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Late Marriage In Horoscope/ Delay In Marriage In Astrology: Marriage is a very important part of life. There is a saying that the husband and wife complete each other. That means – all we are incomplete in this world, through marriage we try to be complete to lead a happy and prosperous life. Whether really we become complete or not that is controversial. But, yes, one matter is obvious that – Marriage is an integral part of our life & society.  

Like every other important factor of life, marriage should happen at proper times also, otherwise, that doesn’t bring any positive change in our life.  In previous days there were very few cases of late marriage but nowadays it is just increasing day by day and becoming an obvious reason behind the mismatch of sexual demand between two partners which is giving birth – extramarital relationships, childbirth problems and finally, divorce. The effect of this late marriage problem is so high that if it goes in this way, so one day will come when marriages will become rare and we will get a dis-balanced society in the result.   

Like solutions of other problems, Astrology shows us the way to come out of these types of serious problems also, but, before that, you need to know whether you have Late marriage or delay in marriage yoga in your horoscope or not. So, take out your horoscope and match with the planetary combinations in your chart as described below. If these planetary combinations are present so you are going to face the same problem what nowadays so many people are facing – that is “Delay In Marriage“.

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 Late Marriage In Horoscope/ Delay In Marriage In Astrology

Reasons Behind Late Marriage (social): 

So many reasons are there behind the late marriage problem, but here I am going to mention some commons of them.  

1. Miss-conception about marriage.

2. People are becoming over-professional day by day.

3. To become very choosy.

4. Family dependency or responsibilities.  

5. Physical illness.

6. Financial Problems etc.  


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Astrological Reasons For Delay In Marriage In Astrology

(Astrological reasons for delay in marriage)

Planets and houses both are responsible for this. Among all Planets, any malefic planet can cause a delay in marriage – Like – Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu & Ketu. Among all houses, an influence of 8th and 12th houses play a very important role in deciding delay in marriage.

In Late marriages matter, Saturn & Rahu – both of them play the main role and Sun Plays the secondary role. 

Saturn & Delay In Marriage Astrology/ Late Marriage In Horoscope

Saturn is the main karaka or significator to delay anything. When Saturn is involved in delaying anything so that means, it wants to teach you something regarding that matter. Saturn is the great teacher but it teaches us in a harsh way, not in a soft way like Jupiter. Saturn puts you in a problem, – to learn from that problem, to show your lack of what needs to be developed.

If Saturn is responsible for delays in the marriage that means you are not still ready for marriage, you need to learn more about life. Saturn is the type of teacher who will force you not to do that particular thing as long as you are not ready for that, it will make you ready by giving some harsh teachings and then it will give you that stage of life what you always dreamed of. If Saturn is somehow connected with 7th lord, 7th house and or Venus so you should understand that Saturn won’t let you get married till the time your learning is not complete, some learning is still incomplete, what you should learn before getting married.

In these type of situations, Saturn always gives marriage after or around the mid-age – could be after 32 or around 35 years of age. This timing can be changed due to the Planetary periods like – Mahadasa or Antardasa. If The 7th house lord is connected with Saturn is Retrograde or Vakri, so that could make more late like after 35 years of age. Aspect or association of Benefic planets can stop the situation from becoming worse.

Sun & Delay In Marriage In Astrology/ Late Marriage In Horoscope

(Reasons for late marriage in astrology)

Sun is the significator of discipline, authority, power, etc. When Sun will be in an unfavorable position in a birth chart so it will be giving bad results regarding those houses which it is connected with.

Lagna or Ascendant is the Eastern direction of a birth chart and Just opposite to the Lagna 7th house is the Western direction. In Eastern, direction Sun gets directional strength which is very essential for Sun especially. To get directional strength is important for each and every planet but in the case of Sun that is very much important than others. Try to understand why eastern direction means Sun is rising, 10th house Sun means it is in midday also called midheaven and 7th house placement means Sunset, it loses its maximum power, and 4th house means midnight. See your chart – your Sun’s position will tell you that what is your birth time. Now you must be thinking how this directional strength is connected to delay in marriage, right? It is connected. it is one of the major points behind this I must say, but do not think it is the only one, some other factors are also there.

If Sun is not getting the directional strength that means it is not enough strong to give you the full result. Sometimes we can see that “Rajyoga” related Sun also can not give full results due to the lack of directional strength. Now let’s connect this with 7th house or lord. If Sun is present in the 7th house without directional strength but any other strong planet is associating with this planet so that the second planet will be the prime planet to give results regarding that house. If the Sun is “Vargattami” or exalted so the planetary war is possible otherwise the result will be controlled by the second planet. There you can not find any delay in marriage due to the sun. Like – if the second planet is Jupiter so the marriage will happen at the proper age or the marriage will be controlled by Jupiter itself, not Sun.

In conclusion, I want to say in very short that – if Sun is the decisive planet and it is somehow connected with the 7th house or its lord so it will give late marriage. But, always remember, Sun always doesn’t give late marriage, when it is in a state to give any result then only it will give the late marriage. Actually, an unfavorable state of Sun always will make that part of life undisciplined and unorganized. If it is connected with marriage related houses so it will start from giving late marriage and will or may end at divorce or unhappy married life. Sun is also responsible for extramarital relationships due to the lack of understanding between husband and wife.


