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Diabetes In Horoscope-Medical Astrology, Remedy

Diabetes In Horoscope-Medical Astrology, Remedy – Part 1

Diabetes In Horoscope-Medical Astrology, Remedy: Diabetes have become actually a terror nowadays. A very common & most heard disease in the world, it could be of any type like genetic where person gets this disease from gene to be diabetic or can be due to lack of exercise or simply laziness, which causes low metabolism power in the body and in result inability to have sugary foods.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of the endocrine gland pancreas. Whenever we eat, the pancreas automatically produces the correct quantity of insulin to breakdown the sugars into bodily glucose and carbohydrates which is the primary way to obtain energy. A person is considered as diabetic when in body becomes unable to produce or properly uses insulin hormone which is vital to convert glucose, starches and several other carbohydrates into energy levels.

Diabetes is characterized by the continuous and high levels of blood glucose. Though middle aged or higher weight individuals are mostly suffering from Diabetes. It may also be seen in children. Overweight, insufficient exercise, family history and stress boost the likelihood of diabetes. The most common symptoms of the disease are regular urination, uncommon thirst, weakness, lack of weight despite of raises appetite and diet, itching and boils etc. When bloodstream sugar level is continually high it can result in kidney failure, cardiovascular neuropathy and problems. It is stated that, Patients with diabetes are 4 times much more likely to have cardiovascular system disease and strokes than other non-diabetic patients. The control of diabetes mostly depends upon diet, medication and exercise.

Sometimes a diabetic condition takes us to ‘leukoderma, the medical health conditions due to phlegm and wind. It causes problems to the optical eye, and the power of vision. These type of medical conditions are triggered by Venus in Astrology. Urinary diseases are indicated by Venus also. Generally diabetes worsens and leads eventually to the damage of the kidneys. For this reason combinations for urinary issues and renal complications need to be considered.

Jupiter shows sweetness and an badly placed Jupiter in horoscope denies the chance to flavor ‘sweets’. Thus an unfavorable Jupiter indirectly signifies diabetes. A poor Jupiter in 6th, 12th or 8th house or Jupiter’s in combustion is indicative of diabetes. Thirst, food cravings etc. will be the symptoms and signs of diabetes. As a result, the Moon comes with a significant role. Saturn which signifies urine, excreta and other filthy materials in addition has a substantial role.

Diabetic individual’s pancreas generates insufficient insulin, since extra glucose build-up in the blood which in turn overflows in to the urine. In this manner your body loses its main way to obtain energy and subsequently becomes weak.

In Vedic astrology by the in detail careful study of the horoscope or birth chart, you’ll be able to forecast the susceptibility to the condition of diabetes.

Vedic Astrological facts impacting on diabetes are:

  • Ascendant: the overall build-up and power of physical body
  • Venus: guidelines kidney, reductions of urine
  • Moon: guidelines pancreatic behavior and blood circulation, urinary derangement
  • Jupiter: Represents arteries, veins, weakening, diabetes
  • Sign cancer: Signifies pancreas, blood
  • Sign Libra: Represents kidneys, and excretory system
  • Indication Sagittarius: Indicates arterial system
  • 6th house: This is called house of illness or disease.
  • In cases where the 6th house lord is placed in 8th house or vice versa

Diabetes can be cured (better to say it helps to cure) by using the gemstones recommended according to gem remedy. You can wear Red Coral on middle finger (on madhyama) along with Yellowish Sapphire or Pokhraj In index finger (on anamika) fixed on silver bands or rings. You’ll be able to identify the diabetic condition, one is having, or vulnerable to later on in future, using Astrological help. Once a person understands that he’s vulnerable to certain types of medical conditions, he/she could consider safety measures and preventive steps in order to either avoid the disease from manifesting or even to reduce the strength of an illness before it becomes unavoidable. That is an example showing how Astrology can help and advice the human being kind to anticipate a problem and take preventive actions to lessen the pain and agony later on. The objective of this article is to help individuals to know very well what diabetes is in short and also to make it possible for them discover astrological symptoms and signs of diabetes in their very own birth charts.

