How Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope Determine Your Career

How Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope Determine Your Career

How Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope Determine Your Career: Importance and significance of amatyakaraka planets in career and profession:- Amatyakaraka planet is deals with one’s action, karma, deeds. Different planets as amatyakaraka result in various different career life.. one’s affinity and skill towards a particular profession is determined by amatyakaraka planet. To find out your Amatyakaraka Planet follow this instruction mentioned in this article.

Amatya means one who’s Very near to the King(means aatmakaraka in (Jaimini astrology) and whose recommendation king seeks. Thus the Benefic auspicious friendly relation or aspect between AK(aatmakaraka) and AMK(amatyakaraka) has been considered as Raj yoga of the highest order. If amatyakaraka planet in strength and in good dignity, it will probably execute all the orders of the natives Atma or soul.

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Career and Profession By Different Amatyakaraka Planets

To determine career and profession there are many ways in Vedic astrology and one of them I have mentioned below. A combination of all important rules will help you to know about someone’s career or which career the person should go for. you can also check career according to planets, career according to Zodiac signs, career according to houses, should you go for business or job according to your horoscope and much more. I have written many articles on career, please search for them and implement those rules to predict successfully.

When Sun Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope:- When Sun becomes your Amatyakarak planet, it will provide a profession related to Government Job &service  Administrative officer, Magistrate, Doctor, Politician, Teacher, etc.

Franklin Roosevelt had Sun as Amk in his horoscope. Amatyakaraka Sun was in 10th home with 10th Lord Venus. Although Venus was posited in the 10th of his horoscope nonetheless the Career was made in Politics by Amatyakaraka Sun. Great Political Leader and our former prime minister  Lal Bahadur Shastri had Sun as amatyakaraka in his Kundli or horoscope.

When Moon Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope:- Amatyakaraka Moon Will give Profession related to psychological work, Philosopher, blogger, novel writer, film writer, journalist, Spiritual Person, orator, Business in Liquid elements and so on.

As Moon additionally represents ladies or Ladies, so Amatyakaraka Moon might give business related to Ladies product or cosmetic, jewelry additionally. Big businessmen and Bureaucrats are found with Amatyakaraka Moon in their horoscope. It gives success in water sports as well.

The great orator and spiritual Guru, the man of Wisdom Swami Vivekananda also had Amatyakaraka Moon conjunct with Saturn in 10th house or 10th bhav. Many eminent personalities in spiritualism Sri Prabhupad, Aurbindo Ghosh, Sai baba and so on do have Amatyakaraka Moon in their chart. So we should draw the conclusion that amatyakaraka Moon in their chart was significant and superb for spiritual progress and fame in their line of work.

When Mars Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Kundli:- When we see Mars as Amatyakaraka in a native horoscope, we will say that the particular person is most fitted for any form of army or defense work. Mars is the warrior and Army chief among the many planets.

It is Full of anger, energy, and power. So Amatyakaraka mars relatively try to carry that power in Profession and Careers like  Engineering, Police, Military, Surgeon, Investigator and so on in other security forces. it also gives success in property and construction business. It gives success in physical and speed-oriented sports like racing, wrestling, cricket, football, rugby, etc.

When Mercury Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope:-  Amatyakaraka Mercury in a horoscope offers a profession related to media and communication, mimicry, Business of renting money and property with interest rate, Education, lecturers, clerks, Auditors, accountant and etc.

Mercury bestows native talent in arithmetic and Logic and analytical skill and ability. So if an individual has Amatyakaraka Mercury,  develop into good Lawyer, scientist. So Good Marketing strategists have ideal auspicious benefic Mercury in strength with affliction or combustion. Many natives with this combination rise in life financially with tact and effective communication and presence of mind.

When Venus Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Your Birth Chart:- In today’s World Venus is an important Planet. Because most of the materialistic prosperity and luxurious comforts that we need to possess is comes under the management and rulership of Venus. So a powerful and unafflicted Venus is a karmic blessing. when Venus becomes  Amatyakaraka in a horoscope, Venus can provide a profession associated with Acting, Singing and all kind of inventive discipline.

It may also derive yield profession related and associated with internet designing, the creativity of fine arts as well as performing arts. the sense in literature and writing and career in acting, singing, dancing, anchoring, graphics designing, style designing, etc. Many big short famous  Politicians have Amatyakaraka Venus in their horoscope of D1 or Lagna charts like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and many others.

When Jupiter Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope:- We all know that Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, education, wisdom, Religion,  and so on. So amatyakaraka Jupiter can point out the Profession associated with Teaching, Professors, Scholars, Priests, Religious leaders and so on. Jupiter additionally signifies Money.

So when Jupiter turns amatyakaraka in a horoscope, Jupiter can provide an excellent position in the Banking Profession or profession in astrology, gemology, intellectual sports like chess and progress in the path of meditation, yoga. Jupiter also maintains the overall prosperity of the native.suceess and money through agriculture is very much possible in this combination.

When Saturn Is Amatyakaraka Planet In Kundli:-  We know that Saturn signify jobs associated with laborious work, repetition, service to the society and so on. So when amatyakaraka is  Saturn in a horoscope then it gives success and popularity in the line of hardware service, occupation in transport line, factories of iron ore, mines, etc and it might probably truly turn an individual career in clerk, Government servant, Social employee and so on. It is the planet of Justice as well.

So the native with amatyakaraka Saturn can develop into good judicial officers or judges. It additionally signifies Masses. So a popular  Mass Leader can also be indicated with Amatyakaraka Saturn.


An Extra Note On Placement Of Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope

Its Placement in Kendra or angular houses like (1,4,7,10) from Lagna provides Good intelligence. If Amatyakaraka Planet is in Kendra from Atmakaraka Planet, it creates a Raj Yoga and the native begins utilizing his/her intelligence from an early age. If it’s positioned in 10th house from ascendant or with 10 lords it creates a Raja Yoga of prosperity and fame through a career as well.

If in trikona or trine house liken 5th and 9th house from Lagna only then it gives a lot of wealth after middle age after gaining knowledge and wisdom through struggle.

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