Vastu For Love Relationships and Marriage Problems Tips To Solve

Vastu Tips To Fix Love & Marriage Relationships

Vastu For Love Relationships and Marriage Problems Tips To Solve: You have landed here to read this special article which means you might have some difficulties in your relationship matters. The problem could be in between you and your wife/husband, lover or any of your loved ones. Let’s discuss Vastu tips for love between husband and wife, Vastu tips for happy love life, Vastu tips for happy family life without wasting time.

Tips To Improve Love Couple and Husband-Wife Relationship

Vastu Shastra is a subject to deal with

  • 4 Main Directions: North, East, South, West
  • 4 Sub Directions: North-East, South-East, South-West, and North-West
  • 8 Sub-Sub Directions: North-North-East, East-North-East, East-South-East, South-South-East, South-South-West, West-South-West, West-North-West, and North-North-West.

These above-mentioned directions play a different important role in our life. Our emotions, the behavior is directly controlled by these energy fields which straightaway influences our life broadly. The house or room we live that is nothing but just an extension of our subconscious mind, how our subconscious mind is programmed we naturally attract that type of houses, flats or room in our life. To change the pre-programming state of the subconscious mind is the key to lead a happy and prosperous life. The life we all actually dream of. To change the existing program of subconscious mind first you need to understand the language of this part of the mind which is completely different from the conscious mind.

Know-How Does Vastu Shastra Work – In Love & Marriage Problems

According to psycho-biologist, winner of Nobel Prize – Roger W. Sperry, our brain is divided into two hemispheres:

  • Right Brain: imagination, holistic thinking, and visualization, intuition, arts, nonverbal signals, rhythm, Feelings, and daydreaming
  • Left Brain: logic, sequencing, mathematics, thinking in words, linear thinking, and facts.

The language of the right brain is the language of the subconscious mind. But, the Right Brain is not a subconscious mind, rather it represents some characteristics of the physical part of the virtual realm of mind.

Now you understood that we need to communicate through the Right Brain matters to change the pre-programming of the subconscious mind, and those things can be easily stated through shapes, colors, pictures and many other means. That is the reason in Vastu we recommend to keep certain sculptures or use certain colors in certain directions which is also called energy fields. As per Hindu Vastu Shastra, every emotion we feel is caused by the energy represented by the 16 Vastu directions I have mentioned above. These directions are governed by five elements of nature, in Sanskrit which is called “Panchatatwas”. They are – Earth (Prithi Tatwa), Fire (Agni Tatwa), Water (Jal Tatwa), Air (Vayu Tatwa) and Sky (Akash Tatwa). In Fengshui, this Akash Tatwa is called “Metal”.  I have discussed these in another article you can read here.

Now let’s discuss how different Vastu Directions can help us to solve relationship problems in our life, be it marriage related, love relationship related or any other.

South-West (SW) Vastu Direction Of Happy Family & Love Relationship

Vastu for love between husband and wife: This Direction is called the “Direction of Relationships”, whether it is marriage, family bonding and bonding between lovers. This direction is also called the Direction of “Pitri Purusha” controlled by the Earth element. Prithi Tatwa or earth element represents stability in the life of any kind, especially in a relationship. When this direction is imbalanced by the presence of any anti element like Air or Water element or place like toilet etc, it rigorously affects the family or any other relations related to your personal life. There will be continuous relationship disputes within the house and in the life of the residents, be it marital or love relationship in one’s personal life.

Remedy: If there is a toilet in this direction, then move it from here. If that is not possible then use a shade of Yellow color around the toilet seat. You should always avoid using red, green and blue colors in this direction. Always use any shade of proper yellow color.

Vastu Tips To Improve Husband Wife Relationship

Vastu For Keeping Lovebirds At Home: Keep a love bird’s picture or sculpture in this direction which will solve your marital problem, delay in marriage problem in life. The love birds sculpture should not carry any color other than yellow-white or golden. Some people ask me whether keeping lovebirds at home is good or bad? My answer is always big Yes, but you need to follow the Vastu directional rules to keep it, then only you will get the result.

North-East (NE) Vastu Direction Of Mental Clarity & Establish Peace

The opposite direction of South-West is North-East. This is the direction of “Ishana”, the most auspicious direction among all. The North-east direction is highly energized with all divine energies. This is the ideal direction to practice yoga, meditation, etc. which can lead you to self-realization. That is the reason this direction also deals with the clarity of your mind. The faraway you go from your “self” you become that much unhappy and less-content in life. This is also the direction of the head of Vastu Purusha so never built a kitchen or toilet here. If a kitchen is already here then it will lead to the aggressive behavior of residents, which in result will affect relations in life. If the toilet is present then there will be no clarity of mind among residents. They will take every decision impulsively and will attract unhappy moments in life.

Remedy: Always use a very light shade of yellow in this direction. If Toilet or kitchen is present in this direction then moving those to other respective directions are best, but if that is not possible then please consult an experienced Vastu expert. Many types of easy remedies are available on the internet, but believe me, they will not work properly. If you want you can give a try to those easily available remedies.


East-North-East (ENE) Vastu Direction Of Entertainment, Enjoyment

This direction is called the direction of entertainment, enjoyment, and happiness. The presence of any anti element or toilet etc. in this direction can give unnecessary stress in life. Which in result harm your relations. The person loses interest in life and always feels bore.

Remedy: Keep a bunch of flowers in a green flower vase in this direction and use green colors.


North-North-West (NNW) Vastu Direction Of Sex, Attraction & Intimacy

This is the “direction of attraction” in Vastu, the direction of “Rati”. Sex is a very important part of marital relationships, in the absence of which separation is a must and it is true for 99% couples. Here I am not talking about spiritual couples who help each other’s spiritual progress by not involving themselves in any sexual or physical matters.

The imbalance in this direction can harm the sexual relationship between husband and wife. Newly married couples should stay bedroom situated in this direction.

Remedy: If this direction is imbalanced in the presence of an anti-element etc.  then color this direction with any shade of blue and keep a photo (couple) of both of you together in this direction.


Vastu Remedies for happy married life and Relationships

Some important points to be noted to solve love and Marriage problems through Vastu:

  • Do not keep any dried or artificial flower in the bedroom, always use the fresh and natural flower in the East-North-East direction of the bedroom.
  • Do not clutter your home with unnecessary things. It blocks the flow of energy within the premises. The clutter should be cleaned always.
  • You must head towards the south while sleeping.
  • The bedroom where you sleep should have enough light and air
  • Do not keep mirrors in your bedroom.
  • There should not have any pictures of a god or goddess in the bedroom.
  • The door of the attached bathroom should always be kept shut.
  • Place a pink rose quartz crystal on the head-side of the bed, it will bring peace and harmony in the relationship.
  • Use a rectangle-shaped or squire shaped bed in your bedroom.
  • Always put pillows in pairs in your bed.

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