Ultimate Guide To Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Venus Conjunction Yuti Combination Yoga

Ultimate Guide To Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Sun and Venus together can bestow some extraordinary artistic talent especially if they get conjunct or aspected by Mercury or Jupiter. Sun and Venus together in a horoscope of a person make him or her very attractive and very vibrant. Native will have an edge over others.

Native will be a charmer and favourite of opposite sex. However, Sun and Venus combination in the same house can cause hormonal or skin-related issues, especially in women. Venus and Sun conjunction can give you very attractive but scanty hair.

Sun and Venus conjunction in your D1 chart can give you opportunity to earn wealth and become popular very early in life. It bestows artistic talent and gift of gab to the native. Native will be appealing, charming and entertaining in nature. These natives can be very warm-hearted, compassionate and very emotional in nature. They will have affection for less fortunate and will believe in ding charity.

Sun and Venus conjunction can bring some instability in family or marital life. However, travels will be fruitful for the native mostly. Although, his relationship with father may suffer. Some people might get success in love matters after several heartbreaks and affairs. Your life partner can be from a rich background. Fortune rises from the age of 22 or 24.

Although, some people become successful and famous after the age of 40. Sun and Venus combination in Rasi Chart can give success only after one goes through hurdles and obstacles in life. Venus if gets closely conjunct with Sun then it spoils one’s married and sex life. However, native will shine in his or her career.

To Be Noted: The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Retrogression, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also play an important role to alter or modify the results to some extent.

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Effects and Results of Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination in different houses

Sun and Venus together in any house can give strength to that house and its karaka. Sun and Venus together in a birth chart can give artistic and writing talent, especially in water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The person can become actor, singer, dancer, writer, painter etc. Sun and Venus in Taurus sign can give success in sports and adventurous activities.

However, Sun and Venus in Libra sign can make you fall prey to scandals and controversies. Although, one can become a celebrity. Sun and Venus in Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius can make one a successful industrialist, entrepreneur or popular politician.

However, Sun and Venus conjunction can bring some stress, mental agony and hormonal problems or phobia issues at a young age. You may suffer in your romantic life mentally and emotionally at least once in life.

Sun-Venus Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 1st house

Sun-Venus yuti or conjunction in 1st house can give romantic nature and royal attitude. Native can become a popular artist. He or she will have imaginative talent. One can prosper in life through business, sports or self-employment. One will go through a lot of emotional and mental struggles during childhood and at a young age.

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Wealth and success will follow the person after the age of 40. Native will be popular among opposite sex but may go through a lot of emotional struggle, anxiety and pain in their romantic affairs.

Person will be healthy and strong and with a strong immune system. However, native may not do well in their education but their success will not depend on education in any way. Native may acquire wealth through father, inheritance, in-laws etc. Fortune will rise after marriage and native’s spouse will also be successful in life. One may get a very loving, caring and devoted partner in life.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 2nd house

Sun-Venus combination in 2nd house of Kundli can give ample wealth in life. Some people may born in a rich family in well-cultured atmosphere. Person may belong from a strong heritage. Love lie of native will have some ups and downs. Although, a love marriage can become successful. Life after marriage will be happy, stable and prosperous.

Native will earn money from multiple sources. Spouse will be very loving, caring and romantic in nature. Married life will be blissful. Native may reside in foreign land or travel to foreign countries for education and employment. Success in fashion designing, styling or business related to entertainment will make native very rich.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 3rd house

Sun-Venus combination in 3rd house makes native shine in marketing, advertising, editing, and promotional work. Person will be skilled in animation, editing, designing, fashion technology and VFX work. Success and popularity in media field is assured. One can become a famous dancer, anchor, news broadcaster, producer etc.

Although, native may struggle for money, education, success and peace in life till the age of 21. However, person shoulders all responsibilities of family and grows in life after the age of 30.  Su-Venus in this house can give multiple talents but many people won’t be able to realise their full potential or materialize it in their life.Native will be hard-working, proficient at their work and multi-talented.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 4th house

Sun and Venus conjunction in 4th house will give success through family business or partnership business. Native will do well in construction or in real estate field. Person can earn popularity in showbiz world. Native will lead a happy and prosperous life after marriage. Although, relationship with mother or father may become dull at a young age.

Mother’s health may suffer as well. However, native’s progeny will shine in their race and will bring happiness and status to the native. Native will taste success at a young age. Your wealth will growly slowly after long hard work and persistent effort in your career with consistency. One may not get acquire much property or wealth through inheritance but will leave properties and wealth for their children.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 5th house

Sun-Venus in 5th house conjunction can give a lot of excitement, and a lot of good opportunities in life to succeed. Native will be happy and fortunate. However, he or she need to take off their over-sensitive and exciting nature or behaviour. Native will be hopelessly romantic and may fall for several people. However, these people will get success in their love affairs.

