Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope

Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope: Jupiter – the planet of luck and fortune. Why so? Because it owns the 9th house of the natural zodiac. It has also a great influence on wealth. That’s the reason this planet is also called the planet of wealth. Nowadays, luck and fortune have their own definition. Who has a lot of money they are called lucky and fortunate? But, the reality is totally different, whether you have money or not that is not connected with your whole luck and fortune. Money is just a component to make you lucky but peace covers the maximum of that. Just think money, property, luxury, etc everything but without peace, you will find them meaningless, just like cooked food without salt. Life becomes tasteless without peace, and spirituality is the backbone of peace. Jupiter represents peace and spirituality both if you go to the depth of spirituality then Ketu will come into the picture.

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Now let’s see how our above discussion is connected with today’s topic Jupiter retrograde in 2017. This period is vital not only Jupiter has retrograded but also the other two important planets Saturn and Mercury are going join Jupiter in retrogression after a certain period. I will discuss all these at the right time.

Jupiter retrograde 2017 date: The Jupiter has retrograded on 6th of February 2017, Monday. Now the question is – is there any effect of this retrogression on your life or not? The answer is a big ‘yes’.

During this retrogression period Jupiter first will be under the influence of ‘Chitra Nakshatra’ which is the Nakshatra of Mars, and later under ‘Hasta Nakshatra’ whose lord is Moon.

This is the period of re-think, whatever you do, re-think, re-evaluate, etc. If you want to know what is retrogression, please read this article first – Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology


Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope

Career, Money and Finance

The bad side of the retrogression combination:

Saturn+Mercury+Jupiter retrograde 2017 effects: Frankly speaking, this is the period of ‘hold back’. If you are a dealer or trader of any kind, this period will stick you in executing your new plans, you may experience an unnecessary delay. Even If you complete your project now, you will not be able to see the result as long as Jupiter is not coming out of this retrogression state.

Solution: You must be thinking of what to do, right? Do not worry, take this time to look back a little bit for a time being, at least to see whether something has been left aside or not, what you should have done for the betterment of your new project or financial gain! Etc. Nature has given you time to re-evaluate it so that you get the best result out of your plan. Just have patience, you are not going to lose anything.

If in your natal chart Jupiter is representing or connected to any “Dusthana House of Lords’ (6th, 8th, 12th) then, do not take any vital decision this time until June 2017. Any virtual work, like, paperwork, other documentation, etc you can complete now, but do not execute or implement the actual project.

Any change of house or residence is not recommended within this time period too.

This period will slow down your career growth to some extent.

The Combination Of Jupiter+Saturn+Mercury Retrogression: Especially from the 6th of April to 9th June this year is very vital because two major planets Jupiter and Saturn and another important planet Mercury (from 10th of April to 3rd May) will remain in retrograde state at the same time. This period will affect those people especially those who have any connection between Jupiter and Saturn or Mercury in their natal chart. This period is not suitable for starting any new project or business at all. If you are somehow compelled to do that so re-evaluate those things over and over till the time you are not enough confident.

If you are thinking to buy a new asset, this is not the time especially from 6th April to 9th June 2017.

Mars and Moon’s signification also needs to be judged to get more in-depth information, especially if you are going through Mars and Moon Mahadasa or Antardasa. Because Jupiter will be going through two Nakshatras, under these two planet’s lordships.

If there is any discussion is going on with any government body, please hold that for a time being if possible, otherwise, the decision may not go in your favor.

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The good side of this retrogression combination:

As I said earlier, Jupiter is the planet of wealth. It makes you optimistic in any matter of life. This planet is the owner of the 9th house of the natural zodiac so opportunities to bring good luck also comes under this planet’s territory.

This period can be good for those whose profession is connected to any creative fields, like arts, fashion, editing, designing, etc. For them, this period can bring sudden improvement through some past connections. It can be due to or through your past successful work or any past connection whom you haven’t met for long. The medium could be anything but connected with past incidents.

When the opportunity will come, your duty would be to become realistic about your plans, because a delay in taking decisions can result in failure to cash it.

If your Jupiter is also retrograde in the horoscope then the period can be a little bit odd type, make you feel like – everything is present but not moving forward at all or very slow. Good influence or combination in the natal chart can alter this too.

Your Relationships & this retrogression combination:

This is the time to be what you actually are. Jupiter is a planet with a combination of fire and water elements. One side shows its emotionalism and on the other hand, it is very active and optimistic. So, on any matter, if you haven’t reacted till now, this time you will have the strong urge to react actively. Now if your natal Jupiter is connected with Mars and also connected with your second or 6th house of the horoscope then this may lead to unnecessary argument what further may lead to major negative change in personal relationships or any other kind of relationship, like with boss, colleague, etc.. Otherwise it will give you a tension-free feeling and also a major and vital positive change in circumstances, relationships, etc.

If you already have a complicated relationship life and are working to improve that then this time period can slow down the process. Especially from 6th April to 9th June.

In Conclusion: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and represents how you discover your inner true self. This retrogression tells us to go deep within to explore our true selves and to act in the way we believe and integrate our very own philosophies to balance or harmonize us. This is not the period of monetary gain for everybody but could be self-gain for all of us, what we might have lost long before. God Bless all !!!

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  1. Peter says:

    What are the dos and don’t s of Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius how can I improve my finances ,wellbeing, relationship and avoid mistakes

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