Suicidal Tendencies In Astrology – Planetary Combinations In Horoscope

Suicide or Suicidal Tendencies In Astrology - Planetary Combinations In Horoscope

Suicidal Tendencies In Astrology – Planetary Combinations In Horoscope – Suicide Yogas Kundli/ Birth Chart: Planetary combination in Horoscope which causes Fear, Phobia, Mental Trauma, mental instability, restlessness, anxiety and sometimes causes a person looks beyond the other end line of life from different Perspective through different dimensions including Spirituality.

Astrological Combinations For Suicide In Horoscope/ Kundli

There is a very thin line gap between mentally sharp and mentally puzzled or ill. For Example, OCD- Obsessive-compulsive disorder. This excessive compulsion of cleaning, reading, thinking a certain aspect of life, or any kind of imaginative fear which takes place and gets converted into the form of fear or psychological disorder.

Many people get anxiety issues from unknown fear or from over expectation with relation and society in general which causes a nervous breakdown or psychological issues in life which might attract negative people and negative energies in life which somehow gets transform into anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies.

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When Native gets puzzled or starts feeling like a loser in this hush-bush of today’s fast-paced life then few native who is mentally weak or fearful get traumatized. Hence Some kind of psychological disorders like Schizophrenia, Narcissistic behavior, sociopathic tendencies, neuropathic disorder, etc.

Sometimes, native even gets indulge in excessive intake of alcohol, drugs, prostitution to get away from difficulty or challenges in daily life which might become a catalyst of psychotic or neurotic behavior.

High Expectations from friends, family, spouse or from the outer world makes native feel like looser or dejected which might turn into highly obsessive impulsive or fearful behavior especially if Native’ Horoscope has Afflicted, Moon and Mercury by Rahu-Ketu or Saturn.

In Astrological terms, weakness in the mind causes all of this anger, anger depression, Suicidal tendencies or any kind of mental disorder or sudden variation in behavior.

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In terms of Horoscope or astrological dynamics, the Afflicted Moon or Mercury or Saturn causes several mental and psychological disorders.

Generally, People with Moon sign of Aquarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio deals with this problem, and sometimes people with Moon in Pisces as well but Pisces moon sign people get obsessed with in search of spiritual enlightenment and or in search of truth, liberation, and emancipation.

Generally in Your Horoscope Moon, Saturn or Mercury gets afflicted by Rahu- Ketu causes several phobias and mental instability and sometimes land people in a mental asylum.

Planetary Combinations For Suicide In Astrology

Suicide Yoga In Astrology: (The cause of  Fear, Phobia, Mental Trauma, Mental instability, restlessness, anxiety)

  • 1 If your Moon is debilitated or afflicted by conjunction of Rahu-Ketu or getting aspect of Saturn causes OCD or Schizophrenia.
  • 2 People with Moon sign of Pisces or Capricorn afflicted or aspected by Saturn, Rahu-Ketu causes native duel in an imaginative world of astronomy .science, metaphysics. But several times suffers from anxiety issues or gets too much addicted in liquor and drugs.
  • 3 Saturn in 12th house or Moon in 12th house if gets afflicted with Rahu- Ketu makes native very impulsive and very dramatic. Native changes their behavior in minutes but native can get in deep depression and his behavior will be changing very quickly in minutes makes native Psychopaths.
  • 4 If Moon is with Rahu in ascendant or Moon is in debilitated sign Scorpio with Rahu makes native prone to emotional turmoil and mental instability with much anxiety and impulse can make native addicted to alcohol, drinking, smoking particularly if the ascendant lord is also afflicted or placed in horoscope without any strength. The native tends to eccentric with their narcissistic behavior.
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  • 5 If Mercury or Moon somehow gets debilitated or afflicted or Conjunct by Rahu or Saturn and gets placed in 8th house or 12th house makes native prone to attract negative energies as we call surrounded by negative energies and black magic may happen on native.
  • He or she might see a ghostly figure or may get hypnotized or may fall prey to bad vibes, curse, or may get mentally traumatized by negative energies.
  • 6 if Saturn is in 8th or 2nd house if aspecting weak moon in Kundli then it makes native mentally weak, prone to mental instability and uncontrollable impulsive tendencies, and might get incapacitated by dark energies and isolated surrounding which may result in suicide or fondness for life after death.
  • 7th affliction of both planets Mercury which controls intellect and Nervous system and Moon which control all over mind, emotions and desires causes suffering from unknown entities or from own emotions and desire which might not get fulfilled completed in this lifetime.
  • Those native who do have weak or afflicted Mercury and Moon both in horoscope sometimes gave up in lie because of failures and dejection which may lead to an early death by suicide or accident because of carelessness.
  • 8 If Moon -Rahu or Mercury -Rahu or Saturn-Ketu somehow making combination in horoscope due to malefic aspect or conjunction of Rahu-Ketu causes mental trauma and suffering. The3 sufferings will be related to over expectations from relations, family, spouse and outer world which may not gets fulfilled or remain unanswered in the life of the native. These kinds of situations might make native sad and isolated and sometimes it shortened native life especially when Saturn, Moon, Rahu is connected with 2nd house,7th house,8th house, or 12th house.
  • 9. Mercury or Mars in 2nd house or 8th house if in affliction by malefic planet causes early death due to depression, irrational thoughts, haunting experiences which may lead native to fall for dark world which we know as life after death. These schizophrenic tendencies might make native take the step of taking their own life.
  • 10.  Sometimes lack of emotional, mental peace and support causes nervous breakdown and makes native aloof or isolated from the outer world and even from own family members, relatives, or from spouse. This long extended process of aloofness and isolation might cause severe frustration and damages the nervous system of the native which may lead native to psychological or nerves issues. This happens due to the Placement of Rahu or Ketu in 4th house and moon or Mercury in 8th and somehow getting aspect of Malefic Saturn.
  • 11 if the conjunction of Rahu or Ketu with Saturn, Mercury or Moon happens in 4th house, 8th house, or 12th house of the native in horoscope then person suddenly can think of suicide or giving up life out of nowhere if the dasa of mentioned planet is running in their life.
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