Ultimate Guide To Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Mars Conjunction-Yuti-Combination-Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Sun and Mars combination in a birth chart gives excellent success in career related to sports, athletics, or in government jobs. This combination may lead to over-enthusiasm, aggression, and an energetic attitude in life. Native will be motivated, driven, and focused in life. However, an over-ambitious attitude may lead to dejection.

Sun-Mars conjunction or combination in D1 chart may make a person chirpy, talkative, positive, and joyful in life. Native will be freedom lover and will hate advice of others even from their family members. Sun-Mars’ combination in natal chart makes one ambitious and successful but prone to anger and dejection in life.

Person may face setbacks in their love life due to their over-aggressive and possessive attitude. Sometimes, married life of the native may suffer. However, person will long for sexual pleasure as he or she will be very romantic and love physical intimacy. Native will be fortunate individuals and may never face financial issues in life.

Person will be a go-getter in life with a serious attitude. Sometimes, he or she can become selfish, boastful, and arrogant as well. This Sun-Mars combination gives early success in life. Native do well in their education and also in their professional life.

Person may attain fame through sports. However, native may have to work hard till 22 years of age to attain success in life. Sun-Mars together will lead native to live comfortable life financially after the age of 30.

Disclaimer:- The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Retrogression, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also play important roles to alter or modify the results to some extent.

Effects and Results of Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in different houses:- 

Sun-Mars combination may make native prone to anger, restlessness, and erratic behaviors. This combination in horoscope may cause problems in domestic and married life. However, person will have a good relationship with their father and siblings. Native’s father and siblings will also be successful in life. There will be no scarcity of wealth in life.

Person might acquire government jobs or may excel in agricultural and real estate business. Partnership business will also flourish. However, native may shy away from love relationships and comforts in life.

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Sun-Mars Conjunction/Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 1st house

Sun-Mars combination in 1st house may make native multi-talented, creative, and very proficient in their work. Person will be an excellent speaker, and writer and will have sharp memory and intelligence. Native will be very active, hypersensitive, and a self-made man.

Person will get success due to his own hard work and efforts. Success may come late or there will be delays and obstacles in the path of your success. Although, fortune will be on your side after the age of 22.

You may become popular and wealthy after the age of 30. Government jobs or self-employment both will bring favors from authorities along with substantial wealth. However, They will not be satisfied with their achievements and always be hungry to achieve and acquire more and more.

There can be some injury to your body or head. patience and mellow attitude will help you and you may have to control your anger, aggression, and desperation at times.

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Surya-Mangal Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 2nd house

Sun-Mars’ combination in 2nd house will bring success in banking and management field. Some people may born in very wealthy families and will enjoy wealth from parents, forefathers, and inheritance. However, person may have to face hurdles to earn and enjoy their own wealth till the age of 30.

You may flourish in your family business or acquire an authoritative position in jobs after the age of 30. Although, you will be wealthy but may act like a miser to fool others. There will be much thirst for money that you will never be satisfied with your own wealth in life.

This combination in birth chart may lead to success in real estate business and one may become a popular rich builder as well.  Married life will be full of harmony, pleasure, and happiness but spouse can be demanding or you can be dominating.

Surya-Mangal Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 3rd house

Sun-Mars conjunction in 3rd house can give you early success in sports or in social media influencing. Some people may become excellent and popular travel blogger. Some may try adventure sports and succeed in them. Working in marketing, promotional, and banking fields will give exceptional success. You may also thrive in advertising world.

Natives’ body constitution will be strong and attractive. You will have a magnetic and appealing personality. Some people will be popular among opposite sex. However, success may come only after a lot of effort, struggle, and patience.

Although, native may not born in affluent family but can become very wealthy due to their own hard work. Your communication skills will be on point and some people may possess tremendous writing ability.

Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 4th house

Surya-Mangal combination in 4th house of birth chart will bring success in agriculture and real estate business. One can become an excellent property dealer or builder in life Some people will get good government jobs with high posts and authority. Sun-Mars combination in 4th house or 4th bhava may bring success and wish fulfillment through sports or glamour world.

You may become famous artist, actor, designer, model, or sports star. However,  many of your wishes may come true in the middle years of life. You can become an excellent trainer, physician, surgeon, or coach in life.

You may become popular due to your talent and energetic deeds in your profession. Native can become a kingmaker in politics as well. Although, some people may become Mayor, MP, MLA, or governor in their life. Big success will come in middle years of life mainly after the age of 40.

Surya-Mangal  Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 5th house

Sun-Mars in 5th bhava will make you creative and bring success in glamour world and showbiz business. Person may also excel in media, writing, and publishing field. Some people may become successful director, actor, story-teller, lyricist, dancer, action-master, etc. Sun-Mars combination in 5th house will give success in accounting and teaching field as well.

