpected obstacles or shifts in their academic pursuits, requiring them to adapt and navigate new challenges.

Rahu’s Influence on Exams and its Result as per Astrology:

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is one of the lunar nodes and is often referred to as the “north node” of the Moon. It is considered a shadowy planet and is associated with desires, obsessions, worldly ambitions, and material gains. When it comes to its influence on exams and their results, astrologers consider the position of Rahu in the birth chart as well as its transits.

Here are some general points to understand how Rahu’s influence may affect exams and their outcomes based on transit astrology:

  1. Ambition and Desire and effects on Exams: Rahu’s influence can intensify one’s desires and ambitions, which can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, it can drive a person to work harder and strive for success in exams. However, excessive desire can also lead to anxiety and stress.
  2. Deception and Illusion and effects on Exams: Rahu is associated with illusion and deception. During Rahu transits, there may be a tendency to deceive oneself about one’s level of preparedness for exams. It’s important to stay grounded and realistic in your expectations.
  3. Unexpected Opportunities and effects on Exams: Rahu is known for creating unexpected opportunities and sudden changes. During Rahu transits, students may come across new study materials or resources that can be beneficial for their exams. It can also bring unforeseen events that impact the exam positively or negatively.
  4. Impulsiveness and effects on Exams: Rahu’s influence can make individuals more impulsive and prone to taking risks. This can lead to both favourable and unfavourable outcomes in exams, depending on how well these impulses are managed.
  5. Distracted Focus and effects on Exams: Rahu’s energy can scatter one’s focus, making it challenging to concentrate on studies. It’s important to maintain discipline and a structured study routine during Rahu transits.
  6. Karmic Influence and effects on Exams: Rahu is associated with karma, and its transits can bring karmic lessons related to education and learning. Sometimes, challenging Rahu transits may indicate that certain karmic debts or unfinished business related to education need to be addressed.

It’s important to note that the influence of Rahu, like that of any other planet, can vary depending on its placement in the birth chart and the specific transits it is making. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified Vedic astrologer who can provide personalized insights based on your birth chart and the current transits to assess how Rahu’s influence may affect your exams and their results.Top of Form

Rahu’s Transit influence on Exams and do’s and dont’s:

Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider during Rahu’s influence on exams and their results in transit astrology:


  1. Stay Grounded: Maintain a realistic perspective on your abilities and preparations. Avoid overconfidence or self-deception.
  2. Stay Focused: Despite distractions, make a conscious effort to stay focused on your studies and exam preparations.
  3. Manage Stress: Use stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to keep anxiety in check.
  4. Adaptability: Be prepared for unexpected changes and adapt to new situations or challenges that may arise.
  5. Utilize Opportunities: Keep an eye out for unexpected opportunities that may come your way during Rahu transits. They could be beneficial for your exams.


  1. Avoid Overindulgence: Be cautious about overindulgence in distractions, whether they are related to social media, entertainment, or other non-productive activities.
  2. Avoid Deception: Be honest with yourself about your level of preparedness. Avoid cheating or unethical practices during exams.
  3. Avoid Impulsiveness: Resist impulsive decisions or actions that can lead to hasty choices or risks that might negatively affect your exam performance.
  4. Don’t Ignore Responsibilities: Ensure that you fulfill your academic responsibilities and commitments despite any distractions or unexpected events.

Remember that these do’s and don’ts are general guidelines. The specific impact of Rahu’s transit on your exams can vary depending on your birth chart and the specific planetary aspects involved. Consulting with a qualified Vedic astrologer can provide personalized insights and guidance for your unique situation.

Rahu’s Lessons and Remedies:

While Rahu’s influence can be powerful and dynamic, it’s essential to remember that its energy can also lead to obsession, restlessness, and a constant pursuit of external validation. Therefore, it’s advisable to approach educational choices with mindfulness and balance.

Here are some key lessons and remedies to consider when dealing with Rahu’s influence on education:

  1. Self-Awareness: Understanding Rahu’s influence in your birth chart can help you make informed decisions about your educational path. Self-awareness allows you to harness its energy positively.
  2. Balance Ambition: While ambition is essential, it’s crucial to balance it with self-awareness and ethical considerations. Avoid becoming overly obsessed with external success.
  3. Stay Grounded: Practice grounding techniques, meditation, and mindfulness to stay rooted amidst Rahu’s relentless drive for recognition.
  4. Seek Guidance: Consulting with an experienced astrologer can provide valuable insights into your unique astrological profile and help you make informed choices regarding your education and career.
  5. Perform Remedies: Astrological and Spiritial remedies, such as wearing gemstone associated with Rahu or reciting mantras of Rahu, can help mitigate negative effects and enhance positive attributes of Rahu’s energy. 
  6. Rahu Remedy through Chakra Healing: In the realm of spirituality, particularly within Hinduism and its associated practices like Kundalini yoga, the concept of chakras is closely related to the influence of celestial bodies like Rahu. Chakras are considered energy centers within the human body, and they are believed to play a significant role in one’s spiritual journey and overall well-being. While Rahu is not a direct part of traditional chakra systems, some interpretations and practices do connect celestial influences, including Rahu, with chakra activation and spiritual growth. Here’s how Rahu may be related to chakras in spirituality:
    1. Rahu and the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara, is the highest chakra in the traditional system, associated with spiritual enlightenment and connection to the divine. Some spiritual practitioners believe that celestial bodies like Rahu can influence the balance and activation of this chakra. Rahu’s energy may be seen as related to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.
    2. Illusion and Ego: Rahu is often associated with illusion and ego in astrology. In the context of chakras, it may be linked to the challenge of transcending the ego and the illusions of the material world to reach higher states of consciousness. Balancing the Crown Chakra requires overcoming egoic attachments, which is a theme that aligns with Rahu’s characteristics.

In conclusion, astrology offers a fascinating lens through which we can understand the cosmic influences that shape our lives, including our educational choices. Rahu, with its intense and ambitious energy, can lead individuals to diverse and dynamic educational paths. By embracing self-awareness and balance, we can make the most of Rahu’s influence on our education, leading to a fulfilling and purposeful academic journey.

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