Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 -Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio-Love, Career, Marriage

Jupiter Transit 2022 - Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio - Love, Career, Marriage1

Jupiter Transit 2022-2023 – Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio – Love, Career, Marriage, Family In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Gochar Effects In Vedic Astrology: Jupiter transit in Pisces sign in  April 2022 to April 2023 will bring peace and ease of working in worldly affairs for many people. Those countries who are in war zone will get big relief and their culture, community and religion will be protected. Many People who are in arts, entertainment, sports or in education sector will get a good name and fame. The economic condition of many countries will grow and flourish in 2022-2023 including INDIA.

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Please Note For Jupiter Transit 2022:- This General prediction on Jupiter Transit 2022 is based on your Ascendant sign. Effect and result of Jupiter transit vary if there are different planets in Pisces sign in your horoscope

Guru Gochar 2022 – Effects On Leo Love- Career- Marriage

Leo – General – Jupiter will be transiting in your 8th house which will bring failures and problems in your life in 2022-2023. You may suffer from loss of loved ones in coming time. There will be unwanted expenses and health issues in your family. Some losses in business or work is possible. You will also suffer from some chronic health trouble as well. Students may face failure or lack of concentration in their studies. Your wishes, dreams, desires may not get manifest easily. Luck will not favor you on many occasions as well. You may get some good deals related to property business.

Love/ Marriage:- Some people may suffer from separation or divorce in their married life. Singles may remain single but some people may get involved in a very toxic relationship. Those who are in a committed relationship may face some tussles, fights,s and confrontations, misunderstandings with their partner. Love life will be like a roller coaster ride but married life may give some tension, frustration in your life. Overall, not a very pleasing year for passionate affairs or conjugal bliss.

Career/ Finance:- There will be a lot of struggle and slowness in your work area. Income will be good constantly but your expenses might ruin all your savings. Family business will run well although, with fewer profits. Some people may get wealth and business from inheritance or from in-laws. You may face obstacles or humiliation from government job. Some people might get stuck in wanted job with low income or in a very hostile working environment.

Change of job will not be suitable for Leo natives in 2022. Those who are in the profession of Astrology, spirituality, occult science will see peace and prosperity from their work. You may suffer some financial loss through in your occupation. Entrepreneurs will have a hard time fetching gains and profits. There can be failures in the field of sports, arts, and entertainment field.

Family:- Health of family members will not be good. Your own health may give you some tensions as well. Chances of a sudden accident in your family is possible. You may gain some fat and cholesterol as well. There can be some strain and unhappiness in relationships with your siblings, spouse, or parents.

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You may get monetary support from family but emotional connection and bonding will be missing in your life. Your life may become monotonous and boring at times as well.

Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Virgo Love- Career- Marriage

Virgo:- General- Jupiter will be transiting in your 7th house which will bring very favorable results in the field of business, occupation, partnership, foreign travel, and education as well. 2022 will be very auspicious for starting new work for Virgo people. Health will be good and there will be gains from education and new learnings.

Some government officials might get transferred to desired place. There will be increase in your respect within society. Your colleagues and seniors will be very supportive of you. Few people may get a big break in sports or entertainment field. This Jupiter transit will be favorable for artistic pursuit for Virgo natives.

Love/ Marriage:-  Love life will be exciting and full of passion. Many people will turn their love affair into marriage. Success in love marriage is assured. Overall, you will enjoy your conjugal life with pleasure and comfort. Married life will give happiness and satisfaction.

Spouse will be supportive and influential in your life in 2022. He or she may help you financially and may guide you in your career. You will get full physical pleasure in your romantic life. Partner will be loyal and devoted to you in 2022-2023. Marriage may bring good fortune and wealth in abundance.

Career/ Finance:- Unemployed people may get a good job with good income. Some people will have a favorable time changing jobs or shifting places of work. You may get numerous opportunities to get a good job with a high-class income. Partnership business or any work in partnership will run well. You will see growth in your career.

Your financial condition will become strong due to constant high income. You may earn from more than one source. Your career will flourish in right and desired direction. There will be no scarcity of liquid wealth although, you may not be able to save your money.

Some people may get transferred to the desired location. An import-export business will run well. You may earn good money from speculation, investments, and real estate as well. You may become wealthy or financially sound in 2022-2023. Some people may travel in foreign land for work purpose. Self-employment will bring power and rewards to your life. You attain an authoritative position in government job in 2022-2023. Political success is possible.

