Ultimate Guide To Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Ketu Conjunction- Yuti- Combination- Yoga
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Ultimate Guide To Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – South Node of Moon in Vedic Astrology: Introduction:- Ketu is the planet of separation, isolation, detachment, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Although, Ketu can give instant worldly success and fame but takes it all away after a few years. Ketu gives materialistic bliss, happiness, fame, and success but snatches it all after some time.

Here, Ketu in conjunction with Sun in Horoscope does the same, particularly in angular (Kendra) and triangular(Trikona) Bhava. Sun with Ketu gives success and failures both in life but everything will be instant. However, Ketu and Sun combination can give massive upliftment in life through spirituality and transformation.

Although, it causes suffering in married life, losses in partnership, and brings health issues in the family. There will be gains through relatives, in-laws, maternal uncles, maternal aunts, etc. There will be gains through free-lancing work and digital media professions.

Sun-Ketu combination in a Kundli brings success through career in astrology, occult science, palmistry, tarot reading, software designing, editing, website works, public service work, etc.

Native can become successful PWD officer or village development officer or may acquire success through local politics in village or district. One may thrive as sports trainer, coach, motivational speaker, mental conditioning, coach, automobile dealer, yoga expert, trader, media manager, producer, etc.

One may also gain and lose money through gambling, betting, lottery, speculative activities, etc. Sun-Ketu combination in a horoscope may lead to a lot of depression, desperation, restlessness, anxiety, illness, blood issues, skin disease, lung and liver issues, etc.  Native may suffer from a lack of affection either from their progeny, parents or their spouse.

Disclaimer:- The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Aspect, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also play important roles to alter or modify the results to some extent.

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Effects and Results of Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in different houses:

Sun-Ketu conjunction or combination in the Birth chart also gives a lot of responsibility and duties from a very young age. Native may suffer from loss of child, spouse or parents at a young age. However, the Sun-Ketu combination can give a lot of wealth through self-employment, business or government jobs in a short span of time.

Although, your mode of earning and your honesty can be questionable. Sun and Ketu together in D1 chart gives bring a lot of popularity to masses, especially through public service work. Native may earn from multiple sources and it gives massive success through business and enterprises. Native can become a very successful entrepreneur.

However, natives may detach themselves from materialistic possessions and worldly affairs after the age of 50. Person may follow spiritual or religious path after the age of 50.

Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 1st house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 1st house makes native fickle-minded, confused, and indecisive and brings health issues in life. There will be gains through communication, self-development, and transformation of personality. Native will have to work very hard to acquire success in their career. Although, these people will face a lot of ups and downs in their career.

Luck may favor you till the age of 30. You may face tough periods in life from 31 to 50 years of age.  Some people may become excellent healer, doctors, astrologers, yoga experts, or well-known spiritual personalities. Native at times can become lazy, self-indulgent, self-centered, and extra dependent on others.

Natives may need to find their self-worth to gain respect in their families and society. Married life may suffer. Temporal separation or even divorce is possible. You might cheat on your spouse or might get cheated on in love relationship or after marriage.

Sun-South Node of Moon Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 2nd house

Sun and Ketu together in the 2nd house give a lot of wealth in life. However, native might lose a lot of money in life due to their false decisions and self-destructive attitude.  Sun-Ketu combination in 2nd house will bring problems in delivering speeches or sometimes can give stammering problems.

Family life may lack peace at a young age but married life can be peaceful if natives become spiritual or religious. health problems due to overeating fast foods and food poisoning are possible in life. Some people may suffer from skin issues and hormonal problems.

Few student may also suffer from learning disabilities or lack of confidence in their childhood but may acquire success through their hard work and persistent efforts. Native may become healthy at a young age and sometimes bodybuilder or model in life.

Surya-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 3rd house

Sun-Ketu conjunction in the 3rd house may give some mental disabilities or lack of mental prowess in life. Although, native will be physically strong but may lack confidence to follow their dreams or ambitions. Native may become to take important steps or initiatives in their life. Sun-Ketu combination in 3rd house demands self-effort and energetic deeds for acquiring success in life.

Love life will be fruitful and happy for a short span of time but love marriage may bring some troubles in married life. Native may have to sacrifice to manage their love relations and married to make sure it lasts forever.

Courageous steps at the right moment will make native thrive in their career. You may lose some important opportunities in life due to your negligence or carefree attitude. Make sure you get rid of them.

Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 4th house

Sun-Ketu combination or conjunction in 4th house may give your heart troubles. You may feel a burning sensation in your heart after the age of 40. You may also suffer from blood pressure fluctuations. Some people may gain a lot of wealth through agriculture and real estate-related work. You may also gain from grains, transport, and oil business.

You may suffer due to enmity with brothers, colleagues, partners, etc. Some close friends may also become your enemy. You may fall from a high position of authority and punish by government due to your dishonesty and corruption.

Some people may acquire success and progress in life due to politics and support of government officials. Success in politics or in police service work is possible.

Surya-Ketu  Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 5th house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 5th house may give you a lot of mental stress after marriage. Your domestic life may suffer from chaos and lack of peace at times. Success through cooperation, support from authorities, or people from aristocratic background is possible. You may attain high status in life at a young age but for a short period of time.

