Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th Lord – Part 1

Type Of Husband, Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th Lord - Part 1

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology As Per Nakshatra Of 7th House/ Bhav Lord In Of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Part 1: Today I am going to discuss the topic of Marriage, Spouse characteristics, behavior, nature, and the overall theme of your married life. We mostly talk about planets in 7th house and discuss the matter of marriage in consideration of 7th house along with 7th lord placement and D9 chart. Although, 7th lord and its placement in different Nakshatra is as important to accurately know about Native’s happiness and prosperity after marriage and condition of one’s marriage.

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Below, I am predicting married life through the placement of 7th lord in different Nakshatra.

7th lord in Krittika, Uttarashda, Uttara Phalguni Sun’s Nakshatra – Married Life

7th lord in Sun’s  Nakshatra will give independent and free-spirited partner. Your spouse can be dominating but he or she will be very committed to domestic priorities as well. You can easily trust him or her for any endeavors.

Your spouse will be inspiration and torchbearer in your family. Spouse will be successful in life but may have high self-respect and high morals in life. An egoistic and arrogant attitude may cause some misunderstandings with your partner. Although, marriage can be long lasting as you may get a loyal and dependable spouse.

7th Lord in Krittika Nakshatra:- 7th lord in this nakshatra can make your partner very open-minded and sometimes very outgoing. Your partner will be popular at workplace and you may doubt your spouse on commitment, loyalty, and infidelity issues. Spouse can become capricious at times in life. He or she will have overpowering independent attitude in life. Although, he or she will be committed to you.

7th Lord in Uttarashda Nakshatra:- Spouse will be short-tempered but will not leave you in any condition. He or she will love you unconditionally and will be your prime support in your life. You and your spouse may gain wealth and a powerful position through government. Your spouse will give you materialistic comforts and happiness in life.

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7th Lord in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra:-  There will be bitterness and anger issues in your married. You both may become short-tempered and impulsive in decision-making. there will be a lack of clarity and lack of trust in your married life. Some people will feel loss of self-respect and a lack of mutual understanding in their married life. Adjustment and a mellow attitude will be needed to attain happiness in long-lasting marriage.

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7th house lord in Rohini, Hasta, Shravana Moon’s Nakshatra – Married life

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: Your spouse will be loyal and devoted to you.He or she may become very possessive of you. There can be materialistic or gain of property after your marriage. Spouse will be very attractive as well as very tender at heart. 7th lord in Moon Nakshatra will give a lot of sensual pleasure and travel to exotic voyages after marriage. Although, your spouse may suffer from restlessness and confusion after attaining responsibilities in life. He or she can become moody, witty, and sometimes short-tempered.

7th Lord in Rohini Nakshatra:- There will be an increase in materialistic fortune and prosperity after marriage. Children will be intelligent and bright. There will be sense of harmony, comfort, and satisfaction with your life partner.

7th Lord in Hasta Nakshatra:- Spouse will be talented and professionally successful. Your career will attain growth and good height after your marriage. Your spouse can be charitable as well. Spouse will be honest, clean-hearted, and will be lover of Justice.

7th Lord in Shravana Nakshatra:- Some people may desert their spouse or marry multiple times in life. Spouse may become unhealthy and obese in life. Although, few people will travel. There will be happiness, intimacy and protection in your married life.

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7th Lord in Mrigashira, Chitra, Dhanistha Mars’s Nakshatra – Your Marriage

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: There can be issue of domestic violence or emotional manipulation for some people in their married life. You or your partner might blackmail each other emotionally at times. Although, there will be sense of gratitude and respect for each other many times in life. Married life can be long lasting after deep mellow conversation and explaining each other priorities and respecting each other priorities.

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7th Lord in Mrigashira Nakshatra:- Domestic violence can be seen in some cases. There will sadness and detachment from your married partner. You and your partner both will not meet each other’s expectations in your conjugal life. You or your spouse may become sad and depressed due to unpeaceful domestic life and unworthy family members.

7th Lord in Chitra Nakshatra:- Spouse will be very talented and proficient. Spouse may have a successful career. Person will be subservient to their spouse. There will be gains from in-laws as well. Spouse may assist you in your business and profession. There will be monetary support from spouse. Some of your wishes may get fulfilled due to the help of your spouse.

7th Lord in Dhanistha Nakshatra:-  There will be intimacy, happiness, and pleasure in your married life. Although, some people may experience short-lived married life due to some accidents. Love and Arranged Marriage both will be successful if they try to forgive and overcome each other’s fault lines. You may enjoy exotic voyages and foreign travel with your spouse.

7th Lord in Punarvasu, Vishaka, Purvabhadrapada Jupiter’s Nakshatra

Type Of Husband/ Wife In Astrology: Married life will be happy, peaceful, and prosperous. You may gain money from your in-laws. Few people may join business of their in-laws as well. There will be monetary support from spouse. You may run your independent business with the help of your spouse. Your spouse will be wise, honest, devoted, and caring to you. Spouse will support and help you in your endeavors including personal and professional. Souse advise will be very profitable for you.

7th Lord in Punarvasu Nakshatra:- You will have sustainable long-lasting happy married life. You may get married to your soulmate or ideal partner as well. There will be an increase in your earning and good growth in your career after marriage. Prosperity and good luck will follow you after marriage. Your life partner will be a very kind and pious soul. He or she may sacrifice everything for you.

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7th Lord in Vishakha Nakshatra: Spouse can become overbearing and dominating in married life. You may have to agree mutually which you may not like. Sacrifice and adjustments will be needed for a long-lasting marriage. Your spouse may become self-centered and shallow at times. Although, he or she will care for you most in life. Your spouse may become a binding force between you and your family or children.

7th Lord in Poorbhadrapada Nakshatra:-  Your spouse will be cunning, witty, dominating but will be very generous and pious towards you and your family. He or she will be highly educated and intelligent in life. There will be satisfaction and happiness in your married life. You may spend a lot of money on your spouse, lifestyle, and hobbies. Your spouse will care about your needs, desires and will respect you as a human being.

In Part2 I will discuss the rest of the nakshatras and their effect On Married Life.

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