All About Cancer Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies

All About Cancer Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies With Prediction

All About Cancer Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies: Combinations In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Cancer, the disease which the medical field has not yet found the proper cause of. If it is not diagnosed at the first stage, then it can prove to be fatal. Through chemotherapy, this disease can be treated to some extent but the rest is in the hands of God. 

How to Predict Cancer Disease In Astrology

Cancer is not actually the name of a particular disease. It refers to a group of diseases that involve unregulated cell growth of our body. In cancer, cells of our body divide into many forms and then grow completely in an irregular way and sometimes form malignant tumors that harm or invade nearby cells of particular parts of the body.

If it is not treated for a longer period of time, then there will be a high possibility of the malignant tumor to spread to more other distant parts of the body with the help of our bloodstream or the lymphatic system. This disease should be handled or treated in a proper way because it is fatal and may cause death to a person.

Astrological Combinations For Cancer Patients – Medical Astrology

How to predict cancer disease in astrology: Whether a person will be affected by cancer or not, can be judged through astrology. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. If we can understand the possibility of cancer in our loved ones, then we can prevent that before the disease goes out of hand.

Let us see, how astrology can help us in this regard. Below are some astrological combinations which indicate that a person has a tendency have cancer.

  1. Planetary significations of cancer disease in astrology

All planets in astrology are somehow responsible for this deadly disease, but few planets influence the disease more. They are as follows:

  1. Saturn
  2. Rahu
  3. Ketu
  4. Mars
Planetary Combinations For Cancer Disease In Horoscope/ Kundli

Houses and Planets Leads To Cancer Disease In Medical Astrology

  • Ascendant or Lagna or 1st house of the horoscope its strength
  • The Sun rules over the vitality of our body – The factor like where Sun placed in a horoscope and the status of its strength.
  • Sign Virgo and Cancer – Virgo represents the illness of the body as it is the 6th house of the natural zodiac. The sign Cancer is the indicator of the overall happiness of our body and mind and plays a very important role in judging breast cancer disease in medical astrology.
  • The 6th house of the horoscope and its lord as it deals with any kind of diseases according to medical astrology.
  • The 8th house of the horoscope and its lord as it deals with death due to any terminal disease and longevity according to medical astrology.
  • The 12th house of the horoscope and its lord as it deals with over-expenditure due to any disease and hospitalization according to medical astrology
  • The 11th house of the horoscope and its lord represents the cure of any disease.
  • Planet Saturn slows down the curative process of any disease and in some special occasions linger to death. Saturn is called the significator of 8th
  • Mars indicates the surgery of the body part.
  • Rahu is the master to complicate any disease.
  • Ketu represents the wrong treatment in medical astrology

Planets in Astrology and Cancer-causing body parts:

  • Sun & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Stomach, Head (Brain), Heart
  • Moon & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Breasts region, Lungs
  • Mars & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Reproductive organs, Rectum, Blood (Especially red blood cell), Uterus, Bone marrow, and Neck.
  • Mercury & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Nose, Mouth region, Umbilicus
  • Jupiter & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Ears (two), Liver and Thighs
  • Venus & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Reproductive organs (male, female both), Throat
  • Saturn & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Legs, Hands, Feet, and Gums
  • Rahu & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Unusual growth of any part of body
  • Ketu & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Neck and Back or Spine

Houses & Cancer causing areas in the body

  • 1st House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Brain and Head
  • 2nd House & & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Mouth area
  • 3rd House & & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Throat and Neck
  • 4th House & & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Chest, Back, Breasts and Lungs,
  • 5th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Stomach, Blood, Stomach and Bone Marrow
  • 6th House & & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Liver, Pancreas, and Kidneys
  • 7th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: All Reproductive organs
  • 8th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Spine, Rectum, and Piles
  • 9th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Thighs
  • 10th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Knees
  • 11th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Legs
  • 12th House & Cancer causing body parts in Astrology: Feet


Let us look at some combinations of astrology which may signal the occurrence of cancer in a person

  1. When Rahu is connected with Moon, 8th house, 6th house, or Lagna then the chance of cancer could be predicted. The assurance will come if the Lagna lord is very much afflicted by other malefic planets or debilitated. Only Rahu’s connections with the above mentioned house or planets do not assure this disease. The Lagna and moon both should be weak, afflicted or debilitated in horoscope
  1. If there is a connection between 6th house, Lagna, 12th house and 8th house and Rahu or Ketu is there are any of these houses, then the chance of cancer could be there. Here also, the Lagna or the Lagna lord should be afflicted or weak. 12th house, 8th house if both the house lords are exchanging each other’s houses then the person will be affected by cancer and at the first stage will be suffering a lot also. But ultimately, he or she will be cured at the end
  1. The 11th house of the horoscope represents the success of any kind. In case of recovery from Cancer also, 11th house should be checked carefully whether that is well connected with the aforementioned combinations or not

