Venus In 8th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Finance and Much More

Venus In 8th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Finance and Much More

Venus in 8th house Love, Marriage, Sex, Finance Career, Health, Family, Education:- Shukra Graha In eight house of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: When native have Venus in 8th house in the horoscope at the time of birth, Native’s partner’s efforts help native earn the wealth, materialistic possessions and all kinds of comforts and luxury one need to live with a rich lifestyle.

Shukra Graha in 8th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Your Spouse will be from a wealthy family. Spouse will be loyal and honest towards you and will easily share own possessions and money. Wealth also comes in the form of inheritance to you. Venus in 8th house makes you lazy and brash but gives you sense and touch of elegance in your personality. Overindulgence or over obsession towards sensual pleasures in life will lead to the downfall and also defamation.

Venus or Shukra in 8th house from Lagna for all Ascendant:-  Effect of Venus or Shukra in 8th house can differ from person because of Different sign placement in 7th house, Rahu dignity, degree, strength, lordship, combustion, Venus in different  Nakshatra(constellation), affliction, conjunction, malefic or benefic aspect on Rahu, combination, Astakvarga points, etc..

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Venus in 8th house gives a lot of physic power and creative imagination which would boost native’s status professionally. Native may become knowledgeable and skilled in the area of health and medicine, astrology, occult subjects, and will have some wisdom along with mystic spiritual power. The native will progress in life through spirituality and will earn wealth from 30 years of age. Venus in 8th house seldom, isolation and detachment from worldly affairs after the age of 55.

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Venus in 8th house and Love Affairs in Vedic Astrology

Venus in 8th house in Birth chart/ Kundli and Love Life in Vedic Astrology:- Love life of native will be exciting and full of thrill. There will be sadness, separation, intimacy, detachment, and ups downs in love life. The native will be in love more than once in life before marriage but the love life of native will not manifest into success. There will be temporal happiness and satisfaction in the love affairs of an individual until the age of 28.

The native will find their soulmate after the age of 28. The native will suffer from heartbreaks along with aloofness and much grief due to their love affairs. Love affairs will lead to frustration and failure after some rosy and cozy moments of Romance until you meet your soulmate or love of your life.

Venus/ Shukra in 8th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Marriage

Venus in 8th house horoscope/Kundli/Birth chart and Marriage/ Married Life/ Partner:- Spouse will be very good looking and attractive. The native will be very fond of their spouse and will remain emotionally attached to spouse in their lifetime.

Native’s married life will be a happy one. Although spouse can become critical towards native but will be very loving caring and caring towards native and will help native in their endeavors. The native will also get financial assistance from spouse and spouse’s family.

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Venus/ Shukra Graha in 8th house Of Horoscope and Career

Venus in 8th house of Horoscope and Career/ Job/ Business:-  Venus in 8th house can make native excellent doctor, physician, cardiologist, actor, presenter, singer, writer, anchor, and native may even become successful and famous through sports as well.

Venus in this house gives good growth and income in career from the age of 30. Venus in this house also gives occupation away far away from birthplace especially in cities or countries where there is a river, sea, or ocean.

Venus in 8th gives tremendous success glamour world. The native will become ascetic at advanced years of life and gains much spiritual power or success in career-related to spirituality and mystic science. Native may also earn good money from astrology and can easily become a popular astrologer.

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Venus in 8th house and SEX / Sexual Relations in Horoscope/ Kundli

The native will enjoy their sexual and romantic life from the age of 24 especially after marriage as their life partner will be the key source of their sexual satisfaction. Although, the native may get involved in sexual affairs other than with spouse in a clandestine way which may result in scandal. Overall, native will get the most pleasure and satisfaction from their spouse.

Venus or Shukra in 8th house in Kundli/ Horoscope – Your Health

Venus in 8th gives overall good health and energy along with vitality but there can be some problems related to private parts or sexual organ but it will be temporary and native will recover from any kind of dysfunction. 

Skin disease may also trouble you but only for a short period of time. Native may have less hair or light hair on the head. Overall, the Immunity of the native will be high, and native will not suffer from any chronic ailments in general circumstances. Issues in nerve may occur at old age, Although, native will live a long life.

Venus in 8th house of Horoscope/ Birth Chart and Your Family Life

The family life of the native will be fine but native may remain detached from family affairs as native might move to another city or country for education & career. Parents will be loving and devoted to native. The native will also get financial support from maternal relatives, parents, siblings, and will enjoy the service of servants whenever at home.

Although native will not get that deep bonding with parents and siblings but native will perform his or her duties towards their parents, Grandparents relatives and siblings. Sometimes native will remain aloof and detached from family affairs as native will be fond of peace, isolation and will be in a dreamy imaginative world.

Venus in 8th  House in Horoscope and Your Finance In Astrology

There can be some financial issues and a lack of liquid wealth till the age of 29 in the life of native. The native will start earning good wealth from the age of 30 along with high income and decent savings. Native may travel in a foreign land to earn wealth or to gain profits in their business. Native may earn from multiple sources. Native may even get employed in a foreign land. The native might get property from inheritance and legacy after marriage.

Special effects of Venus in 8th house in Natal Chart

Venus in this house causes an equal amount of happiness and sadness or sense o joy as well as a sense of failure and dejection in life. Native’s inclination falls in occult fields, mysteries of life, death and Nature, psychic studies, and metaphysics. Magic and healing become the fields of interest for these natives. Such natives meet a peaceful death, probably in sleep itself. If Venus is retrograde, the native can become too rash, bitter, and sexually impulsive.

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