Results Of Each Retrograde House Lords In Your Horoscope In Astrology

Results Of Each Retrograde House Lord In Your Horoscope In Astrology

Results Of Each Retrograde House Lord In Your Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart In Astrology: Retrograde planets act and give results quite differently than normal direct motion planets. Retrograde planet’s effects are unique and sometimes very sudden in an unpredictable way. More than 2 auspicious planets becoming retrograde in birth chart makes that Kundli very powerful.

  • Auspicious Benefic retrograde planets like Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter yield good results mostly.
  • Natural Malefic retrograde planets like Saturn, Mars, give malefic results mostly.
  • Sun and Moon never appear to move in retrograde motion. They always remain direct.
  • Rahu & Ketu always travel and transit in Retrograde motion.

Retrograde planets always delay the results but planets become powerful to bestow good and bad results suddenly in one’s life. Retrograde planet results whether good or bad also depend on the lordship of that particular planet which is retrograde.

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Results Of Each Retrograde House Lord In Your Horoscope

Effects of Retrograde planets according to lordships in the horoscope.:- 

1st House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

If 1st house lord is retrograde then you will have a very hard time achieving success and fame in life. You will have to strive hard with patience to get success and recognition through self-effort and talent. Although, if Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury happens to be your 1st lord then eventually you will attain success and wealth in life along with popularity, affluence, and good social status.

Success will be achieved late in life. Saturn or Mars if retrograde as 1st lord then one may live a very common life without any significant success or wealth in life of his or her own.

2nd House Lord Vakri/ Retrograde

If 2nd house lord goes retrograde then there will shortage of bank balance or savings due to over expenditure or economical income. Although, Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury as 2nd lord will give you massive wealth but high-class lifestyle and a lot of expenditure as well.

Retrograde Malefic like Saturn or Mars 2nd lord will give you regular wealth or savings but his or her own income will not be high. Person may receive monetary support and inheritance from others. Some people may suffer from stutter issues.

3rd House Lord Vakri/ Retrograde

If 3rd house lord goes retrograde then one may suffer from learning disability or ineffective communicative ability at some point of time in life. Person will be reserved and introvert. Although, Jupiter, Mercury, or Venus as retrograde 3rd lord will give some significant ability to make native successful in their life. Problems and altercations with siblings are possible.

Malefic planets like Saturn or Mars give hardworking ability and victories over any kind of competition. One may become wealthy through self-efforts without any support in life.

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4th House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

If 4th house lord gets retrograde in D1 chart then, one may get lot of hindrance and obstacles in obtaining or making their own property in life. You may build or buy house very late in life. Although, some people will possess luxurious vehicles if Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury becomes your 4th lord.

Retrograde planets like Saturn or Mars as 4th lord ay give sudden wealth and properties in life sometimes even in foreign land but there can be experiences of accidents, fire, theft, loss of Vehicle or damage of properties through natural calamities and fire.

5th House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

Retrograde Venus or Mercury as 5th lord can give you extraordinary success and fame in life. One may born with some gifted talents and may make their name in artistic and sports fields. Some people will become celebrities. Jupiter as 5th lord in retrograde motion gives success through foreign education, especially in foreign land.

One may become high-class writer, professor or scholar in life. Retrograde Saturn or Mars as 5th lord gives a lot of struggle and failures in life. Problems in childbirth or bad relationships with children. Earning will be moderate at a young age. Person may also suffer from health issues or loss of memory.

6th House Lord Vakri/ Retrograde

If 6th lord gets retrograde, then one may suffer from lawsuits, court cases losses, litigation, and sometimes violence as well. Saturn or Mars as retrograde 6th lord will give many enemies and competitions in life. Person may become high-rank army and police officers.  Native will g through hardships but will come out victorious over enemies. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury as 6th lord would give health issues and a lot of expenditure in life. One may become teacher or doctor as success in medical profession is assured.

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7th house lord Retrograde/ Vakri

If 7th lord goes retrograde in Kundli then, person may marry late or spouse will have some health issues. Although, Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury as retrograde 7th lord gives much loving spouse with overall happy married life. Married life will be long lasting. Although, person may marry twice in some cases.

