Ultimate Guide To Bhatri/ Bhratri/ Bhratru Karaka in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology

Ultimate Guide To Bhatri= Bhratri- Bhratru Karaka in Vedic- Jamini Astrology

Ultimate Guide To Bhatri/ Bhratri/ Bhratru Karaka in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology – Your siblings, friends, father, gurus, hobbies. The significance of Bhratrikaraka in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart:- Bhatrikarka planet is the third-highest degree of longitude of a planet in your birth chart which is only a lesser degree than Aatmakarka and Amatyakarka planet. This Bhatrikarka planet signifies your 3rd house and 9th house.

It signifies your siblings, friends, hobbies, interests, father’s health, prosperity and the significance and role of a guru in our life. The planet which represents your Bhatrikarka in your horoscope will have a major role in shaping your destiny and your relationship with friends, siblings, father, gurus etc. Although Mars will also have so,e say in it because Mars has natural ownership over Bhatrikarka.

Bhatrikarka is the primary indicator of your siblings and father. It also signifies your higher education, learning and foreign travel. The planet which becomes your bhatrikaraka in your birth chart will play a major role in signifying and shaping your relationship with your siblings, father, friends etc. This bhatrikarka represents your 3rd and 9th house and its significance as well.

There are 7 types of Karkas in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology

  • Aatmakarka- The highest degree of a planet in your horoscope is called Aatmakaraka planet. (Sun is the natural Aatmakaraka-Soul significator in Astrology).
  • Amatyakarka- The second highest degree of a planet in a Horoscope is called Amatyakaraka planet. (Jupiter and Mercury are the natural representative planet for Amatyakarka in Astrology).
  • Bhratrikaraka- The third Highest degree of a planet in a horoscope is called Bhatri Karka. (Mars is the natural representative planet for Bhratrikarka in Astrology). The third and ninth house matters are rep
  • Matrikaraka:- The fourth highest degree of a planet in a  horoscope called Matrikarka( Moon is the natural karaka planet for Matrikaraka in Astrology).
  • Putrakarka :- The fifth highest degree of a planet in a horoscope called Putrakarka. ( Jupiter is the natural karaka for Putrakarka in Astrology).
  • Gnatikarka:- The sixth-highest or second-lowest degree of a planet in your horoscope is called Gnatikarka. ( Saturn is the natural karaka  for Gnatikarka in Astrology)
  • Darakarka:- The lowest degree of a planet in your natal chart is known as your Darakarka planet.(Venus and Jupiter are natural representative planets for Darakarka in Astrology).

Ultimate Guide To Bhatri/ Bhratri/ Bhratru Karaka in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology

Notes:- Rahu & Ketu does not have any ownership in Jamini and Vedic Astrology. These shadow planets do not signify any karaka in Jamini Astrology. They do not own any karaka. They do not own any house.

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How to Calculate your Bhatrikarka in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology

It’s simple, the third-highest degree of a planet in your Kundli will be known as Bhatrikarka. This planet will have lesser degrees than the other two planets in your horoscope which will become your Aatmakarka and Amatyakarka.

The house and sign in which your Bhatrikarka is placed will represent your relationship and behaviour with your siblings, father and guru. It will also represent the nature of your father, siblings, friends and guru in general. Your Bhatrikarka will also signify luck and success in your higher education and travelling or settlement in foreign lands.

Significance of Bhatrikarka in Vedic/ Jamini Astrology

Your Bhatrikarka judges your 3rd house which represents your younger siblings, neighbours, short journeys, your courage, your initiative, your hobbies, your communication efficiency & style, your interest & expertise, ability & death of parents.

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Your Bhatrikarka also judges your 9th house which represents your father, guru, your religious inclination, your overall fortune, your foreign travels and your higher education.

Effect of Different Planets as Bhratikarka in Your Horoscope

Sun as Bhatrikarka in Horoscope:- When Sun is your BK then it gives success in your fathers, brothers and sisters’ life. Your interest and talent in sports and politics may give you good success and wealth in life.

Your relationship with your father or siblings may become sour at times. The inclination towards your media, entertainment, arts and music may give you popularity and recognition at a young age. Foreign travel and foreign settlements will be fruitful in general.

Moon as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:- When Moon is your BK then it gives a very emotional connection with your father and siblings. Your friends will be supportive and your siblings or associates will be trustworthy.

You may acquire multiple properties in life. Your father will lend you financial support. Success through higher education in foreign land is assured. Carer media field or fine arts may lead to a lot of wealth and fame. You may become a popular editor, writer, or publisher in life.

Mars as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:-  Mars as BK will give some tiffs and ego tussles with your father and siblings.Although, your father, siblings and guru will support you in the time of your need.

You may inherit properties and wealth from your father. You may acquire multiple houses and properties in life. Success in the field of administration, management and sports is possible. Mars as BK will also give you sound health and may make you multi-talented in life. Real-estate work will bring an aristocratic lifestyle and ample wealth.

Mercury as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:- Mercury as BK will bring some ups and downs in your relationship with your father and siblings.Although, your Guru may take you a long way in terms of wisdom, and knowledge growth.

You will get success in life after the age of 33, especially in foreign lands. Self-employment will bring significant wealth and popularity. Career in writing, communication and technology-oriented field will bring big success after the age of 32.