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Married life will be harmonious and love marriage will be successful. Native may become famous through blogging, travelling, writing, singing or acting. He or she may get success in competitive sports or in politics at highest level. Native’s progeny will bring happiness and wealth in his or her life.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 6th house

Sun and Venus conjunction in 6th house may get you involved in court cases or litigation matters. However, person will come out of it as a winner and a gainer. Native will have an edge over their competitors in sports, or in competitive exams.

These people will do well in their profession. Although, native may lose some of their money through secret activities or due to their extravagant nature.

However, these people can attain a high position in life especially in government field or in politics. Native may acquire government job at the age of 25 or 26. Native will be healthy and happy normally but some sudden accident may cause damage to bone and muscles. Although, person will recover after a few months.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 7th house

Sun and Venus combination in 7th house will bring luck, wealth, status and high classy lifestyle after marraige. Marriage will bring happiness, success and harmony in life. You will be lucky to have a very steadfast, independent but responsible, loyal and devoted partner. However, health of your sposue will be delicate at times. There will be some worries regarding health of your sposue.

Although, your progeny will be strong, healthy and bright. Partnership business will flourish. You will prosper after the age of 25. Sun and Venus together in 7th house can cause extramarital affairs and separation from spouse for a short period of time. Although, native will enjoy a long blissful married life. In-laws may grant you some wealth or you may join business of your in-laws.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 8th house

Sun and Venus in 8th house can cause several family turmoils in life. Native may have to live away from their homeland and family for educational or employment purpose. However, native will shine in foreign lands. Although, your married life may become troublesome which may lead to separation or divorce after few years of marriage.

There would be loss of money through court cases etc. You may get wrongly accused and some conspiracy may get hatched against you. Although, native will find lick and success after the age of 42. Native will lead a happy life after the age of 48.

Success will only come after struggle and delay in every endeavour. Late success may make you spiritually elevated in life. You can become a guru or a yoga master. However, some people may suffer from early loss of spouse.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 9th house

Sun-Venus Conjunction in your 9th house can bring success in educational pursuits, especially in higher education. Although, some people may travel abroad for study and training.

They will prosper in foreign countries. Some people may get scholarship and employment in foreign lands. However, success and wealth may come in ample amounts after marriage.

Your luck will shine after marriage. Your married life will bring happiness and romance to your life. You will lead prosperous and harmonious life after marriage. However, Sun and Venus combination in 9th house will give conflict with father but there will be support of your father in your life especially financially. Your father may become wealthy after your birth.

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Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 10th house

Sun and Venus conjunction in 10th house can give success in corporate and media world. You may get early recognition in entertainment or fashion industry. You can become a popular actor, singer, director, producer or writer. Some people will succeed in banking and management field. You will acquire success in competitive exams.

Success in government jobs or in administrative field is possible after the age of 26. Some people will taste early success in life. However, you may not do well in your education but may achieve outstanding success in your career. This combination is also good for software engineers, doctors, teachers and Astrologers. These people in advertising world will gain massive success.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 11th house

Sun-Venus combination in 11th house gives success in business. Native will gain money from multiple sources or multiple businesses. Native’s social life will be exciting. Although, these people can get misunderstood easily.

Native may fall in love with several people. Some people may have secret clandestine affairs. Native will be very charged and passionate in romance. Friendship with aristocratic people will fetch gains for natives. Native’s lifestyle will improve after marriage.

His status may rise after the age of 28-29. However, person will be fond of travelling and blogging. Native can earn popularity and money through social media influence. Business will fetch profits.

Those in jobs may climb the ladder of success and authority pretty quickly in life. Some people can become a popular writer, teacher, professor or Astrologer.

Sun-Venus Conjunction/ Yuti/ Combination/ Yoga in 12th house

Sun-Venus combination in 12th house is an ultimate blessing for an individual. Native may not be very hard working or proficient but will live a luxurious life with an aristocratic lifestyle. The person may born in a rich family or will become wealthy due to luck. Native may earn money from gaming, gambling, stock market, shares market etc. Investments will bring ample money in life.

Travelling business, hotel business or food business shall fetch incredible profits to these people. Some natives may reside in foreign lands and acquire citizenship there. Expenses will be high but income will be high as well.

Native may get involved in scandals or in extravagant activities and may waste money at a young age. However, native will get credit or benefit from others’ hard work. Although, friends, family, and relatives will be very supportive of the native.

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