However, your success will be inconsistent. You may go through a lot of ups and downs and through a roller coaster ride in your career. You may suffer from heartbreaks and cheating at a young age from your lover.

Your love life will give you pain and isolation in life. Some romantic encounters and infatuations will give you temporary joy and pleasure but they will not be long-lasting. Success in the field of media work and digital work is assured.

Surya-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 6th house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 6th house of birth chart may bring success in defence field or in administrative service work. Some people may become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS officers by passing competitive examinations.

You may gain money through law work, court cases, and litigation issues. Some may thrive in their career as a banker, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc. There will be gains from government services and work in multi-national company.

There will be gains from family and blood relatives. Your siblings and cousins will be loving and helpful to you. You may gain a lot of money through jobs, services, and free lancin but may suffer in partnership business.

Self-employment after the age of 48 may bring big gains but you should pursue jobs at a young age. You may get a lot of opportunities in life after the age of 30 to establish your own work or become self-employed.

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Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 7th house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 7th house will bring detachment or divorce from your 1st marriage. If your 1st marriage lasts forever then there can be separation between you and your spouse due to health issues or work issues. There will be trust issues and misunderstandings with your partner.

You may suffer from suspicion and there can be problems due to clandestine extramarital affairs.  Spouse may suffer from health issues. Sometimes your 1st may spouse die early due to sudden accident or health problems.

Even in 2nd marriage, there can be some compatibility issues. Sun with Ketu in the 7th house brings troubles after marriage. Native may suffer from a lack of mental peace. Although, you may acquire some success and wealth through your work or business. There will be no scarcity of money in your life.

Surya-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 8th house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 8th house brings sudden success and sudden downfall in life. It may give you imprisonment for a short period of time. You may gain due to your intellect and unorthodox or peculiar thinking.

You may gain through your speeches and writing. Some people may become excellent coach, teacher, guide or motivational speaker in life. Adventure sports may earn you popularity. Nature wandering and travel blogging will give you pleasure, joy, and satisfaction.

Some people may become occult expert and astrologer. They may earn a lot of money through mystic profession. You will have spiritual and healing potential in your advanced years.

Your intuition and instincts will guide you through success. You may also become an excellent yoga teacher, healer and meditation expert. You may suffer from small accidents and health issues at a young age. Your anger may turn into violence which can be destructive for you.

Sun-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 9th house

Sun-Ketu combination in the 9th house may give success in the field of research work, metaphysics, astronomy, microbiology, agriculture, hotel management, etc.

This combination may give you obstacles in traveling to foreign countries and in higher education but you may succeed at last due to your courage and determination. Your mental prowess will be high.

You may become an eminent personality in the field of religious work or spirituality. You may become head of some religious, spiritual, or educational institution. Success in the field of teaching is assured.

There can be a break in your education during studies days. Some people may also gain scholarship and employment in foreign lands. Medical field or teaching field will be suitable for you. Your father may suffer from health issues or poverty and sometimes native may lose their parent early in life due to the Sun-Keu conjunction in the 9th house.

Surya-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 10th house

Sun-Ketu together in the 10th house will bring success at a young bit struggle in later parts of life till native turn to spirituality. You may also earn popularity as an astrologer, painter, or writer. Those in business related to food, dairy, transport will gain a lot of money. Success in tour, travel, and hotel business is assured.

Native will be unorthodox and street-smart in nature. He or she will be a step ahead of their competitors due their intelligence or box thinking. These people may take good initiative at the right moments that may give them growth and progress in life.

They will not afraid to make changes or accept changes in their daily life. Agency-related work or government-related work will suit you. Although, self-employment or free-lancing work may give you good growth and progress in life.

Surya-Ketu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in the 11th house

Sun and Ketu together in the 11th house can be the best combination in a horoscope. This combination in 11th house brings a lot of opportunities and profits in life. Native can become very wealthy as money may come from multiple sources. Native may thrive as a youth icon or social media influencer. It gives success in sports and entertainment business.

Success in the field of acting, directing, producing, writing, anchoring, and singing is possible. Some may earn from editing and publishing. Few may also succeed in marketing and media fields.

Those who work in advertising agencies or in the field of digital media may gain a lot of success. Although, native may face trouble from their family or relative but they will be self-made individuals.

Gains from foreign affairs, trade, import-expert and foreign relations or clients are assured. You may become a successful advisor, financial dealer, broker, or consultant in life.

Surya -South Node of Moon Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 12th house

Ketu also known as south node of the Moon with Sun in the 12th house will bring a lot of favors from foreign lands and foreign traveling. This combination can give a lot of growth and progress in life through employment or business in foreign lands. Meeting in foreign lands with foreigners will bring big success for you.

Self-employment may earn you fame. Some people may succeed in embassy and diplomatic work. You can become an excellent and popular teacher, professor, or writer. NGO’S related work will give you success and popularity.

You may get involved in some kind of charitable work and may attain celebrity status. Some people may gain employment and permanent citizenship in foreign countries and build their own house there. Although, success in the field of medicine, pharmacy, spirituality, and healing are assured.

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