Mercury & Education In Astrology

Mercury & Education In Astrology

Education Prediction Astrology

Education In Astrology: Mercury is all about communication & speech, thus all fields related to these two, are indicated by Mercury, like, Telephone, Television, Radio, Journalism, Reporting, documentary film making, etc. 

Writing books or article, this is also one type of communication so it is also governed by mercury itself, and education fields related to this medium of communication are Library, writing books, authorship, the knowledge on literature, linguistic, printing, publishing of any kind, documentation, accountancy, clerical-studies & teaching. 

As Mercury governs speech, it also shows related studies & interpretations, that’s why it governs the study of “Mantras” & Astrology, mostly the mathematical part & the logical part of Astrology related studies. 

Mercury is also a logical planet as I mentioned earlier, and thus governs intellectual & diplomatic fields. 

It is that there is no student like Mercury in this whole creation. In our ancient scriptures it has been mentioned several times, and I have also seen in my practical experiences that, Mercury is really a good learner, if your Mercury is strong in your chart so you can learn anything very quickly than others. It governs, the mental dexterity, it means how quick or fast we can – frame & express our “Thought Process” into “Different Medium” and language is, one of them. Thus it gives the knowledge of sculptor, mathematics, artist, poetry, Writing etc.

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Jaimini Sutra Says:

1. If Mercury is in “Swamsa” then it gives business skill, sculptor & good
knowledge of social & legal norms.

2. Mercury with Jupiter or Venus in the First house or fifth house denotes an
author, Venus & Mercury together gives writing capabilities.

3. In Indian Philosophy six systems are there & “Mimamsa” is one – of them,
when Mercury is in fisrt or fifth house from the “Swamsa”, then it denotes a “Mimamsaka”
or “Involvement-In-interpretation” of texts or available literature.

Education Horoscope In Astrology

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