Learn Vedic Astrology Step By Step Easily – Lesson 1

predictive astrology course

Learn Vedic Astrology Step By Step Easily

Astrology Lessons – 1

In today’s Lesson, I am going to discuss on:

  1. A quick history of astrology
  2. An introduction to branches of astrology including Natal, Mundane, electional and horary astrology.
  3. Planet’s influence on human life
  4. How signs work in daily life and much more.

Welcome to Vedic astrology lessons series and I am your Astrologer Sankar Bhattacharjee. This is the first lesson of my Vedic astrology learning series.

So let’s get started…

The science of astrology has gone through a lot of changes throughout the history, but it remains important part of our daily life. The term ‘science of astrology’ can raise the eyebrows of many critics. But, yes, it is a science to me. As astrology has made its thousands of years of journey of observations and researches on the basis of astronomical and mathematical calculations like many other modern scientific researches, moreover this is even older than MANY modern scientific discoveries. 

History Of Astrology

Let us look at a quick history of astrology: It is believed by many historians that several early civilizations including the Egyptians, Babylonians and others, developed completely deferent methods to predict the future through astrology. But, one thing was common in all of them that, each system or method used the positions of stars and planets to predict the future.

Learn Vedic Astrology Step By Step Easily

Astrology Lessons – 1

  • A quick history of astrology
  • An introduction to branches of astrology including Natal, Mundane, electional and horary astrology.
  • Planet’s influence on human life
  • How signs work in daily life and much more.
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The modern astrology what we commonly use today has come from Hellenistic astrology, it was developed in and around the Mediterranean region, especially in Egypt in the late Hellenistic period in 4th century by blending concept of both Babylonian and Egyptian scientists of that times. After many changes now the system we use that is called ‘Horoscopic astrology’.

There are four main branches of horoscopic astrology.

Horoscopic astrology is subdivided into main four branches of study:

Natal astrology

This deals with the study of planets and their influence on human life.

Mundane astrology

This is the branch of astrological study refers to the world affairs and events. This branch of study is also called the ‘Political Astrology’. The word ‘Mundane’ has come from the Roman word ‘Mundus’ which means ‘The world’.

Electional astrology

This is the study of finding the auspicious and inauspicious timing of events. For example The timing of starting a business or the timing of getting married etc.

Horary astrology

Some people link it with tarot reading somewhere, because this is a kind of study where a questioner ask something and get their answer mainly on yes or no basis. the time the question is being asked, the place and the date are taken to draw a specific chart to answer the question of the questioner. The main difference with tarot reading here is ‘the method’. In a tarot reading, the reader uses the card as a tool and give an answer. But here in Horary astrology, you will get everything on the basis of mathematical calculations and in more depth than a tarot reader can give.

A very common question many people ask – Does Planet Really influence us?

Now, many different perceptions of astrology are there throughout the history. Some people think it is just about sun signs or moon signs, some say it is just a ‘bogus’ subject.


Always remember ‘fear’ is a very popular product what covers 70% of our economy. From TV ads to the physical banner, they are playing with your ‘fear’ to sell their products. Astrology is not the subject to make you fear, rather it shows you the direction to become fearless. Whoever is trying to make you fear anytime without reason just stay away from that person.

Can you imagine in the name of ‘Manglik’ dosha remedy some group of people in society force a girl or boy to marry a tree? It is just not acceptable. Yes, I am not saying that the placement of Mars in certain houses do not give any bad result, it does, definitely, it does. But, Marrying with a tree??? What is that? It is just absurd. In my series of articles & videos, I will also talk detail on ‘Manglik Dosha’ and will try to make you understand that what does ‘Manglik Dosha’ really mean.

What is the function of astrology in your life?

What Astrology does, it gives you the opportunity to know yourself on many different levels by connecting to universal energy. It makes you aware that you are not only this part of physical existence. You are a part of this whole energy of creation, the world you see outside it is the mere reflection of your inner world. There is no difference between the outside universe and the inside universe, it is just Macrocosmic and Microcosmic level of existence respectively involving the movement of the planets of the sky.

There is no place for superstition in real astrological scriptures. That’s the reason I always recommend everyone to read scriptures first to get a real knowledge of this holy subject. After reading the scriptures read other articles to enhance your knowledge, otherwise, you will always be confused in between what Ram is saying and what Shyam is saying and in result either you will start disrespecting this holy subject or will become superstitious. I will also cover some important points in my future articles and videos on, which book you should follow and which you should not to start with learning astrology and also go for more advancement in this holy subject.

Astrology vs Astronomy:

For a long time, astrology and astronomy were synonymous. A group of people came forward and make this into two parts. One became Astrology (the study of planet and their influence on human life on earth basically) and another became Astronomy (The study of stars and planets outside of the Earth). Unlike any separation, whether it is land or concept doesn’t matter it creates two parties, here also it became a popular fight between astronomy believers and astrology believers. Both the parties used to fight on a very popular topic that, how an inanimate planet can influence the lives of human being on earth from a so huge distant place. The fight was very popular for long period of time.

But now the Astrology has become a lot more popular. Now modern science knows that every object has a certain influence on us in this universe. Every object in this universe influences each other in different ways. Every form has its own vibration and the whole existence is a vibration itself. It takes us to a very popular theory called ‘string field theory’ was introduced by ‘Stanley Mandelstam’ and developed by many other consecutive scientists. It defines every object as a string of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. What ‘Vedanta Rishis’ had said long before “eka-meba-dwitiom” in Sanskrit, basically means “only one energy is there in the universe taking the form of everything, we are all one”, this string theory and many other are proving this this sloka truth. If everything in this universe influences each other in different ways, so, planets also do.

