Venus in 9th House Love, Career, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Finance

Venus in 9th House Love, Career, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Finance

Venus in 9th house Love, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Career, Health, Finance, Education/ Higher Studies, Family:- Shukra Graha In Vedic Astrology in the ninth house of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: 9th house denotes a religion, culture, spirituality, higher learning, and higher consciousness. Native with Venus in 9th house gets really attracted to foreign culture, arts, traditions, foreign work pace, and foreign music.

Shukra Graha in 9th from Lagna for all Ascendants

You might get married to a person of foreign origin with different cultural or religious backgrounds.You may also establish your profession far from your birthplace may be in foreign country. Venus in 9th house makes you focus and devoted towards your goal or towards a certain purpose of life. Venus in this house will give you a lot of prosperity in life. You will be attracted to nature’s beauty. 

Venus in 9th house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:- Effect and Result of Venus or Shukra in 9th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 9th house, degree, malefic and benefic dignity, degree, lordship combustion, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, conjunction, Venus in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Venus in 9th  house.

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Venus in this house makes native attached to foreign culture, customs, relations, and foreign journeys. Native’s life partner might be from another culture and foreign land. Venus in 9th house will give you an affinity towards different religions or towards people of different backgrounds.

You may also live in foreign countries or travel to foreign countries many times after a young age. You may also plan to settle permanently in foreign land. You may practice other religions than your family but you will strike the right balance in your practices and maintaining the family tradition.

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Venus in 9th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Your Love Life

Love life will be very demanding mentally and socially. You will be popular in your school and colleges for your love affairs especially if 5th lord is with Venus or 9th lord aspects Venus or present in 5th house.

Although you will get some happiness in love but there will be a lot of tension and separation in fulling your partner’s need or maintaining your love relation fruitful despite of family opposition and career priorities. Your Love affairs may turn into Marriage despite of obstruction, hardship, pain, and suffering. Your partner will n be loyal and loving towards you.

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Venus in 9th house from Ascendant/ Lagna and Your Marriage

Venus in this house makes native longs for Love marriage in life. Although weather love marriage or arranged marriage, Native will live a very joyful, harmonious, successful, and long-lasting married life. Spouse will be very devoted to you and he or she may help you grow in your life especially in your career. Spouse may also assist you financially.

Venus in this house makes native fortunate after marriage and native rises very quickly in life after marriage. There will be a lot of respect and mutual understanding between you and your spouse. Conjugal life will be blissful with a lot of sex and pleasure from your spouse.

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Venus/ Shukra in 9th house in Horoscope and Your Career

You may set up your carer or profession in foreign land. You may run your business in foreign land or may get employed in foreign country for Jobs and Service. If Venus is in Aries sign or Leo Sign or Sagittarius Sign in 9th house then native will have much foreign connection, contacts and native may also deal in the import-export business.

Native with Venus in this house gets many clients from foreign land. Native rises high and with growth and success in profession in foreign land or through foreign contacts. They need their space for creative freedom and personal growth especially when Venus is retrograde. Venus in this house makes native succeed in the field of art, literature, and entertainment.

Venus in 9th house in D1 chart/ Kundli – Your Foreign Travel

Much exotic travel full of joy pleasure will be there in your life. You may land in foreign country at your young age. You may also travel for education as well as for professional purposes. You may travel quite regularly to distant countries and places far away from your home or birthplace.

You may also travel from sea to wedding destination or any joyful ceremonies if Venus is placed in water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces in 9th house.

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Venus/ Shukra Graha in 9th House in Horoscope – Your Finance

Native earns a lot of money in foreign land or through foreign contacts if Venus is placed in Gemini or Virgo sign in this house. If Venus is placed in  Libra sign or Taurus Sign in 9th House then achieves fame, recognition, and a lot of wealth through art and entertainment in foreign countries.

Native rises high in life financially in foreign land. Venus in this house gives movable and immovable property and foreign settlement. Venus in this house also bestows a lot of liquid money in the life of native.

Venus in 9th House of Horoscope – Your Education/ Higher Studies

You might get the opportunity to study and learn about art, music, acting, directing in a foreign land. You might graduate in a foreign country or earn a degree in management, arts, or literature in foreign country or western country from a highly reputed college or university.

You might also acquire knowledge in social science or civics. You will have different sets of morals and values after attaining education in foreign land. You will also get to aware of cultural science and may get accomplishments in the field of arts, drama, or literature. You may also earn a Master’s degree in philosophy and higher learning.

Venus in 9th house in Vedic Astrology and Your Family

Venus in this house people gets very engaged in family priorities and responsibilities at a young age. The native will share a very close and amicable bond with their father and mother. Although one out of two parents of the native does not live long.

The native will be devoted to his/her family responsibilities and will possess all luxury and comfort at home. The native will also have help from servants and there will much peace and calmness in the home environment of the native. The native will feel much comfortable and relaxed at home.

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Venus 9th house in Kundli/ Birth Chart – Your Health

The health of the native will be fine and sound generally. But some native may suffer from dyslexia, vision trouble, Hormonal imbalance, etc. Some Native with Venus in 9th house gets addicted to liquor(alcohol) and smoking which can damage the live and kidney of the native in middle years of life.

Some native may also have breathing issues in old age. Venus in this house can cause injury on hips and knees with severe pain for some native in their lifetime. But Overall, Native will lead a very fir energetic and healthy life.

Special effects of  Venus in 9th house In Vedic Astrology

Native with Venus in this house will have an impartial and fair-minded attitude towards others. Those with Venus in this house will have a fondness for their grandparents and they receive much blessing and wealth from in-laws as well.

The native will have a very smooth relationship with in-laws and other wife’s relatives. You will have cordial relationships with members of the opposite sex. Venus in 9th house if retrograde then it makes native excel in higher studies but with delay. The native will be cheerful and optimistic in nature.

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