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Manglik Dosha/ Mangal In Horoscope & Remedies

Manglik Dosha In Horoscope In Astrology

Manglik or Mangal Dosha in Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Mangal Or Manglik Dosha In Horoscope Astrology: In our society, there are so many misconceptions about Manglik or Mangal Dosha. Parents of Manglik girl or boys can not sleep at night properly due to the scare of this yoga. They find it very difficult and many time become harassed and frustrated also in choosing bride or groom for their son or daughter. I get questions like that: “does Manglik dosha really matterCan Manglik dosha be removed? some ask: how to remove Manglik dosh from Kundli? or does Manglik dosha gets cancelled after 28? Some people who are very scared they ask something like: Sir,  how to solve Manglik dosha? Some people try to hide that their son or daughter have Manglik dosh, then they ask little bit different way: Sir, how to remove Manglik dosha of girl? or how to remove Manglik dosha of boy? If you have same questions, so do not worry, today you will get all your answers.


 The Reality Of Mangal Or Manglik Dosh In Astrology:

What does Manglik dosha mean: When Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd , 4th, 7th , 8th , and 12th house, so the native is said to have or suffer from “Manglik” or “Mangal Dosha” and it is also said that if a girl is Manglik or a boy is Manglik so their spouse will die after marriage.

In my practice life, I have seen so many couples with “Manglik Dosha” is leading their normal marital life with children. 

So, what is the actually meaning of this Mangalik Dosha ? is there really any harm to marry a Manglik person? Here is the answer: 

The actual reason behind Mangal or Mars is considered so important in the case of marriages especially if that planet is in one of the above-mentioned houses. Mars is a fiery planet and if placed in those houses so it can give a good potential of sexual drive. The native will be sexually very sensitive and sometimes obsessed, depending on the other factors of a horoscope. And think if the sexual need does not match between the couple so, plenty of problems arise. It is very easy to say that “Marriage” is not only for sex but practically the picture something different, it plays a great role in keeping peace in marital life. 

If someone can not fulfil the sexual demand of his/her partner one misunderstanding starts and side by side the physical condition of the opposite also become worse. For all these reasons, it is advised that a ‘Manglik’ should marry a ‘Manglik’ only, otherwise a lot of other problems will arise. Sometimes it may result in divorce also. Do not think at all that somebody has ‘Manglik Dosha’ that means the partner of that person will die. It is a wrong concept. If other “Death of spouse” yoga or combinations are not present in horoscope so only ‘Manglik Dosha‘ can not be a prime cause of death of the partner. 

Does Manglik dosha really matter?  

It is very interesting that no classic take this yoga so violently or on a serious note how some unskilled and untrained astrologers take just to bag some bucks. Some astrologers have misinterpreted the original “Sanskrit Sloka” and have misguided general people. Mars is our kinetic energy which is responsible for our each and every action on the physical and mental level. Many natives are worried about mManglikdosha. Mars is a planet of aggression for sure and it can cause some hot arguments in marriage. But Mars alone can not be responsible for separation from spouse. Manglik dosha is the most feared dosha among many natives but actually it is not so. Hence look for other malefic aspects in the chart, especially if sun, Rahu and Saturn are involved in forming bad yogas for marriage. Also after 28 years the maleficness of Mars also gets reduced. Moreover, there are many yogas for cancellation of Manglik dosha. It’s is always better to check for mental compatibility, for example, the position of moon in couples chart.

Some other factors are there also, I will be explaining all according to the placement of Mars in those houses where it is called ‘Mangalik’:

Manglik Dosha in 1st House

(Mangal Dosha In Horoscope)

1st house is the house of physical fitness. When Mars is here it aspects 4th house of domestic peace and mental happiness, 7th house of marriage & sex, lastly 8th house, the house of longevity & sexual organs, all these essential components of marital happiness are affected due to the placement of this planet. when mars are in 1st house, it affects 1st house by sitting there and aspects 4th, 7th and 8th house. 1st is the house is of self and mars is the will of the person. With this position, a person shows an excess of self which builds ego. I do this or I did this etc are the words spoken. The person is very active, aggressive and intolerant of others. He cannot sit at one place as energy pushes him to move. His actions involve movement and haste. He is frequently seen reading while moving, turning pages frequently, and changing topics of study frequently etc. 

Manglik Dosha in 2nd House

(Manglik Dosha In Horoscope)

2nd house in the horoscope represents the relatives of the spouse and the wealth of the native, from here Mars aspects 8th house, 5th house of love & bonding, and the 9th house of general destiny. So due to this placement, Mars damages the components of those houses.


Manglik Dosha in 4th House 

(Manglik dosha in Vedic astrology)

This is the house of mental peace and domestic happiness if Mars is placed here it damages the 4th house components and due its aspect on the 7th house, the house of sex and attraction between husband & wife come under the shade of unhappiness. The 4th house is the house of inner peace, vehicle, mother, home/shelter etc. Mars will activate this house on 3 levels mental, physical or emotional level depending on the sign of the 4th house. If the moon is in calm and fixed signs like Taurus or Aquarius, moon will absorb mars energy to a great extent and utilise this in a creative channel and reduce harm to 4th house affairs considerably if any. Now if moon is in movable sign Aries/cancer/Libra/Capricorn, it will activate mind differently eg. Moon in Aries with mars aspect shall put mind on high alert. Cancer moon aspected by mars shall boil the water of cancer giving rise to suppressed emotions. Libra moon having 4th aspect of mars shall struggle for balance in 4th house affairs while Capricorn moon aspected by mars shall use energy for practical works for a long duration such as in building and construction works. This is one aspect of mars and how its energy will be used.