Family:- Health of family members will be fine. The domestic environment will be blissful and you may get good support and care from your spouse. Spouse may bring happiness to family. Childbirth in family is very much possible. You will get a lot of love care and support from family and blood relatives.

Libra native will get substantial money either from your parents or from your siblings and blood relatives. You may go on short trip with your family. Native will enjoy tasty food at home and may enjoy the leisure of servants as well. Your energy level will be all-time high.

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Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Libra Love- Career- Marriage

Libra :- General- Jupiter will be transiting in your 6th house which will improve your health and will give you immunity and energy if You’re fighting with illness or any chronic disease. You will be satisfied with your income and career in 2022. Some Libra natives may travel abroad as well. Any kind of court case or litigation issue will fall in your favour. Job and service condition will improve and you may do well in your studies as well as in your competitive examinations. You may get success in your educational pursuit in 2022-2023.

Love/ Marriage:- Love life will be normal but some will suffer from permanent separation or break up. Few people will get their heartbreak as their partner might cheat them in relationships. There can be a lack of mutual respect and bonding in your love life. Singles will have romantic encounters but all will be short-lived.

Many Libra native will get married in 2022 and some with their own choice but married life will not be very peaceful and there can be a lack of passion and intimacy in your married life after some time. Some tussle with spouse is possible. You and your partner might not be able to fulfill each other’s expectations in married life.

Career/ Finance:- People in medical and teaching career will thrive. There will be promotion and an increase in income for them. Education sector will bring you gains and profits. Some people may get selected in police or defence force. You may start new coaching center or computer center which will run well. There can be some promotion and increment in your job field.

Businessman will get success only after struggle and some delay. Some people may crack competitive examination of medical and UPSC IN 2022-2023. Libra native will get good growth and satisfaction from their career. You will get success in the field of law and advocacy.

Income will be fine but expenses will be on higher side as well. You may like to lead a luxurious life. Some people may get some windfall of money or win lottery. You may get chance to work as BDO or PWD officer. Few may work in  ministry of external and internal affairs. You may get a good chance of employment through embassy work or work as a diplomat.

Family:-  Health of family members will be cause of concern for you and there can be quarrels in your domestic life. There can be some tensions within family members. You may go out with family for lunch and dinner with special delicacy.

Expenses on medication and hospitalization are possible. There can be a lack of trust issue or issues of litigation and money may happen within family members. You may not get mental peace at home and may suffer from daily monotonous domestic life.

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Jupiter Transit 2022 – Effects On Scorpio Love- Career- Marriage

Scorpio:- General:- Scorpio native will have a good time in 2022-2023. Jupiter will be transiting in your 5th house which will bring unexpected gains and good luck in your life. You may travel on pilgrimage or travel abroad for study purposes. There will be happiness and celebration of your success within your family. You will get financial support from your parents and siblings. Domestic peace will be there in 2022-2023. You may buy a new plot or vehicle in 2022. Success in education and higher learning is assured. You will be healthy, fit, and fine.

Love/ Marriage:- You will get a lot of opportunities for passionate ignited romance in 2022. You may get romantically inclined to more than one person in 2022. Some people may meet their soul mate in 2022. Many will turn their love into marriage. Love marriage will be successful. Married life will be blissful.

Your spouse may become your pillar of strength and your true guide in 2022-2023. He or she may help you financially and in your profession as well. You may accomplish your goals and meet your desires with the help of your spouse.Overall, love and married life will give you pleasure and prosperity. Fortune and wealth will increase after marriage.

Career/ Finance:-  There will be a regular flow of wealth in 2022-2023. You may get promotion in job and service in 2022. Your pay scale and overall savings will increase. You will be happy with your growth in your career. Some people may get employed in foreign land as well. Few will get a big break in their sports or artistic career.

You will get success in the entertainment field as well. Success in business related to cosmetics, medicine, furniture, transport, garments will be there. Those who are involved in educational pursuit will get outstanding success. Luck will favor you. You may get wishes and desires related to your career or occupation fulfilled in 2022-2023. You may also get success in the political field.

Family:-  Family life will be happening. There will be joy and celebration at home. You and your family’s health will be fine. Your family’s wealth and reputation will increase in 2022-2023. There will be prosperity and comfort in abundance in your domestic life. You may spend a joyful vacation with your family. You may go on an exciting family trip in 2022. Some people may get the good news of childbirth within the family.

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