Sun-Mercury Conjunction/Combination in 7th,8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House

Sun-Mercury Conjunction-Combination in 7th,8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House

Sun-Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th House in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Planet Mercury is the Karaka of education, communication, and calculation. Whereas Sun is the karaka of confidence, leadership, and success. So, the conjunction of Mercury with the Sun in any horoscope bestows success in a career where communication and writing is the primary requirement.

Surya-Budh Conjunction/ Yuti in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th House

One may become an excellent writer, editor, and telecommunicator. So, the sun combination with Mercury in any horoscope amplifies the chance of success in education, teaching career, or in a job of editing and writing. Mercury also signifies technology and media. So, Sun’s conjunction with Mercury can provide much popularity and success in media and various technology fields, especially in computer engineering.

Disclaimer:- The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations in your birth chart. Retrogression, exaltation, debilitation, and degree of a planet also play some role to alter or modify the results to some extent. I’ll describe the results of Mercury combustion in a different article.

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Sun-Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 7th house

The Sun-Mercury together in 7th house brigs wealth, success, and happiness after marriage. You may do well in your career after your marriage or after the age of 28. Your spouse will also be successful in his or her career. However, there can be some issues regarding conjugal bed comfort and pregnancy.

There can be some problems in your life regarding childbirth. However, overall peace, prosperity, and conjugal bliss will be there. There will be all sorts of luxury and comfort in your life after the age of 30. Self-employment and business may take to good height and success but partnership business may result in loss or conflict.

Sun and Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 8th house

The combination of Sun and Mercury in 8th may bring unexpected wealth from multiple sources. You may gain from speculation, investments, stock market, and shares market. Property dealing work may give you enormous wealth. However, this placement of Sun and Mercury is not good for jobs and services.

There will be ups and downs in professions related to politics and public services as well. One may become a popular astrologer or scientist due to this combination. There is a good chance that one may also become a good engineer or professor. Some may also become eloquent speaker and writer as well. Love and married life will suffer most of the time. Children will not be supported as well.

Sun and Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 9th house

Sun-Mercury conjunction in 9th house may bring wealth and support from paternal side. Fortune will always favor you. There will be pious blessings from the Almighty in your life. You will be saved from many unwanted situations and accidents in life. Some people may shine in foreign countries as well. 

You may enjoy wealth and property from inheritance. Success in higher education especially in a foreign country is possible. Some people may attain high posts in administrative sector or in management service. This combination in 9th house will bring wealth, comfort, and happiness after 24 years of age. Few people will also attain fame through art, sports, and entertainment.

Sun and Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 10th house

The Sun-Mercury combination in 10th house of a horoscope is the best combination one can have in their birth chart. The Sun and Mercury both excel in the 10th house. Native will attain success in almost every endeavor in their life.  Career graph will keep rising from the age of 35.

You may get big break in your career especially as an artist, entertainer, or sportsperson after the age of 22.   Your love life can go through highs and lows in life. However, you need to take care of your health and you should be away from any distractions, extramarital affairs or any kind of indulgence in partying and alcohol. You will be wealthy in life.

Sun and Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 11th house

Sun-Mercury in 11th house will fulfill most of your ambitions and wishes. Your wealth will keep multiplying after the age of 27. You will be wealthy and successful in life. There will be gains from spouse and parents as well. Your married life will also be peaceful and prosperous. Love life and love marriage will be successful and happy.

You can become a successful entrepreneur a social media influencer etc. Self-employment will give you limelight. There is chance of good success in media, marketing, and advertising field.  However, working in partnership may lead to conflict.

Sun and Mercury Conjunction/ Combination in 12th house

Sun-Mercury together in 12th house may give work away from social limelight. You may lead a very happy and joyful life after marriage. However, your social influence and political contacts may work against you sometimes. There is chance that your friends may turn into enemies in advanced years of life.

You may become a great writer and critique in life. Your wealth will be spent on charity and on social welfare work. Political success can be there. However, working under any government organization may lead to false charges and conspiracy in your life. One may become wealthy and successful in foreign land as well.

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