Mars & Delay In Marriage In Astrology/ Late Marriage In Horoscope

Mars also gives a delay in marriage effect, but not all the time. In some circumstances, Mars also gives early marriage or marriage at the proper time. Today, I am just concentrating on delay in marriage, so I am not going to discuss early or marriage at the proper time here. As a malefic planet if Mars is connected with marriage related houses so it will give late marriage, but, if Mars is 7th house lord (libra Lagna) or aspected by Jupiter, so this type of Mars can not give late marriage if other late marriage indications are not present in the chart. Venus and Mars combination in any marriage related houses can be responsible for delay in marriage. If there is “Mangalik Dosha” in a chart so you should not get married before 28 years of age.   


Rahu & Ketu – Delay In Marriage In Horoscope/ Late Marriage In Astrology:   

Rahu & Ketu are two malefic planets and they also cause a delay in marriage. If Rahu or Ketu connects with marriage-related houses especially 7th house or lord so that will indicate towards delay in marriage. But, remember here Nakshatra lords and depositors of two planets will ultimately control the results of these two planets that – whether they will give late marriage or not. I have seen many horoscopes with Rahu- Ketu’s influence on marriage-related houses but they got married at the proper age. Now the marital life would be happy or not that is different but Rahu-Ketu’s influence always doesn’t mean late marriage, but if the situation is not like above so it will definitely give late marriage. If the nakshatra lord or depositor of these two planets are ill-placed or Malefic planets and also connected to any marriage related houses so a delay in marriage is definite.


Houses of Horoscopes & Delay In Marriage In Astrology:

(Reasons for delay in marriage as per astrology)

Now let’s concentrate on house matters. 7th house is the main house of marriage, 8th house is the conjugal bliss and 12th house represents bed pleasure. If the 7th house becomes empty, it means devoid of any planet’s placement and aspect also, so that will make the house very weak. It will give a delay in marriage. If the 7th house will be aspected by many malefic planets only and devoid of any benefic planet’s aspect so it will indicate towards delay in marriage. In these types of cases sometimes marriage doesn’t happen at all.     

8th and 12th house both are malefic houses. So, like other malefic planets if the 8th house or 12th house or its lord make any relationship with marriage related houses, especially 7th house, so that will indicate late marriage. In the case of house matters, planetary combinations should be judged properly also. In conclusion, Any relation between 7th & 12th house – 7th & 8th house and finally 7th & 6th house can cause a delay in marriage.

Mars is in 7th from Sun or Jupiter and Saturn is there in the 7th house from Moon or Co-joins so the person will get married to a young girl at his middle age.


Venus & Mercury conjoins the 7th house so it can keep a person unmarried throughout his whole life, but if Jupiter influences the yoga by co-joining or aspect then there will be a late marriage.


When Moon & Venus co-join the 7th house and are badly afflicted by Mars & Saturn then the marriage can be obstructed, but if Jupiter aspects 7th house or Mars & Saturn so the native will get married in the middle age.


If 7th house from Lagna, Moon, Venus are afflicted by malefic planets so, late marriage can happen.    

Retrograde Planet & Delay In Marriage In Astrology:

Retrograde planets also play a very very important role in late marriage. We know that marriage related houses are – 2nd, 7th, 11th houses. If any marriage related house lord is retrograde so there will be a  delay in marriage due to that house matter. For example – If the 2nd house is retrograde so the financial matter would be the main reason behind late marriage. If the 7th house is retrograde so it will be hard to get a suitable partner after a lot of searches etc. For everybody, the result would be the same that doesn’t mean because a house only doesn’t indicate one matter. A house indicates several types of matters, – those are directly or indirectly connected to our life. The reason could be anything but retrogression of marriage-related houses will give late marriage definitely.   

Even if the above-mentioned planets are retrograded or any retrograde planet is associated with marriage related houses so that can also give delay in marriage. Sometimes, it has been seen that – if 4th and 12th lord is retrograde or these two houses are associated with retrograded planets so that also gives the delay in marriage.


D-9 Or Navamsa & Delay In Marriage In Horoscope:

Besides the natal chart, we have to judge the Navamsa also, because the Navamsa is the chart for marriages and all secrets of marital life can be unfolded through that. So, do not forget to judge the Navamsa chart beside the Natal chart, otherwise, all your works would be in vain. Other combinations are there in our ancients books but you have to choose only appropriate points from them, which points are matching with today’s society. Do the research and get more knowledge.   


   Remedies For Delay In Marriage In Horoscope:

( late marriage problems astrology / delay in marriage remedies)

After detecting the delay in marriage from the birth chart, now the time to select the exact remedial procedure so that the problem can be solved.

Gemstones: To select the exact gemstone we need to see very carefully that which planet is responsible for late marriage. Always remember, do not give strength to any malefic planet or lord of any malefic house. If any malefic planet is the lord of marriage-related houses so that the planet can come under consideration. Do not ignore the Navamsa /D-9 chart while selecting any remedy, because D-9 is the main chart for marriage.  

Without gemstone, there is a special kind of remedy that will work more efficiently & quickly than gemstone also, but that should be followed according to your horoscope and another chart will be involved there that is called “kurma Chakra”. Be careful, if you select any wrong remedy so it can harm you or may not work at all and as result, it will be a waste of money and time. 

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