Moon Mercury Combination/ Conjunction In 7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12


Moon Mercury Combination/ Conjunction In 7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th Houses in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Moon and Mercury combination can bring huge wealth through real estate business or through construction and contract work.  People with Moon and Mercury combination in their Horoscope gives success, prosperity, and a rise in status after marriage.

Your spouse may also become successful in their profession or may lend big help in your occupation or profession. You may also gain wealth through your in-laws too. Success may come after facing difficulties and sometimes humiliation.

You may have to depend on others for your success or gains at times. The opposite sex may help in your endeavors.  Success may come with delay and also with the help of others.

The conjunction or combination of Moon and Mercury causes health issues especially related to skin, and lungs in a native’s life. You may suffer from cold fever more often than others. This combination may lead to problems during pregnancy, delay in childbirth, or sometimes miscarriage. At times, your success may depend on the failures of others.

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You will do well in any competitive exams or sports. You or your spouse might have some differences and misunderstandings at some point of time in your conjugal life. You or your spouse might cheat or involve in friendships outside of marriage. Some people may be born in a rich family due to the Moon-Mercury combination in their horoscope. Many natives will enjoy blissful married life.

Disclaimer:- The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Aspect, sign, dignity, placement, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also plays an important role to alter or modify the results to some extent.

Moon-Mercury Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 7th house

Moon and Mercury combination in 7th House is very auspicious in 7th House, especially in the water sign. Native’s fortune will shine after marriage. Love marriage will be successful. Native may marry by their own choice. Some people may marry foreign land a person of different culture, community, or tradition.

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Prosperity and success will follow you after marriage. There will be gains from business endeavors. You may become a successful entrepreneur. Success and ample wealth through partnership business are possible. Success through dealings and contact work is assured. The business of cotton, perfume, food, wine, milk, clothes, sweets, and fast foods will run well. Spouse will do well in his or her career. 

Chandra-Budha Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 8th house

Moon-Mercury in the 8th House may make native an excellent mathematician, teacher, yoga master, gym trainer, instructor, guard, travel guide, occultist, magician, or successful astrologer. Person can become popular professor, writer, software developer,  successful engineer,  editor, etc. This combination in 8th House can make you develop spiritually.

You may loneliness, solitude, and nature wandering. At times, you can be very talkative and at times you can be extremely shy, and introverted. You will always search for corners and aloofness for peace.

You may suffer from divorce or separation in your marriage or romantic associations. Your married life will not be happy. The health of your spouse or children will be delicate, You may suffer from financial problems till the age of 33. 

Moon-Mercury Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 9th house

Moon-Mercury in the 9th House may make native very charming and will have prince or princess-like aura. These people will be lucky, religious, and wealthy. Native’s father will also do well in his life. Person may thrive in social services, public service work, and politics.

However, some natives may not do well in their primary education but will do well in higher education with scholarships, especially in foreign lands.

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Some people may get settled there with good business or high income from their job or employment. Many people will constantly travel to foreign countries and their long-distance travels will bring gains. The person may earn from travel business or travel blogging, nature wandering, etc. 

Moon-Mercury Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 10th house

Moon-Mercury conjunction or combination in the 10th House will lead to success in advertising, marketing, publishing, and digital marketing field. Some natives may acquire fame through their writing, painting, or acting.

Few may become IFS officers or diplomat in foreign lands. This is the best combination in 10th House of birth chart or D1 chart to become government diplomat or administrator in foreign state affairs or in the internal ministry of affairs. There will be gains through speculative activities and investments. These natives make money out of dust.

These natives can become excellent sailors, and navy officers, and some may do well in the merchant navy. Business of trade, garments, import-export will be suitable for you. Some natives may shine in the hotel management field.  Success in the hotel, motel, and food business is assured. Success in competitive exams is assured.

Moon-Mercury Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 11th house

The moon-Mercury combination in 11th House can make you a very successful businessperson or entrepreneur. Native may do well in coaching, teaching, media, education, and spiritual institution. Native can become popular novel writer. Earning will come from multiple sources. You may become self-employed with multiple occupations or businesses.

Native can become extremely wealthy and extremely popular in life. Success in films, the entertainment business, or politics is possible. You may also have your own printing press or publication.

However, your may suffer from financial problems and lack of clarity or progress in life till the age of 21. You may suffer from different health issues or injuries as well. Some natives may earn fame through sports as well. Your married life may see some ups and downs but it will be long-lasting with loyal, caring, devoted, and attractive spouse.

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Moon-Mercury Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 12th house

Moon-Mercury combination 12th House gives success through long-distance traveling, travel blogging, artistic endeavors, import-export, or through foreign settlement. This placement of Moon and Mercury may make you spiritually elevated, orator, scholar, psychologist, scientist, researcher, and sometimes a successful astrologer.

Success may come late with some sacrifice and devotion. You may do well in your studies. Your life will be unorthodox but unique and captivating for others. You may become a popular poet, painter, movie or story writer, director, actor, singer, or motivational speaker.

The health of your r spouse and children will be a matter of concern for you. Your married life will be happy and you will get pleasure from your lover, partner, spouse, and sometimes outside marriage.

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