Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Aries, Taurus With Retrograde

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Aries, Taurus With Retrograde

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions For Aries, Taurus With Retrograde – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Gochar Effects In Vedic Astrology – Love, marriage, Career/ Finance, marriage, and Family: Saturn is a slow-moving planet that transit in a particular Zodiac Sign for approximately 30 months. Saturn transit for 2 and  1/2 years in a single Zodiac Sign. This planet gives slow results and delays the good results for every native. Saturn gives roadblocks, obstacles, sorrow, and dejection before giving you an ultimate success in life.

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Shani Gochar 2022 to 2024 Predictions

Saturn will be transiting in Aquarius sign from 29 April 2022 to 29th March 2025. This Saturn Transit will give overall good results for most people on a worldly basis according to Mundane Astrology. As Saturn will be transit in its own and mooltrikona sign. Although, Saturn will transit back in retrograde motion to Capricorn sign from 12th July 2022 to 17th January 2023 for a brief period of time.

Below, I’m going to discuss the effects and results of this Saturn transit in Aquarius sign for all 12 Zodiac Sign.

To be noted in Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions:- The prediction will be based on Ascendant sign and there can be a slight change in results if you have any planet posited in Aquarius sign or any planet aspects Aquarius sign in your birth chart

Prediction of Saturn transit in Aquarius for all 12 Zodiac Sign in Astrology. In this article, I am going to predict on Aries and Taurus:- 

Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions With Retrograde for Aries

Saturn will transit in your 11th house will give you excellent results from 29th April 2022 to 29th March 2025. Your many wishes will get fulfilled but with some delays and obstacles. You will get success and scholarships in your education. You may also pass competitive examinations related to government jobs as well as for medical and engineering.  Although, Aries natives will have some health issues during time-related to blood, skin, diabetes, blood pressure, hair loss, migraine, pain in joints, etc. Some people may also suffer from small vehicular accidents.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Love/ Marriage Predictions For Aries: Many Aries natives will have good success in their love marriage. Few will suffer from heartbreaks but they will recover from it slowly. Many people will get married to their long-time committed partner. Few may also have success and soulful connections through an arranged marriage.

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You may meet your ideal match in 2023, 2024. Singles, will have a good chance to settle in 2023, 2024. Single natives will have a good opportunity to confess their love to their crushes. Some people will gain happiness from passionate loyal long-lasting relationships which may start in 2022-2023. Someone new may enter your life in 2023 and may give personal happiness and satisfaction in life. Married life will be harmonious for most people.

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Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Career/ Finance Predictions For Aries: Success and achievements in politics is quite possible. You may attain a high authoritative position in life through government job or through political line. Few will get good posts in Railway service or in PWD Department. Some may become engineers or architects during this period.

Aries native may also get success in banking and management sector in 2023-2024. Those who are in sports and entertainment field will get outstanding success but with struggle and delay. There will be chance of employment from foreign lands as well.

2023 and 2024 will be very profitable and financially successful years for Aries natives. You may get quite wealthy with good bank balance during this time. Your business will bloom and partnership work will also run well with profits. There will be a good flow of income constantly in life. Job and service people may get promotions and hikes in income. Unemployed ones will get good jobs.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Family Predictions For Aries: Domestic life will bring peace and happiness during this time. There can be addition in family through marriage and childbirth. Prosperity and wealth through marriage are possible. Spouse and mother may bring you happiness and gains in life. They may also help you financially as well.

Father’s status will rise but there can be some mental tussle with either with your father or with your children. Some may settle abroad or may buy new houses or new land as well. He or she will gain from agriculture and some people may reconstruct their house.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 To 2024 Predictions For Aries: Retrograde Saturn from 12th July 2022 to 17th January 2023 will bring a few ups and downs in your life especially some financial constrain, unwanted expenditure, health issues, problems in relationships but most problems in your career through an overburden of work. Your peers and superiors may not get satisfied with the quality of work or from your hard work. Although, these problems will be temporary and the complex issues will get solved after January 17, 2023.

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Saturn Transit 2022 to 2024 Predictions With Retrograde for Taurus

Taurus-General:- Saturn will be transiting in your 10th house will bring challenges, struggle, delay in your career in 2022 but it will also bring success, recognition in 2023, 2024. These 3 years will also give you an opportunity for Taurus natives to study well and will shape their careers in Right direction.

Health will be fine but some people may suffer from cold and viral regularly. Success in entrance examinations may get delayed but ultimately you will come to cross all the hurdles in your education. Students will do very well in studies as well as sports. Some may also get scholarships as well. Few may suffer from bone and head injuries due to sudden accidents.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Love/ Marriage Predictions For Taurus: Love life will have ups and downs. Some people may go through aloofness, isolation, and trauma due to breakups. Singles may get into obnoxious relationships or may get cheated by their new partner. Many people will face commitment issues and there will be a lot of misunderstandings between lovers. 

Love life may bring tensions and suffering. You should prioritize your career over love this time. Love marriage may bring some hiccups in life. Although, many people will get much support love, and care from their spouse in the time of need. But, some people may suffer from divorce or temporal separation in their love and married life.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Career/ Finance Predictions For Taurus: There can be some initial trouble in your service life or in your business. Although, many people will settle their career in 2023. Some people will gain from stability in their career in long run. Unemployed people may get jobs but with less income than expected.

Entrepreneurs have to show patience to earn profits and recognition. Partnership business may give you losses. Although, independent work will give struggle, challenges, and failure or loss in 2022 but if you keep patience then it can give you good success and substantial money from 2023. Actors, artists, media people will have to work hard to get success and popularity.

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Some people may face a shortage of money and debt in life till 2025. Although, few will get a hike in their overall income. Prosperity and financial fortune will come after 2022. There will be gains from work related to your hobbies. Teachers, Policemen, and politicians will earn well from their occupation. Few may become IAS, IPS, IRS,  IFS officers during this time. Although, many will not be able to save their money due to exotic travel, health issues, lifestyles, and extra expenditures.

Saturn Transit 2022 To 2024 Family Predictions For Taurus: Peace would be missing from your family life. Confrontations with spouse or parents may be possible. There will be tussles with siblings due to money or property. There will be ego tussles and miscommunication among family members.

Father’s and mother’s health may suffer as well. You may live away from family due to your career or due to disharmony in family. Some people may suffer from miscarriage or psychological issues. Financial scarcity may bring trouble to the family. Although, some celebration in your family due to your achievement or due to marriage is possible.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 To 2024 Predictions For Taurus: Saturn will turn retrograde from 12th July 2022 to 17th January 2023 which will bring gains and losses in your life simultaneously. Your important dealings or work may get stuck sometimes. You may get money with some delay which will cause frustration.

Although, some people will achieve power ad high designation important post in their life. Jobless with getting a good job with decent income as well. Love and married life will give happiness and problems both. Some may change their house or shift their office location as well. Although, these problems will be temporary and your luck and financial situation will improve after January 17, 2022.

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