Life Line In Palmistry

Life line in plmistry

 Life line in plmistry


What Does The Life Line Mean in Palmistry: Life Line starts from in between place of thumb and index finger and ends at edge of the palm after encircling the thumb area or the mount of Venus. It is one of the three major lines on palm beside Heart Line & Head Line. Some people come to me and ask “See sir, I have a very short life line, does it mean that, my life span is very short?”. A short Life Line or Long Life Line does not have any relation to your span of life. Life line simply indicates that how much energies your body can give throughout the whole life. It is the sign of the Vitality of your body & your interest in “Life”, it shows your life force & how energetic you are. Let me explain:

How To Read Life Line in Palmistry:

Long Life line In Palmistry:

A long and uninterrupted life line can give sufficient energies throughout the life, if you suffer from diseases that won’t last for long or your body will have full power to fight with them, and all we know that our body is very closely connected to our mind so, thus mind would remain energetic too. Any kind of interruption in the line, it may be a cross, a spot, a breakage or a sudden change of shapes and colour in line can give you trouble – physically & mentally. You must have heard about the proverb – “Health is Wealth”. It is true. You may have everything in life to lead but your health is not good so you won’t be able to enjoy those happiness at all. When our body does not support or becomes very weak that time all prosperity of our life come to an end or it becomes so slow that makes you bored of that. That’s why we give importance to Life Line the most while we judge a palm.

Short Life Line In Palmistry:

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A Short Life Line does not mean that you will live till that age only where it ends. It may happen or may not, if it happens so it will be taken as the co-incident of life. Actually ending of life depends upon so many parameters of palm, all major lines and fine lines should judged carefully, not only that, the colour of the palm, the shape of the palm and many more. A short life line simply mean that the energy level of the body & mind will support in full till the age where it is ending after that some changes could come and those changes are depending on the other factors of the palm. And, obviously if mental and physical level changes will come so changes in life style is also predictable. I know so many people with Short Life Line, still alive after crossing the age of the ended point of the line.

A Healthy Or Unhealthy Life Line In Palmistry:

As I have said earlier the life line on palm reading indicates the Vitality of your body, it shows the energy of your body contains. In palmistry, the Venus mount is called “the mount of enjoyment”. It gives the energy to our body to enjoy the life to the fullest, it controls the “sperm” without which our “life” is totally life less. Our life line also encircles it such a way that it seems, is embracing the life. How much long and fleshy would be the space between life line and thumb that much energetic the person would be, but remember the life line should not enter in the mid region of Moon mount. Bigger the gap between the thumb and life line that much energy and stamina your body would contain. These type of people will try to enjoy the life to the fullest and they will have the energy also. They will enjoy doing all types of physical activity and after tiring off they get sleep very easily & when wake up, they are ready to – start again. In one word a healthy and enjoying life with full of energies. These type of people can do many works at a time and never like to sit idle. They have the inherent energy to lift the life from the lowest to the highest position.

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If the difference between the thumb is short and not fleshy enough so the person will have less energy and he should concentrate on physical fitness more. All I have been mentioned in healthy life line section it will be just the opposite.

Sister Line or Guard line: – Life Line In Palmistry

Some people have a fine line just parallel to the life line. It is called the Sister or Guard Line. As it gives guard to life, it saves from all adversity of life, it may be serious illness or accident, whatever, this Guard Line will save you from all obstacles. In maximum cases we see this guard line has formed partly and giving guard till a particular age, but if it is prominent from start to end just like a second life line so that is very auspicious. I know a person who has survived from a major accident who had a strong Guard line on his palm.

Prosperity Indications From Life Line In Palmistry:

All Branches, small lines if those are originating from life line and are heading towards fingers, those lines indicate very auspicious time in life, at that particular age where an upward line is there the native will prosper in life by his self-effort, if other lines just cross that line from any mount so he will face obstacles according to the mount’s nature in the process of improvement, and if the line does not appear after that cross so the improvement will stop there, otherwise if the line is still visible after the cross so after the obstacle the person will again start prospering.

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In opposite if any line goes downward after originating from the life line so that indicates some inauspicious incidents in life and the native’s life standard will take a bad shape in that particular time. If the life line’s condition is good and at that place and Guard line is also present so somehow the situation will be managed otherwise the situation can be degrading.

Life Line Branches At EndLife Line In Palmistry

Life Line Branches At End: This type of lines are also called “fish tail” or forked life line at the end. It generally represents change of address at the end of life.

Broken Life Line Palmistry

Break In Lifeline On Right HandLife Line In Palmistry

Break In Lifeline On Right Hand: If life line on palm is broken on right hand palm but not broken on left hand then it represents the type of disease or unpleasant situation has been acquired by native’s negligence

It is possible to know so many other factors of life from Life Line, I will discuss on those in details very soon……

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