Manglik Dosha in 7th House 

(Kuja dosha in Vedic astrology)

I have mentioned above the importance of 4th house in case of Manglik dosha. Mars just damage all those and also damage the 2nd house which is the house of longevity of the spouse. 7th house is for wife or husband (though in a female chart Jupiter should also be taken into consideration), partnership, travels, and relations with others. This mars energy shall activate these affairs and watches the response of energy whether it is absorbed or reflected. If these energies are absorbed by partner, there shall be no danger to harmony between them. There are lot many activities denoted by 7th house and if there is harmful inclination of mars towards partner it can be diverted in other activities to reduce harm if any. In the analysis of Manglik, the role of planet Venus is of paramount importance since it is the planet of attraction/love/lust/attachment and acts as a glue to bind both partners. If 7th and 1st houses are linked with Venus, there is no danger of quarrels or separation and energy shall flow through love and sex.


Manglik Dosha in 8th House 

(Mangal Dosha In Astrology)

8th house indicates the longevity of the person whose horoscope you are judging, this is also the house of “Mangalya” and “Mangal Sutra” for a wife, if Mars is placed in that house, so, it damages the longevity and accident or injuries may happen. 8th house is the house of transformation via surgery. As in surgery, an unwanted portion is taken off for the betterment and survival, similarly on mental level surgery calls for leaving out unwanted thoughts and become pious to enter the temple of next 9th house which is temple/religion house. In nutshell here you are stripped off unwanted things and thoughts. Here mars energy should be used properly as this house of murder, intense/perverted sex, drugs and divorce etc. This is the house of meditation also and if this mars energy is used in meditation or studying mystery books/ carrying out research works, harmful effects can be easily diverted. Such person must be given a task to tackle and arrange home in the manner he/she wants and see the miracle. There shall be perfect harmony as you have channelized this energy in the task of his/her choice and left with no more energy for any harm.


Manglik Dosha in 12th House

(Manglik Dosh In Kundli)

12th house indicates bed-pleasure of a married couple for their sexual enjoyment, and if Mars is placed in this house so it also aspects 7th house of sex and conjugal peace & happiness and damages both the 12th house and 7th house components what I have already discussed above. This house also keeps a partner away from each other. This house alone indicates separation instead of official divorce


Manglik Dosha Cancellation/  Manglik Dosha Remedies

Manglik dosha remedies Vedic astrology: In the beginning of this article I had mentioned what people generally ask, does Manglik dosha gets cancelled after 28 yearshow to remove Manglik dosh? Or is there any Manglik dosha remedies after marriage? The remedy I am going to mention here you may find it a little bit different than conventional one, that’s because, the way some other see Manglik dosha I do not see in that way.

Manglik Remedy Through Universal Energy: There is a universal law of energy that says: the sum of energy is constant. The sum of energy radiated by mars in 3 directions is constant and if you can divert this energy to one house more. You will get reduced energy in other house after all this is the subtle philosophy behind the use of stones. Here 3 directions refer to 3 aspects of Mars 4th, 7th and 8th. Now here one question may come in your mind that when Mars is in Lagna or 1st house can I not divert the energy? yes, you can, then you need to divert that to energy of Lagna lord. This makes us very clear that surface area and the refractive index of stone is of paramount importance rather than advising amount of rattis (6,7,8) gemstone etc. Moreover, gemstones rearrange energy and their impacts on houses should be considered properly if a gemstone is at all required.  

Mars has a natural affinity with Venus which can act as the best absorber of extra energy of mars. Venus represents all acts involving fun, beauty, sports, sex etc. If a person is having Manglik dosh in horoscope, even then one can bring smile and harmony in the family by understanding where to use his/her energy of his/her interest area with safety. This can be very well managed with a thorough analysis of horoscope, after all, there is always umbrella for rain and shelter house for even nuclear invasion. Think positive you will see the light of happiness.

Manglik Dosha Remedy Through Chakra Meditation: Mars is a very materialistic planet. It represents very bodily things and connected relationships. That’s the reason Mars has an ego. Ego is very much materialistic and obstructs the spiritual path of a person. If there is Manglik Dosha in your chart, that indicates that the martial energy within you is imbalanced. To balance the energy you need to follow the procedure of chakra meditation for Mars. Mooladhara is the chakra for Mars. This is the energy centres where all Mars related energies are there. Some people also think Manipura or Sacral Chakra is the base of Mars. But, I believe on practical practices of spiritual laws, where Mooladhara has proved to be most perfect base of the Mars.

1.Sit in any pose or asana, 

2. Close your eyes, 

3. Take three long breath with slow exhalation,

4. First, concentrate on your each natural inhalation and exhalation for minimum 5 minutes, your body will become very calm,

5. Now slowly move your consciousness to Mooladhara Chakra. shape: reverse triangle, colour: Red, try to keep your consciousness here as long as you can, try to keep every other thought away for the time being.

6. When you are done, again just move your consciousness to your breath and then open your eyes.

This meditation procedure is very effective and has been applied on many people successfully, they got amazing result. This procedure will not only solve your ‘Manglik Dosha’ but also will give you many other benifits. You will find that people are attracting towards you very easily than before, this drastically increases your attraction power if you can practice it properly. Without depending on any other object like a gemstone, locket, yantram etc. it would be better if you can unfold the hidden treasure within you. The use of other objects like gemstones, yantam etc can be doubtful due to the lack of authentic source or person. 

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