Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope – Do’s & Dont’s

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope - Do's & Dont's

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or In Transit: Mercury In Vedic Astrology Governs:

  1. Communication,
  2. Listening capability,
  3. Learning capability – how fast a person can learn,
  4. Reading,
  5. Marketing skills,
  6. Any kind of agreement or documentation,
  7. Any kind of contracts,
  8. Business or job related to transport or travel & tourism industry,
  9. Computer software-related jobs or business (Ketu also plays an important role).

Mercury stays in the retrograde state for a very short period of time. When Mercury is in retrograde motion all the above matters can be disturbed. You should be very careful when you are dealing with the above-related things.

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Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or Transit – Do’s & Dont’s

If Mercury Is Retrograde In Any Year – 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2025 etc.:

If Mercury is retrograde in transit in any year and month, be careful about what you are saying those days, your communication can create a lot of misunderstanding, if that is connected with 10th house so in professional matter and if that gets 7th house connection so your family life could be affected, your words would be misunderstood. During the retrogression period, you should convey your message in a friendly manner. This communication can be digital or physical.

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Do not sign any new important contract, let this time be over. If your job is related to public speaking so choose you every word very carefully, otherwise, your speech can send the wrong message or it can be misquoted. Mercury is a planet of intellect and practical implementation of any theory. So if you are from any field which represents these two, please avoid this time to present any practical presentation.

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope - Do's & Dont's

When Mercury retrogrades, in this period most of the time you may find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. To keep anything in memory properly becomes a real challenge for you this time. It is not that you were always that kind of person, but this time may make you feel like that. You keep things somewhere and forget the place completely. When it happens once, that’s ok, but when that happens several times then it is a matter of worry. You may find some people who tend to always forget where they have kept their things, see Mercury’s position in the chart, you will find somehow it is afflicted or weak. You may miss your daily routine, you may forget the important meeting with the boss. So this period can be challenging for you through any means of communication. Software professionals will not be able to perform well as long as the retrogression will be there.

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If in your horoscope Mercury is very strong, so the transit effect will be minimized. If it is retrograde in both charts (transit and Rashi) so please keep in mind the above and following points.

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Remedies or how to avoid such bad effects OF MERCURY RETROGRADE:

What you should do and should not:

  1. If you are going to sign any new contract so recheck many times before signing it, you may miss some important parts of it that can lead to legal harassment later.

Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope - Do's & Dont's

  1. Mercury is the planet of speech, though the 2nd house is also very important to judge, Mercury is the main significator of speech. The presence of Venus increases the quality of speech which can attract a lot of people at the same time. But during the retrogression phase, you need to be careful before you deliver your speech, especially if you are related to some fields where your words matter a lot.
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Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope - Do's & Dont's

  1. Mercury rules communication, especially the medium of communication, like phone, email, or physical mail or letter, social communication – physical and digital both types, etc. During this phase always recheck before sending an email or letter or if you are communicating through any social medium.


  1. be careful about making new friends, some of them can put you in trouble this time or later on. This is the best time to reunite with old friends, not for making new ones.

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