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  1. Sun’s affliction in the birth chart or Kundli and connection with malefic Saturn and Rahu, 6th house, 8th house or 12th house then the chances of cancer will be very high
  1. If Rahu and Saturn both are placed in the 6th house or 8th house and the lord of 6th or 8th house is connected with weak or afflicted Lagna lord or house, then the probability of suffering from cancer is high
  1. Breast Cancer in Medical Astrology – The affliction of Moon and the zodiac sign Cancer, these two factors are very important in case of judging these types of diseases. The zodiac sign Cancer is the 4th house of natural zodiac or Kaalpursha. If Moon and the zodiac sign are weak or afflicted and at the same time 4th house of the horoscope is also afflicted by Rahu or Saturn, then there is a very high chance of breast cancer
  1. Blood Cancer in Medical Astrology – Here Mars plays the main role. Mars represents the hemoglobin level of our blood, the number of red blood cells or RBCs and the bone marrow. If Mars is afflicted by another malefic planet Rahu or Saturn or Mars itself is 8th house or 6th house lord and connected with other malefic planets of horoscope through nakshatra or any other means and at the same time, Lagna house or lord is badly afflicted or weak, then there would be a high chance of blood cancer.

The position of Saturn in a horoscope should be observed very carefully before the final prediction. If Saturn or any other malefic planets of the aforementioned combinations or houses, get the influence of benefic and strong Jupiter or Moon, then chances of blood cancer would be less. 

  1. Skin Cancer in Medical Astrology – Mercury represents the skin of our body. The fair pigmentation of the skin is represented by Moon, Venus and Jupiter and black pigmentation of the skin are represented by Saturn and Rahu and Mars give the reddish color on the skin, whereas Jupiter and Venus give pinkish color. The base level of skin from the upper level to the epidermis is controlled by Mercury. If Mercury is weak and afflicted by any malefic planet like Saturn, Rahu and Mars in connection with 8th house and 6th house then it leads to skin cancer. In these types of cases, Rahu’s position should be observed very carefully. If Rahu is indicative of any disease in a horoscope it gives very odd kinds of long term suffering diseases, whereas Ketu indicates the wrong treatment. Saturn also represents long-term illness but the disease would be cured very slowly. But in case of Rahu, the condition of the patient will become worst day by day and if the combination is connected with the 11th house somehow, then the patient gets cured suddenly. 
  1. Throat Cancer In Medical Astrology – If Saturn and Rahu aspects or placed in 3rd house and if 6th, 8th, or 12th house or their lords are also connected then that indicates throat cancer. 

Always remember, while judging the horoscope to find out Cancer-related diseases, whatever the combination could be, but the Lagna lord should be debilitated or somehow weak or afflicted then only the combinations mentioned above will make the person suffer from cancer. Because Lagna represents, the physical existence and immunity system of a person.

As long as Lagna is not afflicted ie the physical body of a person is not afflicted till then the immunity system of the person is strong. So whatever the disease may come, the person’s body has the power to protect it at the initial stage, so that will not lead to the group of disease called Cancer.

Astrological Remedies For Cancer Disease – Medical Astrology 

Medical science is stating that there is no way out of cancer if it has reached a certain stage. But nothing is impossible in this world if you really wish to do something. The remedy of Cancer can be by two procedures.

  1. Prevention – As I said earlier, that prevention is better than cure. So if you see the chances of cancer in any native’s chart do not tell them clearly otherwise the person will panic and the situation may go worse. Just tell them the preventive measure which can work for their betterment.

For Cancer, first, find out which is the ruling planet which can be the cause of Cancer for that native. Do the spiritual healing of that particular planetary energy and give support to that person’s Lagna of the horoscope. Each planet represents each chakra in our body, so after finding the cancer disease ruling planet, heal the related chakra, it will heal the disease or cure the disease in return.

You can go for gemstone oriented remedies for the particular Lagna lord or other kinds also. But gemstone remedies cannot cure cancer at all. To know more about remedies click here 

     2. Cure – Here a group of procedures should be performed at the same time as follows:

  • Yoga & Pranayama: Vastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom
  •  Ayurveda :
  1. Amla: This is the best Ayurveda item to prevent and cure cancer.
  2. Garlic: Garlic has flavonoids Sulphur, selenium and arginine that can fight against cancer efficiently.
  3. Turmeric: It is one of the best-known anti-cancer in Ayurveda after Amla.
  4. Ashwagandha: Give the body the capacity to fight against cancer.
  • Energy Establishment: This part is very crucial and important. In this universe, everything is energy at the base level. This topic should be understood very carefully and at a deep level. Through this, you can cure not only cancer but any kind of disease existing till now in the world or new diseases that can be discovered in the future. This procedure can also be called Energy Balancing. I will talk about this topic in detail in my next article.

DisclaimerInformation has been provided in this article should be taken with an intention to share astrological knowledge for educational purpose only. The article is not written with the intention to replace any medical diagnosis/ procedure.

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