Venus In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Venus In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Venus In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology: Venus in 2nd House In Kundli/ Birth Chart (‘Dhan Bhav’): 2nd house belongs to Venus arch rival or the enemy planet Jupiter (as a karaka planet) and it is the own house mooltrikona house of Venus (sign Taurus). 2nd house (house of savings and family) is one of the best placements for Venus as it signifies splendid wealth, luxury with power and popularity. However, Venus being the planet of show-off of richness and luxury and comfort with pleasure and delicious food delight with splendor always partially affect the savings and accumulated wealth by over-spending or extravagance and too much of expenditure on luxury resources and rich lifestyle of the native but there will always be option and opportunity to earn the same money again. The native will be fond of overspending on food, food items & wine and fine attractive scents and odor & perfumes.

Native with  Venus in his or her 2nd house of the horoscope chart of D1 or natal chart means you easily attract wealth and material comforts in life, whenever you need. However, there is also a tendency to overspend your money freely, as soon as you accumulate it. You very often spend on things related to product arts, music and beauty, and magnetic designs and crafting. You will have the desire to live in a luxurious place with a rich lifestyle that offers the comforts and new technology-oriented lifestyle which makes native life go at ease and without much worry and you may get this cherished desire to fulfill without much effort but with immense pleasure. These natives will have a sound financial background and position.

The Result of Venus in Second house in astrology varies from person to person because of different signs in the 2nd house of different people having the same planet Venus in the second house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign in 2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house. Several other factors like the planetary combination, conjunction, aspects, mutual relation, lordship and dignity of the planet also determine some changes in the general effect of Venus in 2nd house.

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GENERAL EFFECT Of Venus In 2nd House

Native whose Venus in 2nd house will believe in showoff and will glorify himself. He will be fond of many kinds of deserts and food delights, as well as they, will have sound health and wealth. Their voice will be sweet and dialect will be attractive and articulative with good accent which can benefit them with liquid money through his or her oratory skills, singing, acting or a prime speaker with an authoritative post in government and also gives them an opportunity earn a great amount of money if Venus is also associated with career or income house. He or she will also possess a vast knowledge of history and languages. Native is a natural capitalist who manifests liquid wealth in the bank account and savings.

2nd house also represents marital bliss, Venus will give a good loyal and cultured marriage partner. From here Venus will cast his 7th aspect on the 8th house of natal chart which is great for inheritance or hidden money and treasure or enjoyment and pleasure from spending other people’s money. Native could find a lot of excess amounts of wealth as a windfall or lottery. 8th house also represents in-laws family so in-laws will be rich by the grace of beneficial Venus. Venus in the second house of horoscope.

When Venus is placed in 2nd house of horoscope the person will be very wealthy, warm lover, honored in society and will possess immense charm and happiness and will have financial gain from Gemstones, have a huge joint family, brave and can become poet also. such a person is an ardent speaker and always in pursuit of accumulating liquid money.

All this will only be possible or come true if there are no malefic planet with Venus or in 2nd house or no bad aspect malefic aspect from 8th house as well. Else there will be little or no savings, the voice will be harsh and will lie very often and casually, engaging in extra-marital affairs and there are chances of catching windy or venereal or sinus disease.

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Venus In 2nd House and Love Relationships

Possibility of a lifetime devoted love affair which can turn into marriage will be there in his or her life whose Venus in 2nd house. Depend on position and dignity of Venus if Venus is afflicted by malefic planets then several love and clandestine affairs with much opposite sex or casual friendship before finding, at last, their true soul mate which could turn their thought process upside down in a positive way may be at the age of 19,24 or 25. Generally, Venus in 2nd house signifies a very successful and devoted love affair in life once in a lifetime.


Venus In 2nd House In Horoscope and Marriage

Venus in 2nd house in airy and earthy sign of a horoscope of the native will bestows you a very wealthy and high-status background linked life partner and self-dependent career-oriented life partner who will be chaste, supportive, virtuous and loyal devoted life partner and their conjugal life will remain peaceful, lucky, long-lasting and full of tender love and care.

Chances of more than one female progeny are their from marriage partner and both partner’s health will remain sound and their financial situation will remain sound. Love marriage can be possible due to this placement but when Venus occurs in water sign in 2nd house it causes a love affair outside marriage and a lot of indulgences in wine, party and extravagant activity from one partner or sometimes both partner depend on overall combination and planets position in the horoscope. There will be a chance of getting a male child or they will only have a girl child.


Venus In Second House CAREER and FINANCE

Venus in 2nd house of horoscope blesses native with a  fully caring and loving spouse which can become a source of multiple incomes for native males or females. Joining family business or in-laws business will make him a very rich and high profile person in society. The natives can earn through beauty, fashionable clothes, luxury cars and items, jewelry, gemstones, Cinema hall owner, decorative items act. These native can earn through the trade of garments,import-export, restaurant ownership or can become an artist, painter, poet, scholar, orator, lyricist,actor-dancer or mimicry artist or comedian. They may get large fame in acting or fiction writing and proves to be a successful businessman.

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Native with Venus in 2nd house usually gets a loving & rich family if a malefic planet is not placed with Venus in 2nd house or not respecting the second house.  Family is a generally large and cultured and joint family and it may be predicted that native’s family origin is musical, artistic, and emancipated for luxury-seeking. Native is a peace-loving, sweet & soft-voiced personality with much of tender and care, and will have an attractive face (2nd house represents facial features), and good dressing sense and will carry vivacious aura and magnetic sense of style. In fact native may be spending a good chunk of money for the charm and glorification of his or her face, will spend on dentists, on facial surgeons, and hairstylists and other beauty products to make their outlook attractive and alluring.

There is also very much possible that you may accumulate wealth through marriage or partner. Such a person values material aspects of life. When Venus happens to be in retrograde motion in 2nd house, the person is likely to have too much carving desire for materialistic accumulations and possessions. Their happiness can be strongly linked to the material possessions they acquire or gifted from family or in-laws and they become very passionate about acquiring others’ wealth and property. The native may also posses or discover a creative hidden talent, especially in arts, drama, literature, acting or singing. Retrogression can also make the person selfish, self-centered and self-loving and self-praising in nature.

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