Age Of Marriage In Palmistry, How to Predict ?

Age Of Marriage In Palmistry, How to Predict ?

Palmistry is an integral part of Astrology. Without knowing Palmistry your Astrology knowledge is always incomplete. To get a clear picture in Vedic Astrology we need correct birth data, without which your all calculations may go wrong. Obviously there are some other methods in Vedic Astrology(mathematical) like – “Prasna Chart, birth time rectification etc. but all the time those process do not give reliable result. But, what about your hand? your palm! that can not be changed at all, what is there you can see as it is. Indications are always there, no need to panic about getting wrong info. Believe me it helps a lot. Till the date how many cases I have handled, palmistry helped me a lot to get correct information, and I have shared with all of you some of those informations what I found very realistic. I will keep discussing. Today’s topic is “How to know the age of marriage through palmistry”. Let’s start the discussion……

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Marriage Age In Palmistry


2 thoughts on “Age Of Marriage In Palmistry, How to Predict ?

  1. Kamala says:

    Hi, This kamala, I want to know about my marriage information.when will be my marriage? How will be my marriage life? My dob 11jan1987 Time in between 7:50 to 8:00 am. and am not sure birth time is correct.Expecting your reply soon.

  2. Parvin says:

    hi sir , My name is Parvin , My DOB is 09-03-1992 , place of birth Kadiri , Andhra Pradesh , Time of Birth 07:30 AM…. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW AT WHAT AGE WILL I GET MARRIED AND WILL I HAVE LOVE MARRIAGE OR ARRANGED MARRIAGE ??????????????

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