Marriage Yog In Astrology – First Marriage Yoga

Marriage Yog In Astrology - First Marriage Yoga

Marriage Yog In Astrology – Horoscope: When the lord of 2nd & 7th house are debilitated or weak, and benefic planets are sitting in angles & trines, it is true that it will create some problems in marital life, (but it is not our concern in our present discussion) but, he/she will get married one time only.

Marriage Yog In Astrology – Will I Get Married?

Combination of One Marriage In Horoscope:

If the &th lord & 2nd lord are associated or influenced by a planet which has already become powerful in “sad-bala”, the native will get only one wife/husband.

When mercury is in the 7th house & has occupied a “Navamsa” of Jupiter The native will get married one time only.

If the 7th house is a sign of a benefic planet or Jupiter is lord of that or The Lord of the house is conjunct or aspected by Jupiter so the native will have one marriage.

If Sun is placed in 6th or 12th house & 7th lord is in the navamsa of Mars or Sun, the native will get married one time only.

If The 2nd lord and 7th lord are in their own house so the native will have one marriage.

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Please note:

To judge Marriage Yog In Astrology, besides the natal chart we have to judge the Navamsa also because the Navamsa is the chart for marriages and all secrets of marital life can be unfolded through that. So, do not forget to judge the Navamsa chart beside the Natal chart, otherwise, all your works would be in vain. Other good combinations are there in our ancients books but you have to choose only appropriate points from them, which points are matching with today’s society. Do the research and get more knowledge.

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