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Rahu Ketu In Vedic Astrology

Rahu Ketu In Vedic Astrology

If you want to know the history and birth of these two lunar nodes, you have to go back into the Vedic Scriptures where we find one story. Whether that incident had happened or not I am not going to that part but like every other stories mentioned in scriptures this story also has its own inner meaning, and must to know to understand today’s topic – Rahu Ketu In Vedic astrology. General people only see the story apparently and will throw it away, but the reality behind the symbolic story is totally different and will be understood only by wise people. According to the story – Rahu and ketu were born at the inmical halves of a celestial demon named ‘Swarbhanu’, who survived the trickery of the gods during the cosmic churn. Since then they continuously chase the luminaries, Sun & Moon around the sky. Both of them significantly represents ‘Sepent Forces’.  

 I have stated the story as short as I could, because that is not our focal point of this discussion, but if we keep a basic idea about the birth especially when we are going to discusse on that matter so that helps us a lot to understand the topic. So let’s start the discussion: 

Rahu & Ketu In Indian Astrology


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