Ultimate Guide To Sun-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Saturn Conjunction- Yuti- Combination- Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Saturn Conjunction/Yuti/Combination in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology:Introduction:- Sun-Saturn combination is unique but exemplary in any horoscope. It always gives contrasting or mixed results in general. Sun-Saturn combination or conjunction in birth chart will bring brilliance and popularity through work and career but somehow spoils domestic life and relationship with family, especially with father. Sun-Saturn combination in Kundli also gives karmic relationships at a young age.

Your love relationship will go through several ups and downs and you may suffer from several heartbreaks. Although, native will prosper financially after the age of 35 but may suffer from scarcity of money at a young age.

The Sun-Saturn combination somehow brings problems in married life and may affect the health of the spouse. Some people may go through divorce and multiple marriages. Few may suffer from temporal separation from spouse due to unavoidable circumstances.

Although, the person will be dedicated and devoted to his work and somehow may not be able to devote much time to family members. However, Person will be caring and will support his or her family financially from a very young age.

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Effects and Results of Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in different houses

Sun-Saturn conjunction brings growth and success very early in life but with sufferings, struggles and obstacles. Native may have to face constant struggle and delays in their work. Person may attain government post and thrive in government jobs. This combination in D1 or Rasi chart of individuals can bring big success in their political career.

Although, person will be ambitious and may start earning from a very young age or may not be able to complete his or her education or may have breaks in educational journey. However, native will be successful and may achieve high status in life.

To Be Noted: The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Retrogression, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also play important roles to alter or modify the results to some extent.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 1st house

Sun-Saturn in 1st house brings advancement in career through job after the age of 30. Native may become teacher or professor. Some may pass competitive exams to become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS.  Success in government job is assured. Although, some people may take different routes in their career after the age of 40 and can become a political figure or successful business person.

Married life will be challenging but adjustments, sacrifice, and a mellow attitude can solve many of your problems. There will be gains and profits through help of others. You may also get some property in inheritance. However, some people may become excellent nurse, doctor, or pharmacist.

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Sun-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 2nd house

Sun-Saturn conjunction in 2nd house may give success and wealth through family business. Although, there will be chaos and conflicts in life due to family property and business. However, natives will make name, fame, and status for themselves through self-effort and support of in-laws or spouse. Native will be lucky in money matters and may never face financial problems in life.

The person will be focused and determined to achieve his or her goals. However, success through job is very limited. Self-employment may bring aristocratic status and respect in life. Some people may become police officer or work in defence services or merchant navy.

Surya-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 3rd house

Sun-Saturn combination in 3rd house will bring immense success and popularity through sports and artistic profession. Some may become popular anchor, actor, writer, painter or athlete. Those in the media, promotion, advertising, or designing field will taste success after the age of 30. You can become a successful software or hardware engineer.

Some people may become rich through success in competitive sports. Few may become travel blogger and attain popularity through adventurism. You may become a well-known personality in sports or media field. Sun-Saturn with Venus in 2nd house will bring immense wealth and success through glamour field.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 4th house

Sun-Saturn combination in 4th house may cause lack of peace in domestic and married life. Although, these native may leave their hometown to establish themselves in their career. Native will succeed outside their birthplace in their education or career. Native may gain good status at their birthplace only through agriculture and involvement in politics.

Although, native may rise through their business in different cities or towns. However, person may succeed in law field, consultancy and in police service. Person may also become finacial consultant, builder or broker. Real-estate business work will flourish.

Surya-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 5th house

Sun-Saturn conjunction in 5th house will bless native with intelligent and meritorious children. Although, children’s health may bring some tension for the native. Native may excel in sports or in artistic and showbiz business. Native will flourish in hotel, food, and travel-related profession or business. Although, these natives will be educated but may choose professions which not related to their profession.

The person may face dejection and heartbreaks in their love life. Love marriage may not bring happiness in life. Person may excel in fashion photography. Few may succeed in wildlife-related profession or become a forest officer.

