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Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In Astrology

Unmarried Yog In Horoscope


No Marriage Yog In Astrology 

Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In Astrology

Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In AstrologyHoroscope: The Marriage ruling houses are 1st, 2nd, 7th , 11th & 12th. Remember, these houses should be taken from Lagna, Moon & Venus – for judging the marital life. Some astrologers opine – from Sun also we should judge all those houses, I have never judged it yet. If These houses are weak or badly influenced by malefic planets then the native will not get life partner in his/her life, if somehow he/she will get married, in later age there will be death or separation of the spouse. So how to judge Life without Marriage In Astrology?

In the modern age, the meaning of “Marriage” has changed. So in astrological judgments, we also have to take the matter in a different way. So here we will take as a long term relationship between a man and a woman, later which will convert into a family that will be a “Marriage”/ “Marital Relationship”, but still, there are some controversies, but for the sake of our calculations let’s think that in this way. Here I am not talking about life together at all because that is totally different matter & it is also not the subject of our present discussion.  

To judge whether somebody will get married or not ( to see Unmarried you in Kundli) we have to take five houses, what I have mentioned earlier, those are: Lagna or Ascendant, 2nd, 7th, 11th & 12th.  

Lagna/Ascendant is  The native himself/herself.

2nd house is          :  Relatives of husband or wife of the


7th house is            The opposite sex, here wife or


The 11th house is          :  Long-term relationship or bonding.

The 12th house is          :  The house of expenditure of any kind.      

all those keeps us away from anything(could be money, happiness, children etc.) those all must have a connection with this house somehow, and most importantly the “bed pleasure” also judged from this house.

Let’s see how these houses work together:

Here, when the Lagna or 1st house will be in connection with 7th house or lord, that means the native will come in touch with opposite sex, if this connection somehow connects with 11th house so – that connection of “opposite sex” will become long lasting relationship and lastly the connection of 2nd house will give the relationship a shape of marriage where every relative would agree with the relationship. But, the 12th house or 8th house’s malefic connection can make the relationship very short and the marriage may not happen. I have seen so many cases like this, some relationships even last for years but at last they never get married just because of this type of “yoga” in the horoscope. 

Here I am mentioning some combinations of “life without marriage”  below. But, remember the result will vary sometimes according to the planet’s state, means – the planet is strong or weak, well placed or not, malefic or benefic, other Co-joining planets, aspects of other planets – whether that is good or bad. The benefic planet will always increase the good effect and malefic will increase the bad.    

Other Combinations Of Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In Astrology:

Unmarried yoga in astrology

No Marriage Yoga In Astrology

Rahu is posited in 7th house and is aspected by or conjoined with at least two malefic planets so there will be no marriage in life.

badly afflicted Rahu is posited in 9th house so, the person will not marry.

If Moon & Venus is placed in one house and Saturn & Mars is posited in the 7th house from that particular house so there is very less chance to get married, unless the 7th house is very strong and influenced by benefic planets.

If the 7th lord is a  malefic planet and badly afflicted Moon co-joining with other malefic planet placed in 7th house so there will be no marriage in life.

Venus & Mercury goes to the 7th house and badly influenced by other malefic planets but not influenced by any benefic planet so the native may not marry.

afflicted Saturn & Moon Conjoin the 7th house of Marriage and not getting any influence of any benefic planet, then the result will be similar to the above.

all Malefic planets go to lagna, 7th house & 12th house and afflicted Moon joins the 5th house so the will not marry.

Please note:

To judge Unmarried/No Marriage Yoga In Astrology, beside the natal chart we have to judge the Navamsa also because the Navamsa is the chart for marriages and all secrets of marital life can be unfolded through that. So, do not forget to judge Navamsa chart beside the Natal chart, otherwise, all your works would be in vain. Other good combinations are there in our ancients books but you have to choose only appropriate points from them, which points are matching with today’s society. Do research and get more knowledge.

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  • Rasika Muhandiramge

    dear sir,
    my birth details are
    place: kandy srilanka
    i am still unmarried. want to know that whether the transit of jupiter in virgo will bring some solution.
    my Ascendant: Scorpio
    moon sign: pisces

  • Shagun

    Hi sir

    My dob-22/09/1988
    Sir I have Mangal in 1st house n sun in 7th house….trying for marriage from last 5 years.but no use….can u pls help me n tell me when will marriage happen ??n will it b a happy married life…??


  • ss

    Your daughter is manglik. So make sure that her partner is also manglik. Before going ahead for marriage , perform manglik remedy. Wear an emerald and yellow sapphire and do jaap for rahu and sun 108 times everyday. Avoid black colors completely. Her marriage timing is going on.

  • ss

    You are manglik as per your chart. You should wear an emerald and do remedy for saturn, mars and sun. This will give stability to your marriage as well as career. Your good time for marriage is after august 2018.

  • dd

    Your good time for marriage is till september 2017. You will find partner of your choice. But you should strengthen your moon wearing pearl before that and do some remedy for mars, sun and saturn. Else your marriage will be very much delayed. After september 2017, next 7 yrs is not good for ur marriage.

  • smaranika beura

    Hello Sir

    My dob: 12/02/1989
    Time: 12:30pm
    Place: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

    Sir, there is mars and moon in my lagna house. So am I considered to be a manglik or not! And also when will I get married?

  • ren

    Hi sir: Please tell me if there is a good 2nd marriage for me or not. What I should do for this to happen if there is going to be one. Gender: female; Date of birth: 19/2/1957; Time of birth: 2.30am; Place of birth: Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

  • Dear Dwipannita,

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  • Preeti Randhawa

    Hlo sir its preetijit Kaur . dob 10.09.1989. Time 10.45am. I belong to a Sikh family and a person to whom I want to get marry is from Hindu family. My mother is not agreed for love marriage.. Plzzz tell me know wat to do so that my mother got agreed for. She’s looking another match for me.. Thanx

  • Lavanya S

    Hi sir, my dob:9 Oct 1987 10:03 am, Kolkata
    Many have said that time for my marriage is currently going on….but I still dont have clarity, as I want fulfil some material aspirations too, before getting married….kindly tell whether I’ll find someone of my choice and get married by next year?…if not, then by when?…

  • Rishi

    Hi Sir,
    I am a capricorn ascendent and my 7th house moon in 5th house and 5th house lord venus in 12t house with Rahu. Currently I am in Rahu mahadasha and venus anthar dasha… my love life is not good.. break ups and misunderstandings… can you tell me when will I get married.. and will I marry the one I love…

  • Shailesh

    Hi my son’s birth date is 11 Aug 1989 and he was born in Dahod (gujarat) at 06.00 am. When will he married??