You may become headmaster, dean, or professor of school, college, and university. Your children will be bright and successful in life. Success in love marriage is assured. Your love life will be exciting, fascinating, and inspiring for others.

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Your love life will bring all pleasures and happiness in life. Marriage life will bring fortune and wealth. Some people may also taste success in software business, programming, engineering, editing, and animation fields.

Surya-Mangal Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 6th house

Sun-Mars conjunction in 6th house may lead to a lot of conflicts and chaos in life. Although, one will be victorious in all conflicts and litigation issues. Person may become a high-ranked police officer and may work as IPS, Crime branch, or NCB officer.

Native may also become a very successful lawyer, advocate, or advisor in life. Those in medical and engineering fields will also taste success and growth in life.

Money will come in ample amounts after the age of 31. You may also receive favors from government. Person can become an excellent financial consultant and investor in life.

There will be enemies and discomfort with family members and relatives. Although, you will be victorious over your enemies. This combination may also give a lot of political power and success in life.

Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 7th house

Sun-Mars conjunction in 7th house gives success in business, and partnership work but the health of the spouse will be delicate. People will enjoy their married life but at times there will be confrontations and disagreements with spouse. Spouse can become egoistic and dominant but he or she will be loving, caring, and compassionate.

You will enjoy a lot of passion and romance in your married life. Although, infidelity may lead to separation or divorce. Sun-Mars combination may give success in law field o some people may travel to foreign lands to setting business or finding jobs and employment. Foreign travel will bring success and flourishing opportunities in life. 

There will be gains in life from multiple sources ad wealth may come from more than one source. You may live a very aristocratic life with a high-class lifestyle.

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Surya-Mangal Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 8th house

Sun-Mars combination in 8th house somehow may bring a lot of ups and downs in life. Native may face jail for some violent offense. Native will have anger issues and attitude problems. Sun-Mars combination brings sudden accidents and downfall in life. Although, person will be hardworking fortune will be fluctuating. Native may not have many friends or well-wishers in life.

Person will have to strive hard for success at a young age. The early death of parents or siblings may make native mentally tough and ruthless in life. He or she cannot tolerate dishonesty and cheating.

Person will have failed and miserable love life. Married life will also be problematic. Progeny may not be obedient or very close to the native. Native may lose a lot of money in conflicts or litigation matters.

Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 9th house

Sun-Mars conjunction in 9th bhava will give success in education, especially in foreign lands. Person may get scholarships in their higher education. Success in medical profession and also as an IAS, IFS officer is assured. Success in competitive exams is assured. However, person may face challenges regarding property matters and family’s health.

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Father’s health may become cause of concern. Although, father’s wealth will multiply after native’s birth. If one earns honestly then their wealth will multiply with multiple properties and all kinds of comfort and luxury in life.

You may buy house in foreign lands as well. Some people will excel and flourish n business lines in foreign countries. Success in education especially in engineering or medical studies is assured.

Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 10th house

Sun-Mars combination in 10th house may bring you early success and can make you a high-ranked government official or officer in Defense services. This combination can give you immense courage and positivity in life. Native may achieve everything in their career. This placement of Sun and Mars can make you a sports star, famous athlete, or famous actor.

Native will have magnetic personality and person will be honest and wise. Their attitude will be very upright and straightforward. Professional success and growth in occupation will come at a very young age.

Some people may gain authority and power after the age of 28. This position of Sun and Mars may also give good popularity and political success in life. You will have excellent administrative and management qualities.

Surya-Mangal Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 11th  house

Surya-Mangal combination in 11th house of Kundli will give success in public affairs and may make native very popular socially. Person will be outgoing and love traveling. Native will love change and adventure in life. Person will be outgoing, humorous, and will love partying and socializing. However, success may come in business through partnership work.

Although, few people will taste success in competitive exams and may attain high positions in government jobs. This Sun-Mars combination in 11th house can give success in the examination of UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railways, etc. Wealth may come from multiple sources from 22 or 24 years of age.

Sun-Mars Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 12th house

Sun-Mars combination in 12th house gives success in medical and police profession. Person can become an excellent doctor or crime branch officer. Some may also work in the cybercrime branch. Native may also become a lawyer or jailer in life. Few people may also become healer, astrologer, nurse, therapist, psychologist, etc.

Few may travel abroad but may not be able to settle permanently there. Some people may earn a lot of wealth in a quick time during their stay in foreign lands.

However,  these natives may not be able to save much money in their lifetime but their income will be high. Residence in foreign land will give happiness and pleasure. Eye trouble and skin diseases may reduce your peace at times.

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