Surya-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 6th house

Sun-Saturn combination in 6th house will bring success in political and law field. Person may become a popular lawyer, judge, minister or police officer. Some may work in secret service or intelligence agency. Litigation issues or court cases may ruin your wealth and savings but in the end, you may come up victorious.

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Although, person may face a lot of hardship in their early years of life. Native status and financial prospects will improve for better after the age of 36. You may succeed in competitive examinations and in government jobs. You may face some failures in your business.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 7th  house

Sun-Saturn conjunction in 7th house will bring tension and difficulties in your married life. Few may suffer from loss of spouse and some from divorce and multiple marriages. Although, you may become very successful in your occupation or profession. You will taste success in both job and business. 

However, success may come late after the age of 30 after facing much hardship, struggle, and poverty.  Those whose work is related to travel and foreign lands will become rich. Foreign deals and foreign contacts will bring many favors to your life. Some native may work in embassy in foreign lands and few may become high-profile diplomat.

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Surya-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 8th house

Sun-Saturn combination or yuti in the 8th house will bring success in spiritual field and educational fields. You may become priest, Astrologer, saint or teacher. Some may excel in yoga and meditation. Few may suffer from accidents or loss of money and property. Although,  some people may accumulate wealth and prosper due to favors from spouse and in-laws.

Few may gain property through inheritance as well. Although, person may suffer from great loss in their business at least once in life. He or she may get involved in scandals or conspiracy. Some people may face imprisonment for short period. Success in foreign lands and through oratorship skills is assured.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 9th house

Sun-Saturn combination in 9th house may make you a popular writer, publisher, editor, and scholar. Your charitable nature will bring good wishes and popularity to public. Although, success in higher education is assured in foreign countries. Relationship with father will be troublesome. However, native will take good care of his or her father in old age.

Person may flourish and prosper in foreign lands through employment in foreign countries. Religious activities, and charitable nature will bring popularity. Success in media world and animation, VFX sector is assured. Although, native’s spiritual native will make him honest and philosopher. You may gain success as a professor or teacher as well.

Surya-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 10th house

Sun-Saturn conjunction or combination in 10th house will bring success in government jobs as well as in private sectors. Few those in corporate world or in trade business will succeed amazingly. Those in politics may become ministers. Some people may attain a high position in ministry of external affairs and some in internal affairs. Many native will pass competitive exams and will excel in administrative field or in public service department.

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Those in banking sector in PWD department will do well. You may become a successful engineer or Doctor. Although, some people may become excellent surgeon, healer, and therapist. However, these people will be always wishful for self-employment and will have political inclinations. Those in the corporate world will succeed as industrialists and few will attain good status in society as successful businessmen.

Surya-Shani Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 11th house

Sun-Saturn combination in 11th house may make you popular as social media influencer. Sun-Saturn combination in 11th bhava makes you a blogger, travel ex-pat, and expert. Success through adventure sports is assured. Some people will be remembered even after their death due to this combination of Sun and Saturn.

Although person will be wealthy and happy but wealth will come after 35 years of age. Native may face scarcity of money in their childhood or at a young age. However, some people may born with silver spoon in rich family and will expand their family business with their effort. Native will attain high status in life after the age of 40. Relationship with parents, siblings, relatives, and spouse will be joyful and amicable. Love marriage will be successful.

Surya -Shani Conjunction/Yuti/Combination in 12th house:- 

Sun-Saturn in 12th house may make you psychologist or psychiatrist. Gains from long-distance travel and medical profession are assured. You may become a successful wealthy doctor or physician in life. Although, you may not be able to save much money in life due to your extravagant activities.

You may suffer from ill health after the age of 50. Some people may suffer from skin disease and eye problems. You may lose sight in old age. However, Success through jobs or business in foreign lands is assured. You may travel and settle in foreign countries. Travels will be fruitful for you. Although people may work as spies in government services and few may become jailers.

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