Generally there are three major different types of diabetes:

  • Insulin-dependent (pancreas condition) diabetes mellitus or diabetes – Type 1
  • Non-insulin-dependent (non-hormonal) diabetes mellitus diabetes – Type 2
  • Gestational type diabetes

Planetary Combinations in horoscope which generally causes Diabetes

Planets and houses responsible for diabetes

In general:

  • Watery Signs occupied by two or more Malefic Planets
  • 6th House is occupied by two or more Malefic Planets.
  • Libra or in 7th house is occupied by Two or more Malefic Planets.
  • Moon in horoscope afflicted by malefic Sun or Mars in any Watery Sign.
  • Venus afflicted by malefic Sun or Mars in any Watery Sign.

The planet Venus joined or combined with any malefic planet in 8th house and also he is aspected by any malefic planet.


Venus and Diabetes Yoga Medical in Astrology

Venus play an important role in diseases of the blood. Venus is valuable to indicate circulatory ailments also, such as phlebitis, embolisms, thrombosis and dilation of the vessels of the arterial and venous systems. It also maintains the pure level of oxygen in the body. Venus also governs slack muscle tone in your body. Mars represents limited, healthy muscles, whereas Venus, its reverse, indicates a potential insufficient tone or tightness, weakened or soft muscles. All of the disease related to throats and throat like vocal cords, tonsillitis, and diphtheria, laryngitis, and swelling in the throat, mumps, and thrush or fungus contamination of the mouth area or throat are indicated by Venus in astrology. It governs thyroid related problems, various diseases of the kidney, as well as pores and skin ailments, Diabetes or sugar, semen and urine related problems. There may be an inclination to overeat or eat fatty foods. If Venus is badly afflicted in horoscope then there could be physical ailments like edema (some people call it water retention), and gives inability to lose weight.

Venus signifies our reproductive system or organs and sexual life. Other health problems included in Venus pertains to kidneys, insufficient sexual desire, impotence and infertility. In women, menstrual irregularity, miscarriage, girls related problems, yeast etc.

Listed below are the some Venus related planetary combinations which represent a person may be susceptible to be considered a diabetic patient:


  • If Venus is combusted or badly influenced by Sun, Mars in any watery sign of a horoscope.
  • If Venus and Jupiter in horoscope are afflicted or badly influenced by malefic house lords and a malefic planets with the connection of 8th house of horoscope gives diabetes.
  • If Venus is badly influenced by malefic planets or house lords and positioned in Lagna or any other astrological inauspicious house (6th, 8th, 12th) in horoscope.
  • If Venus and Jupiter both are influenced by Malefic Planet or malefic house lords and connects with ascendant or 1st house.
  • If lagna is badly influenced by malefic planets or house lords and the above any Venus related yoga is present in the horoscope that can causes diabetes.
  • If Venus is placed in the 2nd house of horoscope, and ascendant is aspected or influenced by malefic planets or house lord and the ascendant or Lagna lord is placed in the 6th house of disease in the debilitation state, this also indicates towards diabetes.


Moon and Diabetes in Astrology:

  • If Moon is afflicted or badly influenced by Sun or Mars in any watery sign.
  • If Moon is severely afflicted by malefic planet Saturn
  • If Moon is in any watery sign and the lord of that sign is located in 6th house of horoscope and also aspected by any watery sign connected planet especially Mercury point toward diabetes.
  • If Moon and Jupiter both are afflicted by any malefic house lord and any natural malefic planet with a connection of 8th house that can cause diabetes.


Jupiter and Diabetes in Astrology:

  • If Jupiter is badly afflicted by Saturn in horoscope.
  • If Jupiter is placed in ‘Purvashara Nakshatra’ in horoscope.
  • If Jupiter is placed in Rahu’s Nakshatra or somehow afflicted by it.