Jupiter as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:-  Jupiter as BK will bring happiness, support and success with the help of your father or guru. Your relationship with your siblings and friends will be sweet. They will support you in your crucial times. Fathers will lend financial support as well as bring mental peace, happiness and prosperity to your life.

Your father will reduce the burden of responsibilities and your guru will bring knowledge, wisdom and skills to your life. You may also have some god gifted talent in you. Pursuing your hobby as career will bring big success in life. Your father will be prosperous and successful as well.

Venus as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:-  Venus as BK will fetch a lot of opportunities for growth and success in life. Travelling in foreign lands may bring a rise in your fortune. Your interest in arts, music, acting, and modelling may bring big gains and favour in your life. Success in showbiz and advertising world is possible.

Your father and siblings will be loving, caring and very supportive in life. Although, you may not meet a spiritual guru but you yourself will be full inclined towards spirituality where you will get wisdom through your own learnings and experiences. Success through media, acting, singing, and spirituality is possible. You may become a popular writer, scholar and social activist.

Saturn as Bhatrikaraka in Horoscope:- Saturn as Bk may bring many difficulties and roadblocks in your life. Relationships with your father and siblings will be strained. There will be no support from parental family and relatives in your life. Although, you will be a self-made man after going through a lot of struggles and roadblocks.

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Career will see ups and downs but your growth will start after the age of 38. Career or employment in foreign country will bring success and gains. Higher education in medical and engineering fields will bring success, stability and ample money in life. Your sibling or friends will not be trustworthy.

Bhatrikaraka in Different Houses in Birth Chart/ Kundli/ Horoscope

Bhatrikarka in first house:- It will give success through own hard work. The native will make his or her fortune through a lot of devotion towards his or her own work and education. Success through foreign people or travel in foreign land is assured. Self-employment may brig popularity. Travel related work or business will give prosperity. Success in politics is assured.

Bhatrikaraka in second house:- It will bring success through family business or through higher education. Your father will play a key role in your growth and prosperity. Domestic life will be peaceful and happy. Success in the field of management, accounting and administration is assured. The cosmetics and garments business will run well.

Bhatrikarka in third house:-  BK in 3rd house will bring success in sports, media and arts. Siblings will be successful and they will lend financial support in their time of need. You may acquire a high position in your career at a young age. Marketing, advertising and promotion related work will bring good growth, success and recognition.

Bhatrikarka in fourth house:- BK in 4th house may give properties and wealth in form of inheritance in life. Although, you may also build your own house and property with your hard-earned money. Father’s social status will be high. You may see some failures in your career before achieving success.

Bhatrikarka in 5th house:- You may live in your ancestor’s or father’s house till the age of 25. Childbirth will bring wealth and fortune and success in life. Job or business initiated in foreign countries will flourish. You will prosper outside your birthplace. success after the age of 25 is possible.

Bhatrikarka in 6th house:- Your family members may dislike you. You may get involved in litigation matters more than once in life. Property related conflicts may happen with your siblings. Some loss of wealth is assured. Although, you will become victorious and successful after the age of 42. You may shine in politics.

Bhatrikarka in 7th house:- Arranged marriage will be successful. Your marriage may bring some wealth,  properties and precious gits as an inheritance in your life. Your father will do well in his career.

Native’s social status will rise after marriage. Childhood will be full of struggle but you will prosper after the age of 30. Your siblings will also succeed in their jobs or business.

Bhatrikarka in 8th house:- It will bring a lot of setbacks and obstacles in life. Some people may face imprisonment for a few years. You may get involved in some kind of crime or scandal. You may make a lot of wealth in life but may lose all because of your foolishness. Your guru or inspiration may thug you in life.

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Bhatrikarka in 9th house:-  It will bring success in higher education. You may acquire scholarships and employment in foreign land. Success in career in foreign countries is assured. You may settle permanently there. Your father will be happy, healthy, prosperous and satisfied with life. You may meet your guru who will guide you on the right path at a young age.

Bhatrikarka in 10th house:-  BK in 10th house will outstanding success in your education and career. You may get prosperous and settled early in life. Your hard work will bring full rewards and you may get big popularity or recognition in life through your hard work.

Bhatrikarka in 11th house:- If your Bk is in 11th house you will earn from multiple sources. You may become very wealthy in life after the age of 30. Some people may also be born into a rich family and inherit their father’s wealth, business and properties. You will be fortunate and luck will favour you most.

Bhatrikarka in 12th house:- If your BK is in your 12th house and then you may meet with dejection, failure and struggle in the first half of your life. Although, success and prosperity will follow you in your second half of life, especially in foreign lands. You may become an excellent writer, astrologer, scientist, reporter, singer etc.

Bhatrikarka Vargottam in Horoscope/D1/D9:-  When BK planet becomes Vargottam then the malefic results of that planet will reduce. The planet will get a boost in strength. If a benefic planet becomes Vargottam as Bhatrikarka then it will bring all sorts of comfort, joy and happiness in life. Success at a young age is assured and childhood days will be happy. Success in higher education in foreign lands is assured.

Bhatrikarka Retrograde or Debilitated in Horoscope:-  Debilitated and retrograde Bhatrikarka will bring many difficulties in family life. Your relationship with your father and siblings may suffer badly. You may become detached and separated from your family at a young age. Although, you will succeed with your own hard work and determination away from your birthplace.

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