Early death of spouse is possible in some cases. Saturn or Mars as 7th lord may make your spouse a liar, cheater and he or she may get involved in extramarital affairs. Married life will be problematic in many cases. Some people may not marry at all in life. Partnership business will give success.

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8th House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

8th lord retrograde gives a lot of failures and dejection in life especially if 8th lord is Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury. Your Income will be very less at a young age. There will be unattached hopes and unsuccessful dreams. Failure or instability in career is possible till 34 years of age. Person may wander aimless and ambitionless in life.

Short-lived love affairs and clandestine sexual activity will give many dents in their fortune. Although, he or she may inherit some hidden talent by birth which can open their way to glory, success, and wealth in life. You may some money and properties through inheritance or legacy or as a gift.

Saturn or Mars as retrograde 8th lord gives success in the field of occult science and Astrology. Person may attain success and recognition through religious or spiritual teaching. You may also become head of religious or spiritual institution.  You may become a good Astrologer and occult practitioner.

9th House Lord Vakri/ Retrograde

If 9th house lord gets retrograde then, person will find their luck in foreign. Native may attain higher education in foreign land. Destiny will shine in foreign countries or through traveling. Jupiter as 9th lord retrograde will give proficiency in many different subjects.

Person may become a well-known, writer, scholar, professor, motivational speaker, Astrologer, or consultant in life. Mercury or Venus as 9th lord will give success in artistic pursuit or in media field far away from birthplace or in foreign countries.

Although, struggle till 30 years of age will be there. Saturn or Mars as 9th lord in retrograde motion may bring poverty and unhappiness in life. Luck will not favor native. He or she may lose some property or money in life. Some people may earn wealth through their father’s help or through family business.

10th House Lord Vakri/ Retrograde

If 10th house lord gets retrograde then, person may find success through help and co-operations from others. Native will have to make persistent effort with patience to attain success and recognition in life. Jupiter or Venus as 10th lord in retrograde motion can give outstanding success to native in their occupation after the age of 31.

Person may attain success in artistic or sports field. Mercury as retrograde 10th lord will give success through media, advertising, promotion, marketing, web designing, etc.

Saturn as retrograde 10th lord can make you a very successful businessman entrepreneur or industrialist in life. Political success is assured after the age of 36. Struggle and hardship in life till the age of 33 is possible.

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Mars as 10th lord in retrograde motion can make you an army officer, navy officer, pilot, air force officer, engineer, police officer at a high authoritative position in life after the age of 28, Penury and dejection will be there till the age of 25.

11th House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

If 11th house lord goes retrograde then it can give big earning and wealth but only through self-effort after the age of 29. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury as 11th lord in retrograde motion will give political contacts and help from aristocratic people  and affluence in life. Dreams will be fulfilled but after failures, dejection, and much delay.

Saturn and Mars as 11th lord in retrograde position give political success and powerful position in life. There will be much wealth and success but through immoral means. Some people will lose their wealth in old age as well. success through self-employment is possible. Friendship with opposite sex will help native achieve their objectives.

12th House Lord Retrograde/ Vakri

If 12th house gets retrograde then, it can give huge success and business opportunities in foreign countries, One will also get settled in foreign country but after much delay and difficulty. Some people may get sexual addiction and addiction in other extravagant activities like partying, drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.

Saturn or Mars as 12th lord in retrograde motion can give imprisonment through sexual and financial scandal. Native may get falsely alleged and trapped in some big controversies.

Venus as 12th lord in retrograde motion will give huge wealth, pleasure, and multiple properties in foreign land. One may marry twice or thrice in life, Sexual satisfaction will be attained through many members of opposite sex but married life will be problematic.

Mercury or Saturn as 12th lord in retrograde motion can bring attachment towards same-sex or same gender. Earning will be high so will be expenditure. Health problems might make native mentally incapacitated after the age of 40. success will be attained only in foreign countries.

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    Hi sir! Appreciate this post. Do retrograde 7th lord (exalted mercury in virgo) cause delay in marriage? It is conjunct moon (5th lord).Kindly reply sir.

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