Ultimate Guide To Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Rahu Conjunction-Yuti-Combination-Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology:Introduction:-Sun and Rahu conjunction causes “Grahan Dosha” in the h oroscope. It’s conjunction or combination in birth chart delays success and gives losses and never a consistent growth in business. This combination also causes health issues, phycological problems, or lack of peace in domestic life. Person’s ambitions may not get fulfilled or the native may lack the willpower and self-confidence to chase their dreams.

These people usually wander aimlessly at a young age and face financial setbacks or scarcity of money. Domestic life may not remain harmonious. However, destiny plays important role in this combination and there will be a time when native might get some fruitful opportunities in life.

If they grab these opportunities then they can attain a lot of wealth and popularity in life. As Rahu is a planet of sudden fame or popularity with sudden growth and success in life.Although, this combination may also lead to hectic family life.

Rahu is known as “North Node of the Moon”. So, when Rahu and Sun conjunct in horoscope it can give suffering, restlessness, desperation, pain, anger, and anguish in life. Native may become pessimistic in life and their attitude becomes harsh. However, this combination may also give success through shortcuts. Although, it may not last long.

In today’s world people who get short-lived fame through internet usually have this combination in their chart. However, Self-employment might give long-lasting success if another combination in the birth chart is strong and Sun is in Leo, Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, or Aquarius Sign. Sun-Rahu combination in birth chart will also bring many ups and downs in life through their career or occupation. Women natives may face many tensions in their marital and domestic life.

Disclaimer: The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Retrogression, debilitation, exaltation, dignity, and degree of a planet also plays important role to alter or modify the results to some extent.

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Sun-Rahu conjunction or combination in the same house may give chances of going to jail or being stuck in lawsuit or litigation issues for a few years. This combination may lead to imprisonment for a few years. This combination may also give some kind of temporal disability or stuttering problems to a few people. However, there can be big gains if the native remains focused on their goals and marry late in life.

Obeying, and respecting own father may also bring some luck and prosperity in life. Although, this combination may ring health issues for father. So, taking good care of father might bring some pious blessings to these individuals’ life.

Some people may also suffer from physical pain and injury due to sudden accidents or physical violence. This combination may make people leave their homes early in life due to education or financial circumstances.

Effects and Results of Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in different houses:

Surya-Rahu conjunction or combination in the  D1 chart may cause tensions and suffering in married life as well. Sun-Rahu combination confirms unfulfilled desires or hopes and also sins of ancestors in the family where native is born. However, Native can get eradicate all the obstacles and find the path to success in life if their Sun is strongly posited in D1, D9, and D10 charts.

Sun-Rahu combination in Kundli gives suffering but it also gives big opportunities in life. It’s up to native’s confidence and willpower, and courage to take the leap of faith.

Although this combination in birth chart gives struggle in all areas of life, especially in love and married life, however, it can bring a lot of success, authority, and power in life. Some people may also face miscarriage or loss of a Son.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 1st house

Surya-Rahu yuti or conjunction in the 1st house will give a lot of struggle, dejection till young age. However, native may get responsible, skilled, mature, goal-oriented, and focused in their life after the age of 30. Sun-Rahu conjunction in Lagna or 1st house can bring success after facing a lot of difficulties in life provided the planet Sun is strongly placed in Aries, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Scorpio Sign.

The Sun-Rahu combination in 1st house may give enthusiasm and restless energy in theirs. But native may not be able to channel their energy into something productive and significant due to a lack of courage and confidence. However, natives’ risk-taking endeavors might pay off after the age of 30. Sun-Rahu combination or conjunction in 1st bhava may give confusion and lack of clarity in mind.

Native will be a deep thinker but not a go-getter unless his or her Sun is strong. Person’s love life or married life may suffer. There can be some insecurity and inferiority complex at the workplace or in their occupation. However, native may do wonders in sports and may get power, respect, and authority through active politics.

Sun-North node of Moon Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 2nd house

The Sun-Rahu together in the 2nd house may give ample money in life. Although, native may lose money through their wrong decisions, gambling, and speculative activities. However, long-term investment and insurance policies may fetch big money for these natives. These natives may born in rich families but may not be able to maintain their aristocratic status or respect of family for a long time in their life.

Native may face defamation and have a hard time gaining respect and recognition in society. Although, person may earn a lot of money or may not be able to save much due to their addiction habits of drinking, gambling, smoking, and other extravagant pleasures. These people may also hire escorts for sexual pleasure.

They may get sexually attracted to their co-workers and secretaries. Sun-Rahu combination in 2nd house may give problems in speech or pronunciation. Some native may suffer from tumors or cancer as well.

Surya-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 3rd house

The Sun-Rahu combination in the 3rd house is one of the best, most lucky, and most fruitful combinations one can have in their horoscope. As Sun-Rahu conjunctions give problems but turn very favorable and productive in 3rd house. This combination in 3rd house can bring glory and a lot of fame in life.

Native may become famous through their writing, publishing, travel blogging, social media influencing, etc. Person may do wonders in sports, combat, and athletic fields. The combination of Sun-Rahu in 3rd house can also make one a very popular actor, director, marketing specialist, entrepreneur, industrialist, etc.

It can also make one a big giant in advertising and media field. Some people may also thrive as writer, poet, author,s, etc. Few may also become model, designer, anchor, and expert in their field of work.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 4th house

The Sun-Rahu conjunction or combination in the 4th house can give a lot of assets and properties to the native. Although, there can be danger of losing properties through fire or lawsuit. These people succeed in agricultural fields.

Person may possess more than one house in their lifetime or purchases multiple house or properties in life. Some people may prosper in foreign lands as well. However, Some natives may have to live in rented houses for many years in their life. Prosperity will come only after hard work.