Zodiac Sign Cancer, Libra and 7th house of horoscope and Diabetes in astrology:

  • If 7th house is badly influenced by two or more malefic planets or house lords and Libra is badly afflicted by any other (natural or house wise) malefic planets, then that may indicate towards diabetes.
  • If Cancer is badly afflicted or badly influenced by malefic planet or house lords like Saturn, Mats, Rahu etc.


6th and 8th house of horoscope and their impact on diabetes:

  • If 6th house lord is positioned in 8th house or vice versa and Venus is badly afflicted in the horoscope at the same time.
  • If two or more natural malefic planets or house lords positioned in 6th house of horoscope.
  • Rahu in combination with 8th house lord or placed in in 8th house causes diabetes to the native. The same result happen when Rahu and 8th house lord both are placed in lagna, 5th, or 9th house of horoscope.
  • A badly afflicted malefic planet placed in 8th house of horoscope, at the same time Jupiter and Venus both are also badly afflicted by malefic planets or house lords indicates diabetes.
  • If 4th and 7th lords are positioned in any dusthana house (dusthana houses are 6th house, 8th house and 12th house).


Other Important Yogas or Combinations Related To Diabetes In Astrology:


  • If two or more natural malefic planets are placed in the watery signs and Venus or Jupiter is also badly afflicted by malefic planets or house lords.
  • If 4th and 7th house lords are placed in inimical signs of them, and also aspected by malefic planets.
  • If 3rd house lord and Mercury – Mars combination are in ascendant or lagna, then this indications diabetes.
  • If Mercury is placed in any zodiac sign owned by and aspected by Mars or Saturn may leads ro diabetes.

Final Word On Diabetes In Astrology:

If the 5th house, 6th house, 7th and 8th house or zodiac signs like Leo or simha, Virgo or kanya, Libra or Tula and Scorpio or Vrischik are afflicted, then diabetes or any kind of urinary related diseases are indicated. Similarly, if planets like Venus, Moon, and Jupiter are badly afflicted or ill-placed, one can suffer from urinary related diseases or diabetes. When urinary related diseases are caused by Saturn, then bad digestion, gauntness of the body etc are indicated and may leads to diabetes.

  • Works like Saravali Jataka Tatva, Yovanajataka, Brihajjataka, Virasimhavalokana, Gadavali, etc. has mentioned some specific planetary and house combinations for Diabetes. It has been noticed that if diabetes is caused by the phlegmatic planets (Moon, Jupiter, Venus) they are curable; if ot is caused by bilious type planets ( like Sun, Mars) they are also curable but partly, and windy planets involvement (Saturn) gives difficulty or sometimes inability to cure the disease.


I have mentioned quite a few astrological combinations as per my experience, below:


  • When the planet Sun, Moon (phlegmatic), Mercury, and Venus (combusted) all are in the 5th house then diabetes is specified. Other malefic connection with this combination can worsen the intensity. In my long time observation I have found that if Venus is placed in 5th house and get Saturn’s aspect clearly indicates diabetes.
  • Combination of Sun-Saturn or Mars-Saturn in Lagna indicates diabetes. The presence of these three planets together can worsen the effect.
  • Venus’s placement in the 8th house aspected by malefic planets causes phlegmatic related diseases, diabetes etc.
  • If Saturn and Mars are in same house or are aspecting mutually, increases the risk of diabetes.
  • If Lagna is influenced by a malefic planets or lords, and the Lagna lord is debilitated or weak, on the other hand Venus has gone to the eighth house of horoscope causes diabetes.
  • Mercury’s placement in Sagittarius sign or Pisces combusted or aspected by Sun, that increase the risk of diabetes.

In Part 2 of this article I will cover:

  • Astrological analysis of Diabetes Type 1
  • Astrological analysis of  Diabetes Type 2
  • Medical explanation with combination astrological explanation
  • Charak Samhita Principles
  • Diabetes remedies according to astrology and much more…

So, always be in touch for more updates…

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