The fact of the matter is, what we are understanding now that has been understood by our ancestor’s thousands of years back. We are just rediscovering those in a new way. Just like: ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

This is not wrong to re-discover anything, but when someone just listens the word ‘Astrology’ or ‘Veda’, Vedanta etc. and instantly call it superstition without knowing the real fact then that becomes ridiculous. Always remember, when you accept or reject something blindly without knowing the fact, in both the cases you are in ‘superstition’. Because in both cases you are limiting your knowledge and depriving yourself from the benefit of the particular knowledge.

Many doctors, research scholars on medical fields etc. come to me for consultation, and I believe some other astrologers also get such consultations. People come from almost every field. All are not mad, they simply understood one fact from their day to day life that something is there which is beyond this materialistic understanding. If you take ‘Dark Matter’ in the galaxy as an example. Modern space scientists do not know what this is made of, because the matter it is made of, we have never experienced with, but that ‘Dark Matter’ is present in every galaxy and binding every galaxy together separately. This is the substance due to which everything from stars to planets are not going out of the galaxy. Around 13.8 billion years ago two galaxies clashed and we came into existence according to ‘Big bang theory’. Now you can understand if ‘Dark Matter’ will not function properly so everything in our galaxy will go out of the galaxy including the sun and other planets in our solar system and may clash together, or can be a part of another galaxy, there may not be no existence of life. Now the question is, who made all these rules so precisely before even we came into existence? Some call it ‘God’ and some call it ‘nature’.

Astrology never says everything is predestined and you cannot do anything without suffering in bad luck or enjoying in good luck. Rather it says you are the source of all energies, the chart you are seeing it is your accumulated ‘karma’ till this lifetime, now what incidents are happening automatically in your life that is due to that accumulated ‘Karma’. But you can change it anytime you want by acting in the way of life. It is a full scientific process what can completely mold a person’s life. The time I will start talking on remedies, this section will be mentioned in those series.

Now let’s take a look at some other astrological factors:

If you ask a person nowadays, hey, what is your sign? He/ she must take the name any one of the 12 zodiac signs, but literally, your life may not be influenced by one sign only. The energy of Some other signs can play behind that. For example, if you say that I am an Aries according to my birth date. but your moon may fall in Virgo, your Venus may fall in Pisces, your Mars may fall in Capricorn, your rising sign may fall in Libra and so on. Mars the passion within you and Venus the desire within you, these two controls the 60% of a human nature. A human is what he/ she desires or passionate for. The sun controls everything, it deals with the conscious faculty and the very base of existence, Moon deals with the unconscious and subconscious faculties of mind. The rising sign you can call an earth sign. It is the sign what is rising on the horizon the time you are born. This rising sign becomes the first house in your horoscope and all other houses and planets are judged from this. That’s the reason I always recommend to read the whole chart not only the signs. Especially stay away from daily horoscope reports.

How do these signs work in daily life? Let me tell you through an example, when somebody meets you he/ she gets the impression according to your rising sign or ascendant or lagna, you can call it the ‘First impression’. When he starts meeting you over a matter of time he begins to know you as per your sun sign, and he comes to know your ego, personality etc. but when he goes into more depth of you, he starts recognizing you as per your Moon sign. That is the reason when we meet someone, what he /she was at the first meeting to us, we may find him/her totally different after several meetings.

This universe is an enlightening universe electrically operating in and out. Your identity is a collection of multiplied frequencies in and out. Yes, you are a frequency, you are a sound wave. Planets are also frequency; the planets are sound waves broadcasting electrically onto our lives here on earth. As every object in this universe influence you then planets also do. The planets are telling you the next events in this frequency universe. If you have the capability to access that frequency code, you will be able to know the secret of not only your life but also everyone’s life. Planets are not there to make the decision for you, their energy just creates the situation, but what will come out of it that, is on you. You are the master of your own life. You are the creator of your own destiny. Whether you know the truth of planetary effect or not, whether you just close your eyes and say everything is illogical, it does not matter, they still will influence your life. Always remember if someone does not believe in the existence of Sun, it will not stop rising in the east.

Astrology is a stepping stone to your spirit to the greater spirit outside. The time you realize that spirit is within you that time you will understand what is destiny and how it controls your life and how to renunciate all these hurdles. There is a guru or master within you listen to him, he is ready to guide you throughout this wonderful path called ‘life’. Astrology, Yoga and many other occult subjects just make the bridge to reach to your inner Guru or master. The day you find your Guru, you will find yourself and the dimension of your life will be changed.

This much is for today, All lessons will be published in my Facebook page, YouTube, and in this Website too so do not forget to like the Facebook page or subscribe YouTube channel to get all updates of my future lessons, where you will learn to see astrology in a totally different way which is more logical than ever you learned. Wait for my next lesson, till then happy learning…

4 thoughts on “Learn Vedic Astrology Step By Step Easily – Lesson 1

  1. Savitha N Kumar says:

    I want to understand the relationship between Vaastu and Astrology.Is it essential to have an understanding of astrology while understanding Vaastu.?Because in Vedic period, Sthapathi were in knowledge of Astrology.

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Savitha Kumar,

      Astrology and Vastu both are interconnected, without a proper understanding of Astrology, you cannot become a successful Vastu expert at all, because any many cases your prediction will not match. You might have seen that in a house many members are staying together and Vastu rules are affecting some member’s life and some are completely out of the Vastu effect, how? have you ever asked the question to yourself? Here astrology can give you the answer. Even by looking at someone’s chart you also can predict complete Vastu of the room he is staying…


    Your introductory part is really knowledge packed duly backed up with logical explanation keeping away Rational thinkers Who call Astrology is Mumbo-Jumbo

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