Success may come late in life. Real estate business or construction life may give you a lot of wealth and popularity. You may own a lot of contracts and some may become successful broker as well.

Some people can become successful doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. You can also become head of an educational institution. Some people may also become Principle or Dean. Married life will be troublesome.

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Surya-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 5th house

The Sun-Rahu combination in the 5th house brings health issues to progeny. Children may suffer from health issues and a lack of peace in their life. Your romantic affairs will be short live which will give you pain, anger, anguish, and sadness in life. Love marriage can bring domestic troubles and sometimes divorce. However, this placement is excellent for creative endeavors.

Native can become an excellent artist, art director, film producer, painter, poet, story writer, scriptwriter, editor, etc. Native may do well in the field of animation, editing, software designing, VFX, etc.

Some people may also become excellent sports players or coaches in their life. Few may do well in the teaching and publishing field. Some people may acquire government jobs or become self-employed and earn a lot of wealth through business.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 6th house

The Sun-Rahu combination in the 6th house can bring struggle but gains from struggle. Native may win money from victory in court cases and litigation issues. These people may earn wealth by using others’ money. These natives might also prosper in their jobs after the age of 40. Some people might get government jobs after the age of 30. Business may lead to losses and downfall in life.

However, the import-export business or business and employment in foreign lands may bring a lot of money in life. Natives can be wealthy but never satisfied or happy with their life.

Some people can become excellent police officers, defense expert, army officer, etc. You can also become a very wise but shrewd politician. Success in jobs is assured. Your daily life can become hectic many times. losses due to conflict with family members or relatives is possible.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 7th house

The Sun-Rahu combination in the 7th house can bring troubled married life or may give health problems to you and your spouse. Some people may also suffer from secret health issues or private diseases. There can be a lack of peace and trust in your married life. Misunderstandings, ego tussles might also break your marriage.

You may never be satisfied with your spouse. You may never agree with your spouse’s desires, choice, or decisions in life. These people may suffer from losses in partnership business. However, self-employment may give success. Your own business may make you wealthy. You can also become a very shrewd consultant or diplomat as well.

Some people may also do well as a banker and financial advisor, property dealer, real estate agent, etc. Marriage outside cast, community, nationality, and religion may bring some luck.

Surya-North Node Of Moon Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 8th house

The Sun-Rahu together in the 8th house can make you an expert in occult and mystic subjects. Some people can become astronauts, researcher, scientists, meteorologists, astrologer, palmist, tarot card reader, etc. Some may become yogi and spiritual guide, teacher, travel explorer, tourist guides in their life.

You may also work in a big education institution as librarian or computer expert. The native will be unorthodox and untraditional in many ways. You may not follow some old customs and traditions but will have your own set of principles, morals, and values. Some people may become excellent cook and run fast food business.

Success through agency work is assured. The Sun-Rahu combination in 8th house can make you an excellent spy, theatre artist, intelligence agency officer, crime investigator, etc. However, this combination may lead to divorce, separation r double marriage in life.

Sun- Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 9th house

Sun-Rahu combination in the 9th bhava may give ego tussle and misunderstandings with own father or loss of father at an early age. This combination is not helpful for the health of your father. However, this combination can make you achieve a high position in your profession as manager, managing director, executive head, head accountant, income-tax officer, etc.

You can become employed in Enforcement Directorate department. Some people may also work in PWD Department. Success in higher education in foreign lands is assured. You can become a successful doctor. Employed and settled in foreign lands may bring happiness, prosperity, and long-lasting success.

Health issues in family might reduce your comfort and mental well-being. Employment in hotel and travel sector may bring a lot of success and growth. You can become hard of religious or spiritual institutions.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 10th house

The Sun-Rahu in the 10th house gives good leadership qualities and skills. Native can become a good scholar, author, orator, politician and public speaker, public motivator in life. This combination gives success in law field as well as in finance and accounting field. You can acquire high post in banking or BPO jobs. Some people may become high profile actor, singer, director, sports star, model, etc.

Few may also become very powerful politician. You can become an excellent seller, copywriter, cook, translator in life. Few may acquire position as IAS.IPS, IFS, IRS, PCS officer in government fields.

However, dishonesty may bring their downfall with charges of corruption and defamation. You may fall from a highly authoritative position in life. Some people can also become human resources managers. You can become an inspiration and motivating factor for others in their life.

Surya-North Node of Moon Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 11th house

The Sun-Rahu combination in 11th house can be one of the most fruitful combinations in the horoscope. Native can become very wealthy or rich through self-effort and self-made high influential contacts. Native’s diplomatic abilities and tactful calculative decisions can bring big gains in their business.

These people may achieve high status in society after the age of 40. Some people may also become ministers by winning elections in politics. Few may also acquire government jobs as Village development officer. Success in the hotel, food travel business is assured.

The Sun-Rahu combination in 11th house can make you a television actor, reality show actor, director, or social media star. However, this combination may also lead to setbacks through backstabbing friends and colleagues. Although, this combination may also lead to more than one marriage.

Sun-Rahu Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in 12th house

Sun-Rahu conjunction in the 12th house brings favors from foreigners and success in foreign lands. Native can become successful astrologer, phycologist, eye specialist, surgeon, healer, yoga teacher, gym instructor, meditation expert, spiritual guru in their lifetime. Native may possess skills of a good public speaker.

You can become a police superintendent, inspector, or jailer in life. These people will solve problems of others quite effectively in life. This combination can bring great transformation in your life and you can also bring major transformation in others people life.

Some natives may also lead an ascetic life after the age of 40 or 50. Spiritual path will bring peace and progress to your life. Working from home or as a freelancer may bring unexpected success. Long travel will bring gains. Some people can become an excellent writer and travel blogger as well.

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