Marriage Line In Palmistry Prediction

marriage line in palmistry

Marriage Line In Palmistry Prediction: What is Marriage? We say, Marriage is a long-time social bonding between two hearts. Sometimes it is a great bonding and sometimes it is worse. Now the matter is that when it will become worse and when great it is very tough to guess for general people with their general logical calculations. The practical scenario is that nobody in this world has enjoyed a flawless relationship, some relationships may appear very robust from outside but the reality may be different. Actually, ups & downs are everywhere in this nature and in the relationship too, and when two people start living together for a long time some complications may arise between them, but how far we are taking those positively that matters in the real world. Let’s start the discussion on Marriage Line Prediction or marriage line in hand prediction.

Marriage Line In Palmistry

Now let’s see how Palmistry can help us find that truth! What are the Marriage indications on the palm? What are the indications of a happy married life and unhappy married life?

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Marriage Line In Male Hand / Marriage Line In Female Hand

Whether it is of man or woman, girl or boy – on the mount of Mercury which is under the little finger on palm, on maximum palm you would be able to see some small lines are originating from the extreme corner of the Mercury Mount & come across the palm horizontally are called “Affection Line” or “Marriage Line”. That line not only indicates Marriage but also any kind of relationship with the opposite sex.

If there would be several lines like that so the deepest & longest line among them would the indicator of deep and long term relationships and other lines would be of a short time. Nowadays, long term relationships with the opposite sex don’t mean “marriage”. It may happen that a person has already in a deep relationship with another man/woman but still, he/she is marrying some other person.

These days relationships have become very complex. So only one indication can not make us sure that this person will get married socially. We need to see some other supporting factors on the palm to be sure. For that, we need to see closely – 1. The Fate Line, 2. The Heart Line and 3. The Mount of Venus, 4. From The LifeLine.

1.How Fate Line is related to Marriage: 

If the first time the reader wants to know about Fate Line, so they can read my another article – Fate Line In Palmistry. Here I am not saying anything about fate line particularly, rather I am concentrating on how fate line is related to marriage.  

If any fine line is originating from moon mount and meeting the fate line at any point, and also there is an indication on mercury mount and both are indicating the same age so the marriage will take place. In maximum cases, this kind of indications points out to “Love Marriage” if the Venus mount is supporting that relationship, how? That I will discuss in my other article on love marriage in palmistry. But, for now, just take this indication as the supporting of marriage to take place.

2. How The Heart Line is related to Marriage: 

Marriage Line In Palmistry

Now the next is The Heart Line, If you want to know what is heart line so please read my article – Heart Line In Palmistry. Here I will only discuss on how heart line is related to Marriage.  

If the heart line splits at the end and one part goes towards Saturn and another towards Jupiter so that is an indication of a marriage. Actually it doesn’t indicate the age of marriage but the promise of marriage. To lead a happy married life this line needs to be clean.

3. How Venus Mount is related to Marriage:
Marriage Line In Palmistry

In Astrology Venus is the significator of marriage. But, in Palmistry if only Venus mount is prominent and Jupiter mount is not, so that person will marry only to fulfill his/her physical hunger and if the heart line is not also well built or there are some bad indications on the heart line so, these type of natives, it maybe he/she, their physical hunger would be so high that love/emotions would be just meaningless to them, but in these type of cases, there should be some small lines scattered(towards lifeline) on Venus Mount. 

If any “Star”(*) would be there on Venus mount so that would indicate towards marriage but that also be related to physical hunger only.  

On Venus mount, some upwards line can be seen (up heading towards fingers). Sometimes those are small & finish on the Venus mount itself but on many palms, one or two lines go to Mars mount also. These lines are called “Influence Line”.  

These Influence lines also give indications of Marriage. If any branch small or fine line originates from influence line and meets the Headline or Heartline, and if the marriage line on Mercury mount is also indicating at the same age so this will indicate a marriage.

4. How Life Line is related to marriage: 

Marriage Line In Palmistry

If any small line originates from the inner side of a lifeline on Mars or Venus Mount and the same age as indicating the affection line on Mercury mount so the marriage is definite. It is a very clear indication of Marriage.  

In conclusion, I want to add a very important point, that is – you may not find all indications at a time on a palm that I have mentioned above, it is very rare also to find all of those on one palm. But, if any of them would present on palm beside the affection line on Mercury mount so then only the promise of marriage will be fulfilled otherwise if only the affection line is there on Mercury mount so relationships will come at a certain age but the native won’t get married socially. Secondly, both hands should be judged properly. 

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