Retrograde Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus – Results In Horoscope

Retrograde Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus - Results In Horoscope

Retrograde Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus – Results In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Vakri Effects – In Astrology: Retrograde Planets give results in an unpredictable way. Retrograde planets amplify the power and result of the planet which can be good or bad depends on the placement of the planets and some other factors as well.

Retrograde Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus – Results/ Effects

Natural Benefic planet usually gives good results in Kendra and Trikona Bhav when getting retrograde. Although, the results can be delayed. But Natural Malefic planets like Mars & Saturn bestow unwanted and sudden bad results whenever they go retrograde. Retrograde Saturn and Mars only give its good effects when placed in either 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house.

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Venus Retrograde/ Vakri Effects/ Results In Horoscope

Retrograde Venus usually gives mixed results. You will have artistic and creative talent. Although, you will have a hard time portraying it in front of public because of a lack of self-confidence. There will be much delay in finding paths and routes of success in life, especially in the creative and artistic fields.

You will have to see the phase of lack of money and comfort as well as an abundance of luxury and comfort in life. success in the showbiz world or in hotel and food industry

Person will meet their ideal match quite late in life. He or she will suffer from aloofness, dejection, failures, sadness, pain in their romantic life. Many love encounters will be short-lived.

You may get cheated in relationship. Although, you may marry your ideal partner a bit late in life and will have joyful, happy, prosperous married life. Your spouse will be loyal and you may rise in life after marriage. You may become a famous travel blogger, painter, singer, actor, or writer.

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Jupiter Retrograde/ Vakri Effects/ Results In Kundli

Jupiter retrograde in natal chart will give scarcity of liquid money and property in life. You may live in a rented house for few years in life. There will be struggle till 34 years of age. Financial prosperity after the age of 35 is a possibility. You will have past life pending karmas and you may face humiliation in the hands of elders, peers, gurus, teachers, etc.

There will be a late success in life. Prosperity and fortune will rise late in life. You may get married quite late in life. You may face delay and dejection in all walks of life. Person do very well in administrative, teaching and banking sector.

Struggle at young is very much possible. You will not be able to choose one goal or one path in life. There will be instability and lot of changes in your career. You may get much successful and wealthy at advanced years of your life.

You may suffer from false allegations in your personal and professional life. One may get pain and agony at a young age due to their relationships. A sudden break in Education is possible. You may travel to foreign land as well.

Mercury Retrograde/ Vakri Effects/ Results In Astrology

You suffer from a lack of confidence at public speaking places or in debates and competitions in your school and college. You may not be able to save money till 33 years of age.

Your earnings will be moderate till the age of 30. Person may get gains through maternal uncle and maternal aunt. Native may get failed in maths or computers in their school. Although, native may become an excellent writer or professor in advanced years in life. He or she may get very proficient at particular subjects.

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Person may become introverted socially and will not be very keen on attending parties or functions. He or she may not get trustworthy friends in life. Native may suffer from skin disease or nerve issues in life. One will become very focussed, ambitious, wise, and intelligent and will learn from their failures after the age of 32.

You will have support of siblings in life.  One may become very proficient in business and management field. Success in profession related to communication, traveling, and software.

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Saturn Retrograde/ Vakri Effects/ Results In Horoscope

Retrograde Saturn in horoscope will give instability or struggle in your career till the age of 36 or 38. You may change a lot of jobs and many times your profession till the age of 31. You will face hardships and struggle in life at a young age. Person may suffer financially or may lose their money through fraud, cheating, and investments. Native may suffer from allegations and humiliation at the hands of authorities or government officials.

You may lose your job or position of authority due to scandals or fraud. One may suffer from a loss of respect and identity in society. Although, you will overcome all the humiliation, dejection, and allegations in life. and may become a powerful politician or some influential rich person in society.

There can be some tension in family and problems in your married life as well. You may become rich after the age of 38. You may see great height and great fall in your career. Native may become very popular or famous in life.

Mars Retrograde/ Vakri Effects/ Results In Birth Chart

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Retrograde Mars in Birth Chart may give you suffering from domestic or social violence in your life. You may lose your property or inheritance in life. One may suffer from natural disasters or may lose house, money or some property through fire. Some people will go through divorce or multiple marriages but married life will be full of ups and downs. Person may lose a significant election or court case in life. Friends may become. Success in the field of sports is possible.

Person will suffer from loss through enemies and competitions. There will be some help from siblings but you may have some animosity with your blood relatives. There can be good earnings from the real estate business or through construction and engineer. One may become civil engineer, public welfare worker, or an architect. Some people may get success in medical field.

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